Five-Seven Case Hardened Blue Gem Guide

Understanding the intricacies of CS2 skins and their prices can be quite challenging, even for high-rank players. Thus, appearance isn’t the only parameter that shapes the price, factors like float values, presence of stickers, and overall rarity also have a huge impact. However, some of the skins boast additional characteristics that further influence the cost, and the Five-Seven Case Hardened Blue Gem is one of the best instances to understand these differences.

Similar to other CS2 skins, the Case Hardened design for the Five-Seven pistol is present in different wear classes. Traditionally, Factory New items are more expensive, while the higher floats of the Battle-Scarred guns lower the price. Although all the weapons in Counter-Strike 2 have a particular pattern, numbers that range from 0 to 999 rarely influence the skin’s design and subsequent price tag.

However, Five-Seven Case Hardened patterns diverge from this norm. Just like with AKs or knives, this skin’s appearance significantly depends on the pattern. With blue and metallic yellow colors being the cornerstone dyes, their proportions play a pivotal role. As the CS community loves the color blue, and the skin has a responsive pattern, it can fetch a significantly higher price. For instance, one of the legends on the CS skins market, AK-47 Blue Gem with a pattern of 661, can command prices upwards of a few hundred thousand dollars, while common patterns can be bought for “only” a few hundred bucks.

So, let’s delve deeper into why some Five-Seven Case Hardened Blue Gem patterns are costlier than others, what the actual prices are, and whether they merit your attention.

What are the Differences in Five-Seven Case Hardened Patterns?

There are numerous patterns for the Five-Sven | Case Hardened skin, but not all of them are regarded as the Blue Gem. The latter term literally denoted the skin as being bluer than other dyes.

Still, Blue Gems themselves can vary in quality, virtually divided into four groups based on the intensity of blue coloration. Visually, the distribution of tiers can be defined as follows:

  1. Tier 1—more than 95%;
  2. Tier 2—85% to 95%;
  3. Tier 3—70% to 85%;
  4. Tier 4—50% to 70%.

However, those thresholds are somewhat approximate, and you should always look at the skin in the game to understand the proximity of the chosen Five-Seven to a true Blue Gem. Still, the CS community perceives the best Five-Seven Case Hardened patterns and their distribution by tiers as follows:

Tier Level

Pattern Values

Tier 1

670, 278, 690, 768, 868, 363

Tier 2

387, 103, 823, 321, 879, 872, 770, 555, 661, 13, 905, 927, 844, 126, 396, 955, 434, 557, 468, 151, 344, 273, 592

Tier 3

724, 414, 325, 381, 430, 888, 532, 795, 935, 632, 187, 526, 685, 689, 902, 828, 791, 985, 628, 112, 577, 809, 428, 168, 497, 179, 447, 174, 180, 429, 627, 512, 426, 333, 14, 262, 887, 648, 948, 61, 969, 413, 862, 849, 922, 4, 874, 215, 456, 189,, 383, 715, 750, 700

Tier 4

878, 743, 989, 833, 147, 575, 200, 28, 101, 788, 961, 236, 499, 733, 208, 450, 470, 525, 853, 235, 286, 643, 149, 81, 571, 760, 242, 782, 172, 453, 310, 645, 169, 713, 970, 630, 463, 749, 322, 843, 182, 407, 372, 877, 647, 121, 547, 720, 214, 515, 442, 29, 358, 67, 500, 635, 398, 136, 808, 889, 924, 753, 975, 436, 74, 319, 589, 838, 159, 612, 249, 87, 528, 349, 316, 531, 921, 203, 839, 588, 148, 631, 558, 814, 261, 55, 9, 92, 638, 841, 371, 854, 797, 938, 681, 389, 642, 667, 598, 508, 198, 193, 397, 846, 390, 459, 466, 702, 82, 227, 209, 137, 723, 332, 919, 658, 964, 122, 979

The logic behind the tiers, based on the amount of blue color, correlates with the price of the skin. Thus, Tier 1 Five-Seven Blue Gem skins are almost totally covered by sky-like dye and cost more than a thousand dollars per copy, depending on the float value. On the other hand, Tier 4 Case Hardened skins aren’t as blue, so their price starts from $18 per skin. At the same time, patterns absent in the table above aren’t regarded as the Blue Gem skins, and their prices typically fall below ten bucks.

