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The Counter-Strike 2 community is one of the fiercest, most dynamic esports arenas out there. Leaders and legends come and go with the ever-shifting HLTV rating, and it’s important to stay in tune with the highest ranks if you want to be in the know about the relevant MVPs.

To determine the best NA CS2 players of all time, we will use summarized ratings of HLTV and their premier rating (when available). The rating considers factors like kills per round, headshot percentage, flash assists, KAST, ADR, FACEIT stats, and overall performance. Still, HLTV rating plays a vital role in defining the rankings and ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of players' skills and contributions.

So, who is the best CS2 player in NA based on the 2023 summarized ratings? There are surely a bunch of contenders for the title. It’s time we found out. 

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10. JBA — Josh Barutt

JBa is a 19-year-old American player of Wildcard Gaming's team CS2 esports. His precision is evident in his 0.73 kills-per-round using mostly AK-47 and a remarkable 53.8% headshot rate. He showcased his strategic brilliance in over 3750 rounds and 148 maps. With an ELO rate of 3,711 he is a serious part of the CS2 pro-community, and that’s why he opens the list of the best CS2 players in NA. 

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.12
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESEA Season 46: Advanced Division — North America #1: $7,000

BLAST Premier: Fall American Showdown 2023 #5: $5,000

ESEA Pre-Season Circuit 2023: North American Final #2: $5,000

Amount of prize money (2023): $22,600

9. SLIGHT – Keller Nilan

SLIGHT is a North American 21-year-old CS2 pro from the USA and teammate of JBa. Together with the likes of  AWPer, Slight continues to redefine CS2 dynamics with a notable 25% headshot rate, and fans eagerly anticipate the blend of precision and teamplay he brings to every battle he partakes in. 

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.13
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESL Challenger League Season 46: North America #2: $20,000

ESEA Pre-Season Circuit 2023: North American Final #1: $10,000

Thunderpick World Championship 2023: North American Series #1: $20,000

Amount of prize money (2023): $57,000 

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8. CYNIC – David Polster

David "Cynic" Polster cs2, a standout in the world of esports, is a pro rifler known for his standout plays during 2019-2020. Hailing from the United States, this Professional Esports CS2 player has amassed $53,502 in earnings in 2023 alone. Cynic holds a 72.94 KAST, demanding attention in every match, making him one of the best North American CS2 players to watch out for in the near future. 

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.13
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESEA Cash Cup: North America — Summer 2023 #1 $9,000

ESEA Cash Cup Circuit 2023: North American Finals #1 $25,000

CCT North America Series3 #1 $11,000

Amount of prize money (2023): $54,000

7. ELIGE – Jonathan Jablonowski

Next member of our best NA players in Counter-Strike 2 list is a seasoned 26-year-old CS rifler maestro from the United States. With a rich history of playing for esteemed teams like Justus Pro, ELEVATE, Liquid, and now Complexity, EliGE’s career spans an impressive 31,742 rounds with 1,194 maps, a respectable 0.78 kills per round, and a 52.2% headshot accuracy. EliGE has accumulated a notable number of AK-47 kills, nearly matching his count with M4A1-S — a remarkable achievement compared to his fellow North American players. Learn more about EliGE cs2 stats on our website.

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.13
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESL Challenger Atlanta 2023 #5: $600

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 #3: $8,000

BLAST Premier: Fall American Showdown 2023 #1: $4,000

Amount of prize money (2023): $65,266.40

6. WOLFFE — Kyle Greenfield

Despite his recent retirement in August 2023, Wolffe still gets his rightful place in our best CS2 players in North America top-10. With a stellar 0.7 kills-per-round and an impressive 60.2% headshot accuracy, this player dominated the battlefield across 7,523 rounds and 291 maps. Wolffe is a great player and a true CS2 legend, and we wish him new achievements in whatever he will choose to do next!

