Best Lenticular Stickers in CS2

The variety of weapon customization options in CS2 is truly impressive. In addition to different skins, the players can also apply up to 5 stickers to each gun. This is a great way to show your character and make your favorite rifle or pistol look more interesting.

Stickers were added to the game all the way back in 2014, but their lenticular versions became available relatively recently. Their main feature of the new cosmetics is an animation that plays when the player moves. Although there are not many of them, it’s still possible to find the options that are quite popular, even with sophisticated gamers. To make it easier for you to find the ones that compliment your style, we’ve prepared a list of the best CS2 lenticular stickers. Each of these shinnies boast an awesome design and fair price. So, don’t miss your chance to add these stickers to your Steam inventory!

DJ Safecracker

DJ Safecracker
DJ Safecracker skin

This sticker was released in 2022 as a part of the 10-Year Birthday Sticker Capsule. Its designer oKeyush created a picture of a well-known Counter-Strike agent — Safecracker Voltzmann. However, it looks like she has decided to relax from endless battles and have some fun in a club. This design definitely deserves a place among the best lenticular stickers in CS2 for its funny cartoon-like style and because it shines like a real diamond! DJ Safecracker can fit almost any skin, but the ones with a similar vibe (like Neon Rider or Slate) will be a perfect match.

Price: $2.38


Econometer skin

In 2024, designer kenN introduced this cool sticker for the Ambush Sticker Capsule. It was added to the game together with The First Actual CS2 Skins update. The picture depicts the financial decisions you need to make at the beginning of each round. We’ve decided to include it in our list because only the best lenticular stickers in Counter-Strike 2 will remind you about the importance of eco rounds each time you look at your gun. Econometer is a great addition to skins like Asiimov and Neon Revolution.

Price: $2.03

Magic Rush Ball

Magic Rush Ball
Magic Rush Ball skin

If you are looking for cool CS2 lenticular stickers, you shouldn’t miss this one! Now, you can fit your gun with a magic ball that can decide for you which Bombsite your team should rush while playing for the terrorist side. While we can’t recommend this as a viable strategy, it might be hilarious to try and pull off a random rush with a team of friends. The sticker was created by TheDanidem in 2022 for the release of the 10-Year Birthday Sticker Capsule. Nonetheless, it’s still quite popular with players due to its stylish design and smooth animation. If you are an owner of Temukau or Nightwish, this sticker is just what you need!

Price: $17.67

Old School

Old School
Old School skin

Do you often feel nostalgic for the good old days spent in CS 1.6? Well, with this nice sticker, you can bring your memories to Counter-Strike 2 rounds. It depicts an old computer monitor with iconic CS 1.6 running on it. No list of the best CS2 lenticular stickers can be truly complete without this mix of classics and modernity. How the time flies, huh? Considering its low price, you should certainly buy it as a gift for your buddy who still feels nostalgic about simpler times.

Price: $4.17

Dystopian Gaze

Dystopian Gaze
Dystopian Gaze skin

Finally, the absolute leader among the most popular lenticular stickers in CS2 is undoubtedly Dystopian Gaze, designed by oKeyush. It was added to the game in 2024, together with the Ambush Sticker Capsule. If you are a fan of Cyberpunk and adore purple color, you’ll definitely like this beautiful cybernetic eye. On the other hand, this is the most expensive lenticular sticker in the game! So, if you still decide to purchase it, consider that it looks good on all futuristic-style skins like Neo-Noir and Chromatic Aberration.

Price: $15.61


The variety of lenticular stickers isn’t limited to the models in this list. Nonetheless, if you don’t know where to start, these options are just what you need! Considering their awesome design and cool animations, there is no doubt that they may become more valuable in the future. That’s why it might be a good idea to buy them before their prices skyrocket.

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