There is no doubt that the AWP is one of the deadliest weapons in CS:GO — it's the only weapon in the game that kills a player with one shot to the body. That fact (and also the map control of the AWP) explains why a good sniper is the key to success in every match. The best AWPers in CS:GO are gaining fame, respect, and capturing the attention of eSports fans around the world. 

But who is the best AWPer in CS:GO? In this article, we will deal with this question once and for all by presenting the rating of the top AWP CS:GO players. These guys are known not for doing 360 no scope (although they can), but for their deadly accuracy, dozens of championships won, and their mastery of AWP on a symphony orchestra conductor level. Read on to find out whom to look up to in order to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents at the weapon purchase stage.

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Natus Vincere




Falcons Esports, G2 Esports, Team Envy




Team Vitality





Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team SoloMid







Imperial Esports, Team Liquid, MIBR, SK Gaming, Luminosity Gaming



Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Team Singularity, Team Sampi




Fnatic, Eyeballers


















12. torzsi — Ádám Torzsás

Ádám Torzsás

This Hungarian talent is a true rising star. After performing well at MOUZ Academy, he became the main AWPer in the main team and managed to become a semifinalist in his first Major. By his 20s, he has already achieved serious results and takes his rightful place in our ranking of the 12 CS:GO best AWPers.

To get more information about Torzsi's playing style, recent games, and statistical data, check out torzsi's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.16
AWP kills per round: 0.42
Total AWP kills: 6,176

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. IEM Rio Major 2022 — 3-4th ($80,000)
  2. ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2022 — 3-4th ($10,000)

11. Skadoodle — Tyler Latham

Tyler Latham

Now many people don't remember who Skadoodle is, but this guy not only led the team (Cloud9) to victory at the Major in Boston but was also recognized as the best player of the event. Skadoodle's story is a vivid example of the unbending will. Eight times this player was knocked out of the Major playoffs, and on the ninth, he not only made it but won. Unfortunately, after his victory, Skadoodle decided to retire from cyber sports and became a full-time streamer. Now, we can only re-watch the best moments and admire his skills with AWP. 

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Player rating: 1.06
AWP kills per round: 0.35
Total AWP kills: 9,611

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 — 1st ($500,000)
  2. iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 — 1st ($50,000)

10. smooya — Owen Butterfield 

Owen Butterfield 

Smooya is one of the top British AWPers. It is said that his best years were when he played for BIG, but one could argue that he was ranked only 3rd there. But after joining Fnatic he's been consistently bringing the team to win in all kinds of tournaments. 

Find out about Smooya's top performances, unique strategies, and recent results on his smooya CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.20
AWP kills per round: 0.40
Total AWP kills: 9,765

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. REPUBLEAGUE Season 2 — 1st ($67,692.80)
  2. DreamHack Open November 2021 — 1st ($50,000)

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9. allu — Aleksi Jalli

Aleksi Jalli

Finland is famous for its sharpshooters, and allu is clear proof of that. It is rumored that this Finnish guy has quite a complicated character, and indeed during matches, he is usually extremely focused, maybe even moody. Perhaps it was these qualities that allowed him to lead ENCE to victory in the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019. Now allu has taken a break, but who knows, maybe he will still return to big cybersport.

Learn more about Allu's game strategies, achievements, and team history by visiting allu's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.08
AWP kills per round: 0.35
Total AWP kills: 16,144

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 — 2nd ($100,000)
  2. Intel Extreme Masters XIV — Chicago — 2nd ($50,000)

8. JW — Jesper Wecksell

Jesper Wecksell

3 x Major winner and 1 x Major MVP. Although there have been ups and downs in his career, you can't deny his skill with the AWP by any means. This player went down in game history as one of the best snipers in CS:GO, although his stats now leave much to be desired.

Explore JW's professional journey, signature gaming strategies, and statistics on JW's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.09
AWP kills per round: 0.25
Total AWP kills: 13,883

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 — 1st ($100,000)
  2. World Electronic Sports Games 2017 — 1st ($800,000)
10 Minutes Of JW's AWP Madness..

7. GuardiaN — Ladislav Kovács

Ladislav Kovács

GuardiaN's distinctive features are fast movement around the map, flexibility, and swift entry frags. For 7 years (2013-2018) he was one of the top 20 players, and in 2015 he was even ranked 2nd. Undoubtedly one of the best CS:GO AWPers.

Get to know more about GuardiaN, his professional career, and personal game statistics by checking out GuardiaN's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.11
AWP kills per round: 0.41
Total AWP kills: 17,105

Recent major tournament achievements: 

BLAST Pro Series: Miami 2019 — 1st ($125,000)

EPICENTER 2018 — 1st ($150,000)

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6. FalleN — Gabriel Toledo

Gabriel Toledo

South America's best sniper and two-time Major winner. He deserves respect for being not only an AWPer, but also a captain. FalleN's ability to coordinate a team while handing out headshots makes him one of the top AWPers in CS:GO on the professional scene.

