Being one of the world's oldest and classic computer games, Counter-Strike also has its rhetorical questions. While Shakespeare's Hamlet had a dilemma of ‘to be or not to be,’ many in the CS community ask another tough question: M4A4 or AK-47?

M4A4 | Neo-Noir

M4A4 | Neo-Noir

AK-47 | Neon Revolution

AK-47 | Neon Revolution

As the major rifles for both sides, the CS2 AK-47 and M4A4 have plenty of similar characteristics alongside some key differences. But, which gun is better? Our guide will help us find the answer after a full AK-47 and M4A4 comparison.

CS2 AK-47 vs M4A4 Comparison

This battle of the M4A4 versus AK-47 in Counter-Strike 2 will start with the comparison of some basic and advanced characteristics, which are related to each other. Then, we’ll divide all the discussed elements into the concluding table if someone wants to make their own analysis based on numbers only.


Let’s start with some easy things, like appearance, which does not affect in-game technical characteristics. Since both AK-47 and M4A4 have pretty similar sizes, they influence the POV vision almost identically, so they don’t give any serious advantages or drawbacks to their owner with their appearance.

The AK-47 has a classic design, and dozens of different skins can cover all the gun parts. Depending on the price, anyone can choose their favorite painting.

AK-47 | Fire Serpent — one of the costliest skins

AK-47 | Fire Serpent — one of the costliest skins

The M4A4 weapon is another classic in the weapon world. It is a prosperous follower of the M16 rifle series and successfully combines a real-life look with colorful CS2 skins.

M4A4 | Howl — among the oldest and most expensive M4 skins

M4A4 | Howl — among the oldest and most expensive M4 skins


With financial aspects being pretty important in CS2, AK-47 holds a clear lead with a worth of $2,700 compared to $3,100 for M4A4. The $400 difference allows you to buy two flashbangs or add the Helmet to the Kevlar. At the same time, if both teams are expected to have full buys, CTs don’t need a Helmet against AKs as it won’t save them, while Ts must equip it even against default CT pistols.

Results (AK-47:M4A4): 1:0

Armor Penetration

Before discussing Damage as one of the key parameters, let’s look at Armor Penetration. This parameter indicates how effective the weapon will be against armored enemies, and 77.5% for the AK-47 is a serious advantage compared to 70% for the M4A4.

Results: 1:0

Damage: Armored & Unarmored

Many websites rely on Raw Damage as the basic parameter, where 36 points for AK-47 are slightly better than 33 for M4A4. However, we’ve added particular health points loss for each body part for Armored and Unarmored opponents to see a clearer picture of the damage.

Here is how the concrete Damage of AK-47 vs M4A4 spreads:

Damage: Armored & Unarmored

Of course, the major difference is in the damage if a bullet reaches the head of the armored opponent — AK-47 still delivers a deadly 111 HP, while M4A4 only 92. Another important difference lies in the plain of Chest and Arms damage, where AK needs one bullet less to kill the enemy (sum up the Damage until it hits a 100-HP level). The same story is with Abdomen & Pelvis numbers for Armored opponents and Legs — in both cases, AK is one-bullet faster for deadly Damage.

Results: 1:0

Fire Rate & Reload Time

Those two parameters only add confusion to the CS2 M4A4 vs AK-47 discussion. Thus, the CT rifle has a 10% higher RPM but is slower during reloading. It’s actually hard to say which of the parameters matters more: being faster while reloading or having the ability to spray more bullets at a time.

Results: 0:1

Magazine Size & Reserve Ammo

Full parity in both aspects: 30 bullets in a magazine and 90-bullet equivalent in reserve.

Results: 1:0

Recoil & Spay Pattern

Recoil & Spay Pattern

The Recoil parameter is higher for AK-47 (30 compared to 23 for M4A4), which leads to a harder spray control. At the same time, the Spray Pattern is pretty similar for both rifles as the first six bullets require putting a crosshair vertically down, then turning to a horizontal control. Still, the bullets from M4A4 are more grouped, while the spray is easier to control, and that is why players who love to spray a lot prefer the CT gun.

Results: 0:1

Accurate Range Stand & Crouching Accuracy

While the Terrorist’s rifle is also considered to be pretty accurate at any distance, its counterpart is still better. While the 20% difference doesn’t look like a crucial advantage, the M4A4 has almost the same Standing Accuracy (27.71 m) as the AK-47 delivers when crouching (28.17 m). The CS2 AK-47 vs M4A4 accuracy comparison clearly favors the CT weapon.

Results: 0:1

Standing & Crouching Inaccuracy

Both Inaccuracy parameters are predictably in favor of M4A4 as they go in parallel with Recoil, Spay Pattern, and Accuracy indicators. The difference isn’t that huge and exceeds 20% for Standing Inaccuracy, but decreases to 14% if we talk about the Crouching Inaccuracy. So, don’t forget to crouch, if possible, with the AK in your hands — it will bring the T’s rifle shooting parameters closer to the M4A4.

Results: 0:1

Running Inaccuracy

Once again, we have a slightly more than 20% advantage on the side of M4A4, which has 143.38 points against AKs 182.07. Still, experienced players rarely run and shoot from both guns, while it’s pretty possible with SMGs (which have 30 to 45 points of Running Inaccuracy).

Results: 0:1

Killing Opponent in Chest at Any Range: Bullets & Time

The concluding section of choosing which is better, AK-47 or M4A4 in CS2, is pretty understandable and clearly favors the assault rifle of Terrorists. Thus, an AK-47 needs only four bullets at any range to kill the opponent in the body, which takes 0.3 seconds. Although M4A4 has a higher Fire Rate, it still needs 0.36 seconds to finish the job at any distance, which is the outcome of smaller damage and five bullets needed.

Results: 1:0

Comparison Table: AK-47 vs M4A4

Those who want to look at each comparison detail of the AK-47 vs M4A4 in Counter-Strike 2, take a look at the key features and parameters of both weapons in the table format:

Metric / Parameter



Price, $



Kill Reward, $



Damage (UnArmored), HP

Head — 143

Chest & Arm — 35

Abdomen & Pelvis — 44

Legs — 26

Head — 131

Chest & Arm — 32

Abdomen & Pelvis — 41

Legs — 24

Armor Penetration



Damage (Armored), HP

Head — 111

Chest & Arm — 27

Abdomen & Pelvis — 34

Legs — 26

Head — 92

Chest & Arm — 23

Abdomen & Pelvis — 28

Legs — 24

Fire Rate, RPM



Reload Time, seconds



Magazine Size, bullets



Reserve Ammo, bullets






Accurate Range Stand, meters



Standing Inaccuracy



Accurate Range Crouching, meters



Crouching Inaccuracy



Running Inaccuracy



Bullets Needed to Kill Opponent in Chest (any range)



Time Needed to Kill Opponent in Chest (any range), seconds



Which Gun is Better?

Although the scores between the guns were equal (5-5) after the direct comparison, we are sure that the AK-47 is a better gun than the M4A4. Thus, for dozens of years, the community has drawn a clear line between the two, making the AK the best in competitive gaming overall due to its damage characteristics and price. In other words, the advantages of the AK-47 are more important in Counter-Strike 2 than M4A4’s perks.

At the same time, there are a lot of players who love to spay and praise accuracy, which forces them to grab M4A4 even if they play for a T-side. Still, let’s leave room for maneuvering for Valve, who can change some characteristics with any further update, reopening the M4A4 vs AK-47 discussion.

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