Best CS:GO Players

CS:GO has deservedly been one of the best and most popular esports in the world for over a decade, with a strong community and numerous global superstars that attract the attention of millions of fans around the world.

2022 has managed to bring the entire competitive scene back on track, and the professional CS:GO field has seen impressive changes — some surprising new big names have appeared, and some former leaders have lost ground.

Who is the best Counter-Strike player in 2022? Which esportsmen are in the top 12 CS:GO pro players? If you're interested in their individual performances and would like to analyze their game strategy, it's worth reviewing their CS:GO matches. Keep reading to find out all about the most notable players of today.

Here is a list of the best in CS:GO 2022:

Rating number

Player (Nickname)





Natus Vincere (NaVi)




Team Vitality




G2 Esports

Bosnia and Herzegovina



FaZe Clan




FaZe Clan




FURIA Esports








FaZe Clan








FaZe Clan




G2 Esports

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Natus Vincere (NaVi)


12. b1t — Valerii Vakhovskyi

Valerii Vakhovskyi

Valerii Vakhovskyi from Ukraine is one of the top CS:GO players and one of the best young esports gamers in the world. He has been playing for the Natus Vincere (NaVi) team since 2020 in the roles of Rifler and AWPer.

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In 2021, b1t with the NaVi roster achieved great success — they won the Intel Grand Slam. In 2021, Valerii won his first and only PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Recent notable achievements include 1st place at BLAST Premier: Spring Finals (2022) and 2nd place at Intel Extreme Masters XVII — Cologne (2022) and PGL Major Antwerp (2022).

  1. Player rating: 1.10
  2. KD (index): 1.09
  3. Maps: 136
  4. Rounds: 3663
  5. Amount of prize money: $1,021,096

Explore the journey of this phenomenal player through his esports career on B1T's CS:GO profile.

11. huNter — Nemanja Kovač

Nemanja Kovač

Nemanja Kovač is a Bosnian-Serbian professional CS:GO player for G2 Esports. He has been involved in esports since 2015 and has been a member of Jake Bube, GamePub,, iNation, Binary Dragons, Valiance, CR4ZY, and G2 Esports.

The latest most significant achievements are the 1st place at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice (2023), BLAST Premier: Spring Groups (2023), BLAST Premier: World Final (2022); and the 2nd place at Intel Extreme Masters XVI — Katowice (2022), PGL Major Stockholm (2021), Intel Extreme Masters XVI — Cologne (2021).

  1. Player rating: 1.12
  2. KD (index): 1.13
  3. Maps: 135
  4. Rounds: 3642
  5. Amount of prize money: $574,566

If you're interested in analyzing the strategy and techniques of a top player, be sure to check out huNter's CS:GO profile for in-depth game stats, victories, and more.

10. rain — Håvard Nygaard

Håvard Nygaard

Håvard Nygaard is a Norwegian professional CS:GO gamer who plays for FaZe Clan and is the longest-lasting member of the team. His popularity came after an excellent game for the Norwegian London Conspiracy and LGB eSports.

The rain’s latest big wins in 2022 include 1st place at PGL Major Antwerp, Intel Extreme Masters XVII — Cologne, Intel Extreme Masters XVI — Katowice, and ESL Pro League Season 15. Rain was named MVP in 3 different tournaments.

  1. Player rating: 1.09
  2. KD (index): 1.02
  3. Maps: 162
  4. Rounds: 4394
  5. Amount of prize money: $1,181,986

Take a deeper look into the career and game statistics of this seasoned Norwegian professional gamer by exploring rain's CS:GO profile.

9. blameF — Benjamin Bremer

Benjamin Bremer

Benjamin Bremer is a professional CS:GO player from Denmark who has been professionally involved in eSports events since 2015 and has achieved significant results since 2018. He was a member of Aquiver eSports, Great Danes, Epsilon eSports, Heroic, and Complexity Gaming. Benjamin is currently a member of Astralis.

The latest major achievements of blameF are the 1st place at Spring Sweet Spring #3 (2021), the 3rd place at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals (2021), the 2nd place at Pinnacle Cup Championship (2022), and the 3rd-4th place at Intel Extreme Masters XVII — Cologne (2022).

