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Galil vs AK-47

How can someone even ask which rifle is better, Galil or AK-47 in CS2? With the AK being the most frequent choice for CS players for decades, how can its lighter version be a real contender for the true legend?

However, a detailed comparison between the AK-47 and Galil in Counter-Strike 2 can reveal some interesting aspects that make the discussion alive. Thus, the shooting speed, price, and running accuracy of the Galil AR are better than those of its rifle rival, but are those parameters equal to the damage difference that favors the AK?

AK-47 | Frontside Misty vs. Galil AR | Phoenix Blacklight

AK-47 | Frontside Misty vs. Galil AR | Phoenix Blacklight

This is a continuation of our CS2 weapon comparison rubric, this time dedicated to the Galil vs AK-47 contest as the major rifle options on the T-side. We’ll review all the major and additional characteristics to make a fact-based decision on which one is a better gun.

CS2 Galil vs AK-47 Comparison

Quite traditionally, the comparison of Galil and AK-47 in CS2 will start with an overview of their appearance and history. Then, we’ll dive into the proper and relevant characteristics that will open both rifles from new perspectives.


The cheapest rifle for the T Side has always been perceived as the lighter version of the AK-47. The family of Galil guns was really based on the AKs principle and used similar receivers, with the CS 1.6’s version being pretty close to the appearance of the IMI Galil NATO rifle. In CS:GO and then in CS2, the rifle received a look close to the IWI Galil ACE, while the Galil AR series looks different in reality. With its widespread use in the game, Galils has plenty of interesting skins.

Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration — a cheap and popular option even among Pros

Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration — a cheap and popular option even among Pros

One of the earliest versions of the Kalashnikov rifle family, the AK-47, is a pure classic in many computer games and didn’t get much visual upgrade since the first CS versions. Of course, adding in-game skins made some of the AKs not too realistic in terms of appearance, but having a unique look matters more.

AK-47 | Elite Build — one of the cheap dark skins of the CS classic rifle

AK-47 | Elite Build — one of the cheap dark skins of the CS classic rifle

Although it’s impossible to make an unequivocal decision about the appearance, the AK-47 looks slightly better as it’s simply a more classical look for the rifle, compared to a rarer Galil AR.

Price & Kill Reward

With a price of only $1,800, Galil has a serious advantage over the AK-47 and its $2,700 price tag, being closer to SMGs than to rifles. In reality, it allows you to buy 3 more grenades or 2 grenades + helmet, which can be a much more important thing during the match. The kill reward parameter is traditional for CS overall, standing at $300 per kill for both guns.

Result (Galil–AK-47): 1–0.

Armor Penetration

Interestingly, the CS2 AK-47 vs Galil power to penetrate the armor stands on the same level — pretty good 77.5%. This armor penetration number is better than for most in-game weapons, allowing it to be effective against both armored and unarmored opponents.

Result: 1–1.

Damage: Armored & UnArmored

Although the armor penetration is similar for both guns, the damage difference is a serious advantage of the more expensive rifle. Here is how the diverse body parts damage looks if comparing the Galil vs AK-47 in Counter-Strike 2:

Damage: Armored & UnArmored

As we can see, the Galil is a one-shot rifle only for opponents without a helmet and requires one bullet more than an AK-47 if trying to kill enemies in a single body part. For instance, the AK needs three bullets to kill the enemy in the unarmored chest, while Galil should spend four bullets. So, here is a clear advantage of the predecessor and rifle that was developed earlier — the AK-47.

Result: 1–2.

Fire Rate, Reload & Deploy Time

During the M4A4 vs. AK-47 comparison, you might notice that AK isn’t the best weapon in terms of fire rate, which is only 600. The Galil is slightly ahead in this component, delivering 667 rounds per minute, just like the M4A4. However, the reload time is on the AK’s side, being only 2.43 seconds compared to Galil’s 3.03, which is facilitated by 0.1 seconds faster deployment time for AK-47.