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.14
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESL Challenger League Season 46: NA #5: $900

Fragicago 2023 #2: $500

CCT North America Series3: $200

Amount of prize money (2023): $1,600

5. DARE – Derek Brown

Derek "dare" Brown has been an active member of team Badass since August 2023, nad is known for his daring and versatile style of play. With numerous tournament victories,and MVP titles, dare has solidified his status as one of North America's finest CS2 players. Boasting a recent rating of 1.14, an impressive 0.71 kills per round, and a remarkable 47.9% headshot accuracy, dare continues to captivate fans with his skill and charismatic personality (just look at that smile!), which earns him a place on the list of top NA players in Counter-Strike.

Premier rating: 18,400
Rating: 1.14
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

Fragicago 2023 #1: $5,500

GG EZ Dallas 2023 #1: $2,400

FACEIT Pro League — North America: May 2023 Week 1 #1: $1,400

Amount of prize money (2023): $11,800


EG White’s most valuable player, PwnAlone, boasts 2,107 AWP kills — the highest stat there is among the top-ranked NA players in CS. Boasting a formidable kills-per-round ratio of 0.73, this virtuoso leaves a trail of opponents on every map he plays. Despite a modest 23% headshot accuracy, PwnAlone strategic brilliance shines through 20,826 rounds spread across 802 maps, and an ELO rate of 3,123. You can view PwnAlone cs2 statistics in more detail and make sure of its skills.

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.15
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESEA Cash Cup: North America — Winter 2023 1 #1: $9,000

ESL Challenger League Season 46: NA #3: $1,785.71

BLAST Premier: Fall American Showdown 2023 #3: $1,500

Amount of prize money (2023): $5,035.71

3. SWISHER – Michael Schmid

Swisher m80 is one of the best NA CS2 players and embodies all that a skilled Counter-Strike 2 rifler should aspire to. This professional player hails from the United States, and embarked on his career all the way back in 2017. Currently playing for M80, a North American team participating in the ESL Challenger League, Swisher stands out because of his aggressive entry fragging, significantly impacting every  game he plays. Swisher's prowess is evident from his impressive track list. Across 2,601 matches, he boasts a commendable 59% win rate and ELO of 3,173, making his current prominence feel all the more earned.

Premier rating: 17,116
Rating: 1.15
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESL Challenger League Season 46: North America #1: $7,000

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Atlanta 2023 #7: $400

Elisa Invitational Winter 2023 #5: $200

Amount of prize money (2023): $13,616.67

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2. LAKE — Mason Sanderson

Lake is an 18-year-old professional CS2 player from the US, currently playing with the Unjustified Gaming team. Renowned for his prowess in opening duels, multi-kills, and an impressive headshot percentage, Lake has carved a distinct role in the competitive scene. With a remarkable 59% win rate across 2,601 matches, he shows consistency across his matches. He's yet to win his first big tournament, but with his impressive record, it seems like it's only a matter of time and getting used to the esports scene. We’re sure Lake is on his way to becoming one of the best NA CS players of all time, and we’ll all hear about him again soon.

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.18
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

ESEA Autumn 2023 Cash Cup 7 North America #3 N/A

Mythic Cup Winter 2023 #5 N/A

Fragicago 2023 #2 N/A

Amount of prize money (2023): $215


Junior holds the title of a top 3 AWPer in North America, claiming the first place among the best NA players in CS2 in 2023, with over $77,000 earned for only a couple of years and 2,000 AWP kills under his belt. Junior, a renowned Twitch streamer, regularly captivates an audience of over 500,000 followers with his gameplay and engaging interactions. Beyond great sessions, he frequently plays with fellow CS2 pros during his streams. As a multifaceted master in the gaming community, Junior seamlessly blends skillful gameplay, social media presence, and brand partnerships, creating an immersive experience for his extensive fan base.

Premier rating: N/A
Rating: 1.21
Recent tournament achievements (2023):

BLAST Premier: Fall American Showdown 2023 #5: $1,000

CCT North Europe Series 6 #3: $1,000

ESL Challenger League Season 45: NA #2: $2,600

Amount of prize money (2023): $10,849.87

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In the 2023 global CS2 arena, we saw many faces, both familiar and new. Now you know who excelled the most, who keeps holding their positions, and who shows great potential and aspires to take their place among top-ranked North American players in Counter-Strike. Follow your favorite GOAT and stay tuned for more CS2 community news!

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