Nuke Callouts: Explanation for All Nuke Map Callouts

by eZstah


Nuke is one of Counter-Strike's most iconic and long-lasting maps. First released in November 1999, the map has undergone many aesthetic and functional changes over the years but has always maintained its elegant simplicity. To play it cohesively and win by cleverly coordinating with teammates, you need to know the locations on the Nuke CS:GO map and their names perfectly. Therefore, in this article, we will list all CS:GO callouts on Nuke. Read on, and by the end of this article, you will orient in CS:GO slang for this map flawlessly.

The map represents the reactor of a nuclear power plant. All CS:GO Nuke map callouts can be divided into several key categories.

  • T-Spawn and Outside
  • CT-Spawn and A Plant
  • Lobby and Ramp
  • B Cross and B Plant

Let's break down each of these in more detail and provide some Nuke callouts explanations.

T-Spawn and Outside


The Terrorist attack team spawns at this location. The spawn itself is a narrow corridor.

T Roof 

A roof that is great for territory control and jumping on Silo. You can climb it from either the T-Spawn or the lobby side.


The tall silo next to the nuclear reactor. Climbing it gives you an extremely advantageous position, especially with a sniper rifle. 

T Red 

This callout is referred to after the red crates. In this case, it is a cover closer to the terrorists' side.


A large open space on which other callouts are located. 


A ladder on the B-plant allows you to enter the underground level of the power plant.


There is a big garage near the ladder to the lower level. A great place to ambush people going to the B bombsite.


While Red was named after the red crates, Blue was named after the blue ones on the street. It can be used as cover during a firefight.

Small Box 

A small box is placed near the blue box by the entrance to the Lobby. You can hide there while playing for the attacking team.

CT Box  

Another container on the street, this time closer to the CT spawn. Counter-Terrorist snipers usually hide behind this box because you can shoot a large area on the Outside and cover your teammates from there.

CT-Spawn and A Plant


The location of the Counter-Terrorist team's spawn. Just as for the opposing team, this is a narrow corridor.


A small area underneath Heaven, through which you can enter the nuclear plant room. This is usually the point through which the Counter-Terrorist team enters.


A small area above the A-plant with a street view. It allows you to effectively hold the defense of the A-plant if necessary.


A small room with lockers. It connects Heaven and the A-plant.


The main entrance to the power plant. It is located on the Terrorist side of the map.


A convenient ventilation shaft placed near Mini and Squeaky. It can be used as a bridge from the A plant to the B plant.


Boxes on the A plant that you can jump on to monitor the area, but it's better to use them to jump to the Hut.


Opposite the exit of the Hut is the location of this position. You can throw grenades or shoot a way out of the Hut. 


This is the name of the ledges at the top of the A plant. The one who controls this position has a wide view of the whole area.


A bunch of sandbags located closer to the Hut. They can provide cover in a difficult situation.


A small room made of iron sheets. One of the most important CS:GO new Nuke callouts, as this is usually where the Terrorist team enters from when storming A.

Lobby and Ramp

Turn Pike 

This room is located between the main entrance and the Ramp. You'll have to go through it to get from Hell to the Ramp.


Closer to the entrance of the Ramp, there are also several small crates to take cover behind them.


The name of this callout refers to the tactics of boosting. By jumping onto the boxes and then onto your teammates' shoulders, you can get into a more favorable position.

Big Box

There is a big box near the Ramp where you can hide and shoot back while your teammates break through to the B-plant. 


 This is the name of the entrance to the B-plant. The entry is a descent to the underground level of the room.

HS (Headshot) 

One of the most iconic Nuke callouts in CS:GO. This box at the back of the Ramp is a convenient sniper position, which is how it got its name.


The entrance to the power plant room with an open space. From here, you can access the A-plant or the Ramp.


An area enclosed by a squeaky door that can give away your position. Usually entered by the attacking side.


This room provides access to the Ramp on the Lobby side. The area features a communication room of the power plant, hence the name.


Another room near the Radio. On it, you can find shiny trophies behind glass.


Another small room through which you can access the ramp. It is recommended to check with a grenade or Molotov before entering.

B Cross and B Plant


These narrow tunnels are accessed from Secret and lead to B Plant. This is an extremely hot spot where intense close combat often takes place.

Back Vents 

A passage outside the ventilation shaft through which you can get to Decon.


This is a small underground room you can pass through to get to the B-plant. 


Another entrance to the B-plant. You can get to it if you go to B from the tunnel side.


A small room covered with glass. You can break the glass to get inside.


The Terrorists' entry point from which you can access the other power plant rooms.


A dark corner on the B-plot. It is very convenient for holding territory and ambushes. 


This is the point with hazardous barrels on the B-plant closer to the Ramp. The attacker usually uses it to plant a bomb.

B Default Plant 

Another one of the important Nuke map callouts most often used to plant the bomb. It is located on the far side of the location and gives the Counter-Terrorists a lot of trouble.


This was a list of callouts on the Nuke map. Knowing the names of the positions will help you navigate the map much better, and you'll be able to coordinate with your battle buddies. Those callouts can help you locate and report your position or warn your teammates of danger. If you're not just going to play for fun but to reach Global Elite, you'll have to learn all the callouts of a Nuke map and navigate them as well as your own home.


What is the best hiding spot on the Nuke map?

Out of all the CS:GO Nuke callouts, there are several spots that are the most attractive for ambushes. One of the most prominent is if you take a position on the Rafters, you can shoot through the entire A-plant.

What are the best spots on the Nuke map for AWPers?

The best spots on the Nuke map for AWPers are the HS and the positions behind the boxes on each side. These positions provide cover and allow control of a large territory. 

Which side is easier to play on a Nuke?

Like most maps, Nuke is easier to play on the defensive side. The Counter-Terrorist side has quick entrances to all the important points.

Is Nuke a well-balanced map?

Nuke is a well-balanced map, but many players find it too small. The large number of Nuke callouts encourages closer fights, which may be uncomfortable for some new players.

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