Nuke has always been the most intense map in the Counter-Strike map pool because of its two levels and fast rotations. At the same time, it was a pretty CT-sided battlefield, and Terrorists could only be successful on it if they knew and used enough Nuke smokes.

The new physics of Counter-Strike 2 smokes make the situation even more favorable for those who are ready to spend some time learning useful grenade lineups. We are glad to assist with the best Nuke smoke spots for CS2, as all of them were tested in real conditions and are easy to remember.

Traditionally, before diving into learning and describing the best CS2 Nuke smoke spots, here is a reminder of the map’s basic callouts:

nuke spot in cs2

5 Best Smoke Spots for CT-Side on the Nuke

One of the reasons why Nuke is regarded as a CT-sided map is that Counter-Terrorists don’t need to learn dozens of smokes. In fact, all the basic grenades can be thrown with just general map understanding. Still, we have found five useful lineups of Nuke CT smokes in CS2.

CT Box to Yard Boxes

Although this is one of the basic smokes that can be thrown on the go to avoid losing early-round timings, many players leave dangerous gaps in it in this case. So, if you need a reliable and easy lineup for total coverage of the Yard Boxes zone — you’re welcome.

Timing: Earliest

When to Use: When Ts play actively near the Yard and Red Boxes from the round start

CS2 New Nuke CT Outside Smoke

CT Spawn to Silo

Those who tried to play against a well-cooperated T-side team will surely understand the idea of this smoke. Even if you’re playing with the sniper rifle in the Garage you can be an easy target for a smart Terrorist playing on the Silo. So, try to learn this CS2 Nuke smoke and focus on the Red Box area only, ensuring favorable diagonal control.

Timing: Earliest

When to Use: To isolate players on the Silo and focus on opponents coming from the Yard Boxes zone

Nuke Silo smoke from CT spawn [CS2]

Heaven to Squeaky

That is one of the basic smokes for Counter-Terrorists, as some intuitive lineups can leave unfortunate gaps and cause problems. The presented video is from CS:GO, but believe us, it works even better for CS2.

Timing: Any

When to Use: When you need to isolate the Squeaky position from the Heaven, avoiding Ts holding the favorable angle

Heaven to Hut

This type of smoke can be thrown without special preparation, but it then requires taking an open position on the Heaven, which is dangerous, especially during A site retakes. So, it’s better to learn one of the CS2 Nuke smokes variations for the Hut from a deeper Heaven point, which is the same for Molotov or Incendiary as well.

Timing: Any

When to Use: Early in the round or before A site retake

CS2 Nuke - How to be USEFUL from HEAVEN!

Heaven to Rafters

This one is the upgraded version of the one-way smoke in CS:GO, which allowed picking players on the A bombsite from the Heaven without an immediate bullet in the head. Since CS2 smokes have gravity, landing it on the Rafters can cover you from both Vent corners and early duel against Main so you can check closer position safer.

Timing: Any

When to Use: Before starting A Site retake from the Heaven to isolate early duels against the Main and Vent corners

CS2 Nuke - How to be USEFUL from HEAVEN!

Best Grenade Spots for T-Side on the Nuke

The CS2 Nuke smokes for the T-side is a much wider topic to discuss. Terrorists have many more options for maneuvering and can throw smokes either for coverage or fakes, with some lineups looking very unusual.

T Spawn to A Main (Outside Crossing)

Let’s start with the smoke that should be thrown from the T Spawn position, demonstrating the new physics of this grenade type in CS2. Thus, it lands on the edge of the Main and covers the vision from it to the whole Yard and T-Outside area. Of course, it can hardly be used solely for the safe crossing to the Secret unless you're sure there are no players in the Garage or outside the Heaven.

Timing: Any

When to Use: On demand of your teammate near the Red Box or for fake

Nuke Main Smoke from T Spawn

T Start to Garage

The need to isolate a player playing in the Garage with AWP or even an assault rifle is required if you want to play the Yard actively but safely. To some extent, that is one of the essential Nuke smokes in CS2 that everyone should know and can learn quickly.

Timing: Any

When to Use: To isolate the Garage player, either for sneaking into the Secret or executing A Main from the Yard

CS2 New Nuke Warehouse Smoke

T Start to Outside Cross (A Main & Garage Isolation)

A lot of professional teams use the smoke wall to hide their movement to the Secret, imitate such a move, or send a spy to the CT Blue box or Garage. Whatever the intentions, the two needed smokes can be thrown from a single position and are easy to remember; just be sure no CTs are holding the shooting line from the Heaven if your teammates decide to go to the Secret. 

Timing: Any

When to Use: To hide the movement from the Yard to the Secret, Garage, or CT Blue

CS2 Nuke Outside Cross Left Smoke From T Spawn

T Roof to Outside Heaven

The previous combination isn’t effective for the safe Secret cross, as a CT sniper can deliver plenty of damage over the smokes. However, using one of the tricky CS2 Nuke smoke lineups can isolate the outside Heaven position in fashion. Still, be aware and hold your crosshair on the Lockers, where CTs can rarely play.

Timing: Any

When to Use: To isolate CT Player on the Heaven for safer Secret crossing or the Garage area actions

T-Side Nuke Heaven Smoke

Silo to Heaven

The Heaven position is one of the most powerful ones on the map, and there are not so many Nuke smoke spots in CS2 to isolate it reliably before A site execution. One of the best positions is on the safe Silo spot, and your teammates will surely thank you for knowing this one, especially if you then assist their execution with flashbangs from the T-Roof.

Timing: Any

When to Use: Before A Site execution to isolate the Heaven or for fake moves

T-Roof to A Main (A Site Execution)

Although most teams use the smoke on the go for isolating A Main after breaking the Squeaky door, sometimes safe isolation is needed, especially if a CT sniper constantly catches your teammates. This lineup is pretty stable: stand in the shown corner and use an unusual combination of Left + Right click combined with the jump throw.

Timing: Any

When to Use: Before A Site execution to isolate a player in the A Main

CS2: Nuke Mini Smoke from T Roof

T Roof to Vent & Hut

That is another combination and one of the easiest Nuke lineups in CS2 for the fast Vent diving tactic. Thus, it presents full visual coverage for this sneaky move; your teammates should just be good enough to orient themselves inside the smokes.

Timing: Any

When to Use: For sneaky move into the Vent, isolating A Site players (in the Main and on the Hut)

Nuke Vent / Top of Hut smokes from T Roof [CS2]

Trophy to Ramp Box

An early CT smoke to the Trophy room allows taking this position, which can deliver perks at later timings. Thus, you can safely throw the smoke that can isolate the Ramp player and even block vision for the under Heaven helping player, leaving the vision for the one playing on the top of the Ramp box. This is one of the easiest and safest CS2 Nuke lineups that can be useful for a solo play or faking Ramp execution and will surely disturb CTs.

Timing: Any

When to Use: For safer Ramp execution or faking this move

CS2 Ramp Smoke

Ramp to B Site Dark & Window

While it’s not a problem to throw Nuke smokes in CS2 intuitively to isolate the B Window player, another grenade for the Dark position can be very useful for B Site executions. Thus, this combo covers a huge area and can be useful for both Terrorists and CTs.

Timing: Any

When to Use: Before B Site execution or before B Site retakes

Nuke B Window / Dark Catwalk smokes from Bottom Ramp [CS2]


We tried to find and present the best Nuke smokes you can easily learn and effectively use in your CS2 matchups for different purposes. Of course, most of them are dedicated to isolating particular areas and simplifying space taking. Just remember that smokes don’t stop bullets and can be dissipated with a precise HE grenade, so not all your grenades will be game-changing.

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