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Entry Fragger in CS2

It’s not a secret that, like the majority of online games, CS2 encourages players to fill a certain role in their team. However, the majority of new players ignore this gameplay feature. Such an attitude often leads to regular and painfully avoidable defeats. Thus, it’s essential to learn to play each role and discover its core requirements and responsibilities.

Today, we have some information and tips related to the most action-laden role in the game: the entry fragger.

Who Are Entry Fraggers in CS?

First of all, you should understand the entry fragger meaning. On a basic level, this is one of the key roles in Counter-Strike 2. Their main task of such players is to lead the attack while trying to get the first kill. This way, the team can seize control of a certain ground or bombsite. Usually, the outcome of the whole round depends on the actions of this team member.

The fragger should always be the first to enter an unsecured area, so they must be ready to face enemies head-on. Of course, it’s a risky thing to do, and even the tiniest mistake may lead to instant death. In this case, any other team member, for instance, an in-game leader, may opt to fill this position. However, your squad risks losing the initiative because of this replacement. Also, despite the CS2 entry fragger meaning, consider that it may happen that the entry fragger might not be the first team member to make a kill due to various in-game factors.

Main Responsibilities of Entry Fragger in CS2

What does an entry fragger in CS2 do to bring victory to their team? A professional fragger should strive to complete several tasks during the round. If they manage to complete all of them, it’ll significantly increase the team’s chance of winning the match.

First Blood

Getting consistent first kills is considered to be the primary requirement for a player going for the entry fragger role in CS2. Completing this task provides a team with a significant tactical advantage over their opponents.

First Blood


Gathering important information about the enemies’ positions is another one of the main responsibilities of a player trying to fill the role of entry fragger in Counter-Strike 2. It’s crucial to share this information with other team members to help them devise efficient strategies.

The entry player must be highly attentive to spot opponents just in time to eliminate them without dying. If this is done right, the other teammates can quickly enter the area without getting shot.


For instance, imagine a player filling this role for the T-team on the Dust map. When entering the B-site from the Upper Tunnels, they should immediately estimate the situation and start looking for enemies hiding nearby. Remember that if the opponents are present in overwhelming numbers, it’ll be a good idea to retreat!

Strategic planning

An entry fragger in CS2 is one of the team members responsible for creating and adjusting the overall strategy. Considering that this player is the first one to enter different areas, they should know how to balance aggression and caution. A professional entry player can rely on their experience to decide when they should push and when they should stay back. Remember that it’s always better to retreat and make a successful entry into another area than to immediately rush into a well-secured location and get a bullet in the head.

Strategic planning

Let’s imagine that the player from the previous example didn’t manage to enter the B-site due to the enemy presence there. In this case, it’s definitely a better idea to enter CT Mid through the Mid Doors.


Last but not least, this is one of the most important responsibilities not only of the entry fragger role in CS but of any team member! Don’t hesitate to use your microphone during the game. Otherwise, you’ll be hard pressed to discuss your team’s plans and provide information about the enemy.

What Loadout Should an Entry Fragger Have?

The choice of the right weapon is another answer to the question, “How to become a good entry fragger in CS?” Here, we’ll discuss the best guns you can use to eliminate enemies quickly and efficiently. Additionally, utilities open up some interesting tactical options for this role.


Winning pistol rounds is critical for outpacing your opponents’ economy at the beginning of the match. While playing on the CT side, entry fraggers should opt for an accurate gun like USP-S or P2000. If you play as a terrorist, you should choose the iconic Glock-18 or P250.

You can also purchase a more powerful CZ75 or Five-Seven. Their increased damage is something you’ll be glad to have when facing several opponents in an unexplored area.


Purchasing SMGs may be a wise decision during the eco rounds. MAC-10 or MP9 are both good options due to their impressive fire rate and pleasant bonus kill reward. However, remember that these guns are at their best at close range.

Assault rifles

As a rule, entry players go for powerful assault rifles whenever they can. Of course, the best choice here is to purchase the AK-47 if playing as a terrorist or M4A1-S if you found yourself on the CT team.


Although it is supporters who usually buy the utilities, it still may be a good idea to purchase them as a fragger if you have the money to spare. For example, smokes and Molotov cocktails will significantly increase your chances of successfully retreating after an unsuccessful entry.

Tips to Become a Pro Entry Fragger

So, how to be a better entry fragger? As soon as you learn the information provided above, it’s time to put everything you’ve read into practice. Also, don’t forget to follow these short but useful tips from our CS2 entry fragger guide:

1. Adapt to in-game events

A professional entry player must make decisions quickly. Learn to react and adapt to your opponents' actions while creating space for your teammates.

2. Learn maps

Your perfect knowledge of the map may be a deciding factor in a round’s outcome. If you feel at home on the map you’re playing, you can predict where your enemies may hide and make successful wallbangs without getting noticed.

3. Improve your reaction

When you rush into an unknown location, your reaction must be quick enough to spot the enemies before they spot you. The only way to become good at this is to practice regularly.

4. Train aiming skills

Combine decent aim with your improved reaction, and you’ll become the most dangerous player on your team. If you want to start mastering making precise shots, you should opt for aim training maps from the CS2 workshops, such as CSStats Training Map and Aim Botz.

5. Put pressure on the opposing team

Creating an advantage at the beginning of the round is the entry fragger’s main concern. In addition to making a decisive first kill, you should try to put pressure on your enemies from the very start of the game. Master entry fragger skills described above, use utilities like smokes and molotovs, and utilize tactical maneuvers to surprise your enemies and disorient them.


Who is an entry fragger in CS2? Now, you can definitely answer this question! However, keep in mind that the role of the entry fragger in Counter-Strike is extremely challenging. It requires great reaction time and honed communication skills. Plus, planning and coordinating your actions with other teammates can prove difficult in the middle of an intense firefight. Nonetheless, a good entry fragger can ensure their team’s success while turning into a real menace for the enemies.

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