  1. Player rating: 1.24
  2. KD (index): 1.28
  3. Maps: 187
  4. Rounds: 5134
  5. Amount of prize money: $263,827

Discover more about the competitive journey and performance metrics of this remarkable Danish professional player in blameF's CS:GO profile.

8. Twistzz — Russel Van Dulken

Russel Van Dulken

Another player in our list of the best CS players in 2022 is Canadian esportsman Russel Van Dulken or Twistzz. He began his professional career in 2015 and, in different periods, played for Team AGG, TSM, Misfits, and Team Liquid. Twistzz has been a member of FaZe Clan since 2021.

During his career, Russell twice became the MVP of major tournaments. In 2022, the player won at IEM Katowice 2022, ESL Pro League Season 15, PGL Major Antwerp 2022, and IEM Cologne 2022.

  1. Player rating: 1.12
  2. KD (index): 1.14
  3. Maps: 170
  4. Rounds: 4636
  5. Amount of prize money: $1,282,272

Explore the remarkable rise to esports fame and the notable achievements of Russel Van Dulken in Twistzz's CS:GO profile.

7. stavn — Martin Lund

Martin Lund

Martin Lund is a young Danish prodigy who leads the Heroic team to greatness and victories this season. Martin first appeared on the professional CS:GO scene in 2016 as part of the Walkover. Then, he played for the Fragsters before going independent and taking 1st place in Geeks Gone Wild #24.

Since then and until now, stavn has been a member of Heroic. Recent major tournament achievements include a victory at the GG.Bet Winter Cup and 1st place at the BLAST Premier: Fall European Showdown 2022 tournament.

  1. Player rating: 1.18
  2. KD (index): 1.18
  3. Maps: 142
  4. Rounds: 3780
  5. Amount of prize money: $458,464

Find an in-depth analysis of Martin Lund's skill, strategies, and gaming style by checking out Stavn's CS:GO profile.

6. KSCERATO — Kaike Cerato

Kaike Cerato

Kaike Cerato is one of the top players in CS:GO from Brazil. He started his professional career in 2017 with GATHERS eSports, after which he played with ProGaming Esports, Dai Dai Gaming, and FURIA Academy. Kaike is currently a member of Redemption Neverest.

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Among the latest significant achievements are the 1st place at PGL Major Antwerp 2022: American RMR and the 3rd-4th place at Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022 and ESL Pro League Season 15.

  1. Player rating: 1.17
  2. KD (index): 1.23
  3. Maps: 122
  4. Rounds: 3195
  5. Amount of prize money: $306,978

You can delve deeper into the game tactics and achievements of the Brazilian player Kaike Cerato by visiting the KCERATO’s CS:GO profile.

5. ropz — Robin Kool

Robin Kool

Robin Kool, an Estonian professional esportsman better known as ropz, began his career in 2015 and first appeared on the professional scene in 2016 as part of AWTR. Then, he played for Mousesports until 2021, and in 2022 Kool became a member of FaZe Clan. 

Robin earned his place among other best Counter-Strike players of 2022 by winning IEM Katowice 2022, PGL Major Antwerp 2022 tournament, and being named MVP during BLAST Premier: Spring. Finals.

  1. Player rating: 1.14
  2. KD (index): 1.22
  3. Maps: 163
  4. Rounds: 4461
  5. Amount of prize money: $923,081

For a detailed look at the in-game strategies and performance statistics of one of the top CS:GO players, don't forget to explore ropz's CS:GO profile.

4. broky — Helvijs Saukants

Helvijs Saukants

Helvijs Saukants from Latvia is one of the best CS:GO players and one of the youngest professional esportsmen. At the beginning of his career, broky was a part of Wolsung and Epsilon Esports, and today he is a member of the American team FaZe Clan.

Helvijs became the champion of BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019 and BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Regular Season, and also took 3rd place at ESL One: Road to Rio — Europe, DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe, and BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals.

  1. Player rating: 1.16
  2. KD (index): 1.26
  3. Maps: 170
  4. Rounds: 4640
  5. Amount of prize money: $569,533

Broky's CS:GO profile provides an in-depth view of his career progress, individual performances, and tournament statistics, reflecting his meteoric rise as one of the top esports athletes in the world.

