Best SG 553 Skins in CS2

SG 553 may not be the best weapon for the current pro meta, but it remains quite popular nonetheless. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the gun’s versatility and a relatively cheap price. If you like to play passively, go ahead and find yourself a quiet, long-range position to scope into and wait. But if you’re the “guns blazing” type of player — rush in and spray'n'pray — SG’s recoil control will make it your best friend in no time.

Another reason for fans to love SG is a range of affordable* top-notch skins that can suit any personal style, and we’d like to spotlight some of the finer ones for you in this post. Our ranking is not based solely on prices or rarity; for every skin in it is unique in its own way. Some of them have made it here because of iconic plays of the past, some due to exclusive design, exceptional artwork, or just a delightful combination of colors, while yet others merely for being a timeless classic. So, without further ado, let’s review 10 of the best SG 553 skins available today.

*The prices included are current at the time the article was written and may change over time!

10. Candy Apple

Candy Apple FN


Candy Apple BS


Let’s start with the basics and take a look at SG 553 | Candy Apple. The OG semi-gloss red and black pattern was introduced more than a decade ago in 2013, while the gun itself is a relatively recent addition to the game’s arsenal. The skin was introduced in The Canals Collection during Operation Shattered Web in 2019, offering Krieg enjoyers a classic-looking skin. The rifle’s menacing aura makes it a perfect choice for cold-blooded Ts.

Price: $4.93 (BS) — $6.05 (FN)

9. Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet FN


Ultraviolet BS


Speaking of the best SG 553 skins, we can’t really go any further without mentioning Ultraviolet. This classic was introduced with the very first CS:GO Weapon Case, and never been out of demand ever since. It shares some similarities with Candy Apple, having a simple design with 2 main colors — violet and black. In an interesting twist, the colors appear to be reversed compared to Apple's design.

Price: $17.10 (BS) — $34.28 (FN)

ST: $13.37 (BS) — $80.00 (FN)

8. Dragon Tech

Dragon Tech FN


Dragon Tech BS


Next up on our list is Dragon Tech, and it’s not hard to see why it is one of the top SG 553 skins in Counter-Strike 2. It has a bright fantasy-inspired design with a biomechanical dragon gazing at you. The colors on that one are shades of green and white on a black background. Given that most SG 553 skins are either camo variations or simple combinations of colors, Dragon Tech’s vibrant graphics are especially remarkable.

Price: $0.30 (BS) — $1.45 (FN)

ST: $0.56 (BS) — $3.54 (FN)

7. Desert Blossom

Desert Blossom FN


Desert Blossom BS


Here’s another SG 553 skin with astonishing artwork. It depicts pink blossoming flowers growing from the fissured soil. Is it related to our ELO points that somehow grow in today’s obnoxious environment full of cheaters and toxic players?

Another detail that makes Desert Blossom worth a mention in our best SG 553 skins in Counter-Strike 2 list is the stylish pink tip of the rifle (we honestly think it looks amazing). Desert Blossom can become a great addition to your pink-themed inventory as it perfectly fits items like Vice | Sport Gloves or Sir Bloody Miami Darryl.

Price: $16.62 (BS) — $13.63 (FN)

Souvenir: $0.35 (BS) — $0.74 (FN)

6. Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal FN


Heavy Metal BS


Accompanied by the sound of distorted guitars, we move to the next entry in our list. The rifle doesn’t have a sophisticated appearance with some deep metaphor about the state of the game, but it is still one of the best skins for SG 553 in CS2. Heavy Metal looks like a default rifle with some additional fiery orange patterns, but the whole gun is also covered in thick, interlocking metal links — the ones your grandparents' favorite singer would have on their belt.

Price: $0.05 (BS) — $0.34(FN)

ST: $0.21 (BS) — $1.43 (FN)

5. Darkwing

Darkwing FN


Darkwing BS


As you can probably tell, Darkwing is one of the best-looking SG 553 skins in CS2. With its combination of amber, black, and gray, the design of this rifle is a thing of beauty even in high-wear condition. As a side note, it reminds us of the M4A4 | Howl. If you have a couple of Battle Scarred stickers and are ready to experiment, you can get very close to that look.

Price: $0.24 (BS) — $1.39 (FN)

ST: $0.43 (BS) — $5.62 (FN)

4. Cyrex

Cyrex FN


Cyrex BS


Even during 2019’s era of SG 553 popularity, not many players could truly excel with it, as it requires extra precision, expert aiming, and a lot of composure. And if any of the best SG 553 skins in CS2 can showcase these attributes, it has to be the Cyrex. The gun has a futuristic look with the vicious red, black, and white design, looking like it can blast enemies with laser beams. The Vitality team probably felt it when Golden aced them with SG 553 | Cyrex in seconds. The skin was released in 2015 alongside the Falchion Case during Operation Bloodhound.

Price: $3.50(BS) — $11.88 (FN)

ST: $6.95 (BS) — $41.73 (FN)

3. Pulse

Pulse MW


Pulse BS


Pulsewill undoubtedly land on top of any list of the best SG 553 skins in CS2. Its pattern and colors are so lively and vibrant that you can feel the gun pulsating and electrifying everything around you. For those who use it, the skin is a declaration that they will play agro, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. SG 553 | Pulse was added to the game in 2014 in the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case.

Price: $1.33 (BS) — $2.83 (MW)

ST: $2.84 (BS) — $6.90 (MW)

2. Triarch

Triarch FN


Triarch BS


SG 553 | Triarch is a solid skin variant for those who prefer semi-realistic and simple skins that also don't look totally bland. Triarch is a camo gun with some highlights like yellow lines and color fades that add some flavor to the design. Overall, this skin  manages to balance realism and gaming world amusement. This rifle definitely stands out among the best-looking SG 553 skins in CS2 with its camouflage patterns, an uncommon feature to see in lists such as ours. Triarch was introduced to the game with The Gamma 2 Collection in 2016.

Price: $0.35 (BS) — $1.85 (FN)

ST: $0.65 (BS) — $5.85 (FN)

1. Integrale

Integrale FN


Integrale BS


For most players, the first thing that comes to mind whenever they think of the most popular SG 553 skins in CS2 is the Integrale. It was added to the game with the 2018 Inferno Collection and has become a timeless classic since then. Inegrale’s design is bright and energetic — the gun is literally a tribute to a racing car. So, if you always use Shift, outpacing your teammates and opponents on a regular basis, Integrale should be your go-to weapon.

Price: $4.54 (BS) — $110.95 (FN)

Souvenir: $44.61 (BS) — $1,755 (FN)


SG 553 is one of the guns everyone uses once in a while. From multiple camo-styled military patterns to hypnotizing artworks, the variety of cosmetics for this rifle does not disappoint. Whether you are a sharp entry fragger or a thoughtful IGL, you can easily find an SG 553 skin that suits your character without breaking the bank. Refer to our list of best CS2 SG 553 skins as a checkpoint, and stay tuned!

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