Five-Seven Case Hardened Groups

Now, let’s take a look at the CS2 Five-Seven Blue Gem skins in more detail.

Tier 1 Five-Seven Case Hardened Patterns

With only six patterns to be regarded as the tier-1 Blue Gem of Five-Sven pistol, the prices for those extremely exclusive skins can be pretty huge. While exploring trusted skins trading platforms, we found the most expensive Five-Seven Blue Gem, priced at $10,000. No surprise, it is Factory New, has the pattern number 278, which belongs to the elite tier, and features predominantly azure hues—a tru Blue Gem!

Factory New (wear 0.011), pattern 278, Price: $10,000

Factory New (wear 0.011), pattern 278, Price: $10,000

With a lack of other available copies and the need to change a focal point, we’ve turned to online services to generate and inspect CS2 skins for free, allowing us to look at other patterns and wear grades of tier 1 Blue Gem skins. For instance, the 768th pattern has slightly more yellow undertones, while the Well Worn dampens its brightness. Of course, it’s hard to predict the exact price for it (given it was simply generated), but we guess one will need over a thousand dollars for this stylish Blue Gem.

Well Worn (wear 0.382), pattern 768, Price: unknown

Well Worn (wear 0.382), pattern 768, Price: unknown

Tier 2 Patterns

The second tier of Five-Seven Blue Gem patterns offers a much wider selection and includes 25 skins to choose from. The market appears lively, boasting a variety of options available for purchase. We chose a few copies with different float values and patterns to show the diversity.

In the screenshot below, the pistol showcases pattern #126 and is of the Minimal Wear float. The front side of the barrel has a pretty noticeable yellow stain, but the ingenious owner has cleverly added a blue diamond sticker to cover it. It hasn’t changed the situation crucially, but this skin looks pretty good with plenty of blue color. What’s more, its price is much more affordable—only $220.

Minimal Wear (wear 0.135), pattern 126, Price: $220

Minimal Wear (wear 0.135), pattern 126, Price: $220

The second example of the Blue Gem Five-Seven appears quite similar in terms of how much blue and yellow dye is on the upper side of the barrel. The owner seems to be the same individual (because of the similar blue diamond sticker in the same place), but the price is notably higher—$300. However, it can be related to the Factory New float value, which always means a higher price tag, although patterns #434 and #126 are quite similar.

Factory New (wear 0.066), pattern 434, Price: $300

Factory New (wear 0.066), pattern 434, Price: $300

Tier 3–4 Patterns

If you are looking for the lower Five-Seven Blue Gem price, reviewing the 3rd and 4th tiers is a wise move. Of course, the existing copies aren’t as totally blue as the first two tiers, but you’ll be able to imagine what to expect when reviewing skins of the lower grade.

First, let’s look at the following screenshot, which is made for the Tier-3 Five-Seven skin with pattern #724. To be honest, it holds its own compared to the aforementioned copies from the second tier. It also features a yellow stain on the front side of the barrel, and it’s not significantly larger. At the same time, the owner of this pistol surely has a solid grasp of the market, pricing their Field-Tested copy at $139—a figure closer to tier 2 than tier 3.

Field Tested (wear 0.175), pattern 724, Price: $139

Field Tested (wear 0.175), pattern 724, Price: $139

The next Five-Seven Blue Gem pattern falls into tier 3 without extra doubts, as the number 414 proportionally corresponds to the amount of blue dye on the weapon. The middle part of the barrel spots a significant yellow stain, but still, the azure color prevails. Despite this Minimal Wear pistol looking not as great as previous examples, the cost, however, is much more affordable—$60.

Minimal Wear (wear 0.131), pattern 414, Price: $60

Minimal Wear (wear 0.131), pattern 414, Price: $60

The final pistol in this review hails from the lowest tier, leaving little room for debate about its appearance and price. Pattern number 316th is close to the 50/50 proportion between blue and the other colors, while the price is the most democratic in our list—$23.

Field-Tested (wear 0.289), pattern 316, Price: $23

Field-Tested (wear 0.289), pattern 316, Price: $23


We hope you’ve found everything you need to understand about Five-Seven Hardened Blue Gem price variations. In addition to traditional float value as the main element influencing skin cost, the Case Hardened painting on the Five-Seven pistol seriously depends on the pattern number. So, if you become the owner of the Blue Gem skin, remember to check its pattern to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

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