Counter-Strike 2 is only a child compared to CS:GO. An over 10-year era brought a vast set of records in the Global Offensive version, and waiting for the CS2 longest match to overcome the former ones will take time.

Thus, the longest CS2 Pro game will be shorter than one in CS:GO by default because Valve cut the MR15 system to MR12, reducing the average match length by about 15-20%. Since the main idea was to shorten the game length and increase viewers' attention, we will surely see fewer best-of-five series in Counter-Strike 2 as well.

Therefore, it will be almost impossible to beat the record of most rounds played in the CS:GO matchup, which lasted 173 rounds between two Polish teams in the Bo5 final. In this regard, it makes sense to talk about the amount of rounds on the single map rather than in the whole matchup. And that will be our focus — the longest matches in CS2 or simply the longest maps in CS2 on the Pro scene, which are present on HLTV.

FaZe Clan vs Ninjas in Pyjamas — 28:25 (146 minutes)

The arrival of FaZe Clan to the CS Asia Championships 2023 was on a high note as the team was holding the first spot in the global ranking and was on the unbeaten track in CS2. Their Group B opening matchup against NiP was expected to be an easy way to the playoffs as the Swedish organization struggled with results in 2023.

However, their best-of-one clash on Ancient on the 9th of November became the longest CS2 pro match played on the LAN. FaZe took five rounds in the attack, which should have been enough to easily close the game (the CT side dominates on Ancient), but Ninjas made a comeback and turned the game into overtime.

While it looked like some kind of underestimation, the Group B upper bracket semi-final needed five extra overtimes, with FaZe finally closing the match at 28:25. The last overtimes were so hot that “karrigan’s” PC couldn’t cope with the emotional roller coaster and crashed, leading to the 18 minutes tech pause. Those who haven’t watched the match and want to see the demo should be ready for the incredible 164-minute video, making this clash also the longest CS2 match ever played.

All in all, it became the hardest game for FaZe Clan at that tournament, as they won the trophy in a relatively easy fashion.

CAC 2023 - FaZe vs. NiP – Map 1 Ancient - Group B

Permitta vs Gucci Academy — 26:28 (102 minutes)

How long can you watch, and what can you expect from the tier-3 event with a prize pool of $16,200? You might see plenty of skillful individual performances but unstable games from the teams that are far from the global top. And surely not the super-long clashes that can pretend to be included in the list of the longest games in CS2.

Still, the 22nd of October 2023 and the 3rd game of the Swiss round at the A1 Gaming League Season 7 became one of the notable dates in Counter-Strike 2. Thus, Permitta and Gucci Academy decided to deliver a fierce battle, being at the 1-1 record and playing an incredible 54 rounds on the first map — Ancient.

Sharing the same scores of 5-7 in favor of CTs, both teams finished the regulation and dove into overtime. There, an absolute craziness began as all the players tried to deliver their maximum, being on the edge of physical and mental forces. Crazy smoke kills, clutches, unexpected entry frags, and unstoppable rushes lasted almost 2 hours with the tight victory of Gucci Academy.

Interestingly, the latter closed the second map pretty easily (13-4) and went all the way in the tournament, winning it all. At that time, it was the longest CS2 game on the Pro level, but in two weeks, the following happened…

Permitta vs Gucci Academy —

PARIVISION vs Aurora — 31:29 (128 minutes)

The 8th of November 2023 was one of the second-stage matchdays of the tier-2 event — ESL Challenger League Season 46 Europe, with a prize fund of $100,000. On the medium seed group lower bracket round, two CIS teams met — PARIVISION and Aurora. No one could expect it to be the longest CS2 map ever played after PARIVISION’s confident victory at the first map — Overpass.

However, the second map turned into an endless clash, and of course, it happened on Ancient. PARIVISION started the map just like continuing the first one — with a dominant performance on the T-side, finishing it 8:4 before switching sides, which promised to be a fast finish. But Aurora was against it, and they started a crucial comeback, turning the second map into an unpredictable skirmish.

Usually, those who are making a comeback, especially being on the weaker side, then win the map because the opponents just cannot return a focus and fight back after early relaxation. However, both teams made everything possible to clinch Ancient and needed six full overtimes to finally fix the score of 31:29 in favor of PARIVISION.

Still, the longest CS2 match in the game’s history didn’t help either winners or losers feel confident (like it was with Gucci Academy), and they both left the tournament pretty early.

PARIVISION vs Aurora —

Final Words

Valve’s experiment with the MR12 system is one of the biggest changes that happened with Counter-Strike in decades, and it was aimed at reducing match length. However, the desire to win games independently of the status, prize pool, and event stage forces teams to fight for every round, sometimes leading to incredibly long-lasting maps.

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