Result: 1–3.

Magazine Size & Reserve Ammo

No advanced math is needed to understand that 30 bullets in the magazine and 90 in reserve are four full loadings for an AK-47. The Galil has 35 bullets in the magazine and the same 90-bullet reserve ammo, which looks strange but gives the cheaper gun a slight advantage.

Result: 2–3.

Recoil & Spay Pattern

If we take both rifles, stand, and aim at the same point, here is how the spray pattern will look like:

Recoil & Spay Pattern

To understand the differences between the CS2 Galil versus AK-47 spray pattern, we should look at the recoil number, which is 30 for the AK and 21 for a cheaper gun. On the screenshot, we can see that AK bullets go pretty high if the trigger is kept pulled, while the Galil’s spray is better grouped.

Result: 3–3.

Standing & Crouching Accuracy

The overall accuracy is better for the AK-47, which has a standing accurate range of 21.74 meters and an improvement when crouching up to 28.17 meters. Although the Galil isn’t as powerful and has a much better recoil, its standing accurate range is only 16.26 meters and 21.23 meters when crouching. That is a 33% advantage in both characteristics for the AK.

Result: 3–4.

Running Inaccuracy

Despite the fact that the AK is more accurate when standing or crouching, the Galil overperforms it in terms of running inaccuracy. Thus, your bullets from the Galil will be 37% more effective as the less powerful weapon has 132.93 inaccuracy points, while the AK delivers 182.07.

Result: 4–4.

Killing Opponent in Chest at Any Range: Bullets & Time

Since most of the kills, especially on the lower levels, are made in the chest hitbox, it makes sense to understand how many bullets and how much time is needed to kill the enemy. Those are probably the simplest and most clear comparison points that show the Galil and AK-47 differences in Counter-Strike 2. Quite predictably, the damage advantage beats the firing speed, and AK needs only four bullets into the armored body and 0.3 seconds, while the Galil owner will spend 0.36 seconds and one additional bullet.

Result: 4–5.

Comparison Table: Galil vs. AK-47

Those who want to compare the AK-47 vs Galil in CS2 in the table format, here are the most important points to check:

Metric / Parameter

Galil AR


Price, $



Kill Reward, $



Damage (UnArmored), HP

Head — 120

Chest & Arm — 30

Abdomen & Pelvis — 37

Legs — 22

Head — 143

Chest & Arm — 35

Abdomen & Pelvis — 44

Legs — 26

Armor Penetration



Damage (Armored), HP

Head — 92

Chest & Arm — 23

Abdomen & Pelvis — 29

Legs — 22

Head — 111

Chest & Arm — 27

Abdomen & Pelvis — 34

Legs — 26

Fire Rate, RPM



Reload Time, seconds



Deploy Time, seconds



Magazine Size, bullets



Reserve Ammo, bullets






Accurate Range Stand, meters



Accurate Range Crouching, meters



Running Inaccuracy



Bullets Needed to Kill Opponent in Armored Chest (any range)



Time Needed to Kill Opponent in Armored Chest (any range), seconds



Calculations of the 16 table points show the same result, with a pretty clear advantage between the Galil and AK-47 in favor of the latter: 8–5 (3 parameters are equal).

Galil vs AK-47: Which is Better?

The AK-47 once more proved the advantage over other rifles, beating the Galil in the comparison, with the main score at 4–5. Its main advantages are in the damage and accuracy, which allow it to one-shot even helmeted opponents at any distance and be a deadly danger even for slow AWPers.

At the same time, the review of the Galil vs AK-47 in CS2 shows that a cheaper rifle has a few good in-game capabilities and scenarios for usage. For instance, the Galil has enough power to destroy unarmored enemies with one shot into the head if there is no helmet. Also, the Galil’s lower price, better running accuracy, and higher RPM can be a good deal during eco rounds and fast rushes.

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