3. NiKo — Nikola Kovač

Nikola Kovač

Nikola Kovač is a Bosnian esports player who has been named MVP in 7 tournaments and the top entry fragger in 2022 by HLTV. He proved that you don't have to be AWPer to become the best CS:GO player in the world, as most of his highlight moments involve Deagle.

Nikola first rose to prominence in Europe in 2013 after signing with iNation. Then, he played for MOUZ and FaZe Clan, and in 2020 NiKo was acquired by G2 Esports. Among the key recent tournament achievements are the 1st place at BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 and the 2nd place at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

  1. Player rating: 1.22
  2. KD (index): 1.18
  3. Maps: 135
  4. Rounds: 3642
  5. Amount of prize money: $1,174,391

Explore NiKO's CS:GO profile to understand the tactics, strategies, and in-game decisions that make him one of the most remarkable players in the competitive CS:GO scene.

2. ZywOo — Mathieu Herbaut

Mathieu Herbaut

Mathieu Herbaut is one of the brightest and most successful representatives of the young school of French Counter-Strike. Mathieu is sometimes referred to as “The Chosen One” because he was born the same day the original CS was released  — 9 November 2000. This “title” perfectly coincides with his achievements, as he was named the best player in the world in 2019 and 2020 by HLTV.

Mathieu played for dizLown, Nevermind, E-Corp Bumpers, WySix Team, Against All Authority, and others. In 2018, he was spotted by Vitality. ZywOo was named the MVP of numerous championships.

  1. Player rating: 1.27
  2. KD (index): 1.37
  3. Maps: 157
  4. Rounds: 4258
  5. Amount of prize money: $583,327

Want to learn from the best? Check out ZywOo's CS:GO profile to gain insights into his exceptional gameplay and performance statistics that contributed to his position as one of the world's top CS:GO players.

1. s1mple — Oleksandr Kostyliev

Oleksandr Kostyliev

Alexander Kostylev from Ukraine is the undisputed strongest player in the world and one of the greatest esportsman of all time. s1mple started his career in 2013 playing for the Ukrainian team LAN DODGERS. Then, in different periods, he was a member of Courage Gaming, Amazing Gaming, HellRaisers, dAT Team, FlipSid3 Tactics, Evolution, Worst Players, North American Team Liquid, and others. In 2014, s1mple was banned by ESL for using cheats and trying to bypass the ban. Two years later, he was officially unbanned.

In 2016, Alexander signed a contract with Ukrainian Natus Vincere (NaVi). s1mple is the best CS:GO player according to the HLTV in 2018, 2021, and 2022. He won BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022, BLAST Premier: World Final 2021, BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021, PGL Major Stockholm 2021, ESL Pro League Season 14, and other tournaments.

  1. Player rating: 1.25
  2. KD (index): 1.35
  3. Maps: 135
  4. Rounds: 3675
  5. Amount of prize money: $1,733,186

Take a deep dive into s1mple's CS:GO profile to explore the professional journey, exceptional skill set, and extraordinary statistics that cement his place as one of the greatest esportsmen in CS:GO history.


2022 was a challenging year for the creators of the annual HLTV ranking of the best CS:GO players. While FaZe Clan dominated most tournaments, they didn’t have any notable personal performances. And although NAVI was slowly falling, s1mple was still the strongest player in the world.

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Ukrainian esportsman Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev is the strongest and greatest player in the world of all time. He was named the best player in CS:GO of 2018, 2021, and 2022.

It's no wonder that s1mple, the best CS:GO player of all time, has the most wins. Among his awards are 24 1st places, 12 2nd places, and 14 3rd places, with total winnings of $1,733,186. Oleksandr was named the HLTV MVP of 21 tournaments.

s1mple has won BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022, BLAST Premier: World Final 2021, BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021, PGL Major Stockholm 2021, ESL Pro League Season 14, Intel Extreme Masters XVI — Cologne, BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, Intel Extreme Masters XIV — World Championship, StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7, ESL One: New York 2016, and other tournaments.

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