For more information about FalleN's gaming history, statistics, and recent results, visit FalleN's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.18
AWP kills per round: 0.36
Total AWP kills: 15,401

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. Flashpoint Season — 2nd ($250,000)
  2. ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 — 1st ($200,000)

5. Jame — Dzhami Ali

Dzhami Ali

Jame is a great AWP player, who many times saved his teammates and is a hero of memes for his love to save AWP for future rounds. He performed extremely well at Rio Major 2022, and in general, we can say that his career is on the rise. 

Discover Jame's career journey, unique gaming style, and recent achievements on Jame's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.15
AWP kills per round: 0.46
Total AWP kills: 15,383

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. IEM Rio Major 2022 — 1st ($500,000)
  2. ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2022 — 1st ($50,000)

4. device — Nicolai Reedtz

Nicolai Reedtz

Four-time Major champion and owner of perhaps the most amazing collection of cups among pro players. His distinctive features are a passive and accurate style of play, which repeatedly brought his team victory.

Gain insights into Device's gaming techniques, tournament wins, and statistics by checking out device's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.23
AWP kills per round: 0.27
Total AWP kills: 12,691

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019 — 1st ($350,000)
  2. StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 — 1st ($500,000)

3. ZywOo — Mathieu Herbaut

Mathieu Herbaut

This is the man who twice left s1mple without the title of the best player in the world. One of the best CS:GO players in general and undoubtedly one of the best CS:GO AWPers. They call him the silent genius because he never gets in the way and just silently does his job. And you have to admit that he's pretty good at it.

Check ZywOo's CS:GO profile to learn about his journey to becoming one of the best players in the world, his gaming strategies, and recent performances.

Player rating: 1.32
AWP kills per round: 0.31
Total AWP kills: 8,997

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. ESL Pro League Season 16 — 1st ($200,000)
  2. IEM Winter 2021 — 1st ($100,000)

2. kennyS — Kenny Schrub

Kenny Schrub

Passionate, aggressive, strict, and deadly — these words usually describe both the style of play of kennyS and his temper. He celebrates victories and mourns losses with equal enthusiasm. A Major champion with a monstrous number of kills with the AWP and just a nice guy who deserved the silver medal in our ranking.

Find out more about kennyS's gameplay, career achievements, and personal game statistics on kennyS's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.09
AWP kills per round: 0.39
Total AWP kills: 20,253

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. Intel Extreme Masters XIV — World Championship — 2nd ($100,000)
  2. BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Regular Season — 1st-3rd ($50,000)
10 Minutes Of kennyS' Masterful AWPing..

1. s1mple — Oleksandr Kostyliev

Oleksandr Kostyliev

And finally, the Ukrainian angel of death, a real beast, killing machine, and s1mple is CS:GO’s best AWPer. You can read thousands of lists of the best AWPers in CS:GO, and in all of them, s1mple will take first place. Curiously enough, having achieved everything he possibly could, he won his first Major only in 2021 as a part of the NaVi team. Well, at least it was well deserved, as he was named MVP of this tournament.

Learn more about s1mple's remarkable career, unique gaming style, and his tournament achievements on s1mple's CS:GO profile.

Player rating: 1.24
AWP kills per round: 0.31
Total AWP kills: 13,646

Recent major tournament achievements: 

  1. PGL Major Antwerp 2022 — 2nd ($150,000)
  2. PGL Major Stockholm 2021 — 1st ($1,000,000)


Now you know who the best CS:GO AWP players are. We are well aware that this list isn’t exhaustive, and there are many more worthy contenders. Nevertheless, this ranking more or less reflects the picture as it stands today. The best AWP players have been and are the crowd favorites who show God-like skill levels and get standing ovations. The mastery of the AWP shows that cybersports can sometimes be far more entertaining than their outdoor counterparts. The secret to success is training and an unyielding will to win. Believe in yourself, and maybe it will be you who will make it to the next top of the best AWP players.

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As of today, the best AWPer in CS:GO is undoubtedly the Ukrainian cyber-sportsman Olexandr Kostyliev under the nickname s1mple. His skills have repeatedly allowed the Natus Vincere team to win the championships.

At the beginning of 2023, s1mple did 13,646 kills with the AWP. That's one of the best results in the world.

The best players are judged by their skill with the AWP, as measured by total kills with it and how many kills with the AWP they did in a round. The number of major tournaments won by a given player is also important.

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