One of the biggest selling points of every Counter-Strike game is its variability and customization potentials. The modern CS2 is a pretty versatile game, where one can play basic 5x5 matchmaking, enjoy custom modes, or dive into Deathmatch. Of course, alternative scenarios are also on the table, like the ever-so-popular zombie survival modes for horror lovers out there.

Traditional zombie survivor gameplay in CS2 is pretty simple. There is a team of people and after some time, one randomly chosen human gets infected. His goal is to chase and infect everyone else. The job of everyone else is to choose a weapon and grenades, take some ammo, and survive until the end of the round. In some locations, the team is required not only to survive but to complete certain objectives, such as pressing a specific button somewhere on the map.

Zombie mode in CS2 combines the familiar Counter-Strike shooting with bloody models that cannot shoot but kill you with a knife or talons. To make the gameplay even more impressive, enthusiastic modders have included fog, dusk, eerie music, and other attributes of a horror movie in the level design. So, let's find out how to tickle your nerves and have an interesting experience. In this article, we will look at how to play CS2 zombie escape.

List of CS2 Zombie Escape Servers

Maps for CS2 zombie mode are quite popular, with the older designs being quickly updated to be compatible with the current iteration of the game. Although Valve hasn't officially released any zombie-related CS2 content yet, you can still have fun on community servers.

Name of the server


CS2 Zombie Escape

Zombie::[Net4ALL.RU]::Workshop|SSD [CS 2]

[TR] Zombie Turkey | CS2 Surf 24/7


GHOSTCAP Zombie Escape CS2

Remember that the current version of the game was released relatively recently and is constantly being updated. Therefore, some servers listed here may not work. It is best to monitor thematic resources to find the ones that are currently active.

How to Run CS2 Zombie Escape Mode?

Although most of the content from CS:GO is a thing of the past, the community has already ported some of the better game modes to CS2. You can already play Counter-Strike 2 zombie mode without much trouble, and there are several ways to do it.

Search through the Community Server Browser

This is the easiest and most obvious way to play zombie mode in CS2.

1. Click Play in the main menu of the game.

2. Find and click on the small globe with the cursor.

3. Doing this will take you to the Community Server Browser.

4. In the search, select Counter-Strike 2.

5. In the Server Name column, enter Zombie or ze to find zombie escape servers.

6. Click on the server with the most people and select Connect. Note that you may need to download some map files before you can join a game.

Use developer console

Another way to play CS2 zombie mode is by using the developer console. This method is suitable for those who already know the server they want to join and its IP.

1. Open the developer console using the tilde “~” key.

2. Enter the command “connect <server IP>”. You just need to paste in the server’s IP address and the game will do the rest.

Keep in mind that the second method is less stable, and if the map does not show up in the search, you may experience technical problems.

How Do You Add Your Friends to the Zombie Escape Server?

There are several methods of how to join CS2 zombie escape servers with your friends. The first and most obvious way of how to run CS2 zombie escape mode with friends is to simply join the same server using the instructions above. Just send a screenshot to your friends, so they can see which server you chose in the search through the Community Server Browser. If the player limit is not exceeded, they will most likely be able to join. Alternatively, you can send your friends the IP of the server you want to play on, and then they will be able to connect to it via the console.

But this method is only suitable if you want to learn how to join CS2 zombie escape games with both friends and random players. After all, CS2 zombie mod maps are usually designed for a large group of people. If you want to play only in the company of your friends, then you need to create a game yourself.

  1. Download the zombie escape map from the Steam community or third-party resources.
  2. Install a Radmin application. It is required to create a local network for your friends to join.
  1. After installation, click Create Network and come up with a name and password for it.
  1. Have your friends install the Radmin app.
  1. After your friends install the app, they need to connect to you. Tell them your device name and IP address, which will be displayed on the Radmin home screen. Your computer name looks like a DESKTOP and a code of numbers and letters. The IP address is the number just below it.
  2. Load up your Counter Strike 2 workshop map again, as described previously in the article.
  1. Tell your companions to open their console by pressing ~ and type “connect <your IP address>”.

After that, you will be able to play together on the same map all on your own.


Yes, you can create your own match to play with friends. To do this, you will need to create a game or a private server yourself, as well as handle connection settings.

In theory, you can try to make your own CS2 zombie escape mod server and play on it. However, keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot of time creating a map and debugging all the features of this server type. Otherwise, the server will be nearly unplayable.

There are several ways to join Counter-Strike 2 zombie escape servers. You can connect to the server directly through a console command or find one by searching through community maps.

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