Inferno Callouts: Explanation for All Inferno Map Callouts

by eZstah


Inferno is a truly legendary map that has existed in CS:GO since the very beginning. It has been tweaked and balanced, but the general vibe of the Italian village has always remained, giving players a pleasant experience. But CS:GO is not only to admire it, you also need to win. Therefore, you'd better learn all the locations on the Inferno CS:GO map and their callouts in the gaming community. This allows you to coordinate effectively with your teammates and add a tactical element to the game. In this article, we will cover all the CS:GO Inferno map callouts as well as provide an Inferno callouts explanation.


Quite a popular place for confrontations, as it is right in front of B. Only through this corridor can terrorists get to the B site and plant a bomb.

B Site 

A place of many victories and defeats, as well as a popular point for ambushes. It is an area with a fountain in the Middle.

T Spawn 

A terrorist spawn point on the opposite end of the map from the CT side.


Also known as Middle. Terrorists can enter A through this narrow passage with several branches.

Second Mid 

Also known as Alt Middle. Allows you to enter A from the other side.

T Ramp 

One of the passages that lead from the spawn point to the fork between Banana and Mid.


One of the extremely famous Inferno callouts in CS:GO because of the often ambushes. You can access it from the Living Room and view the Second Mid and T Apartments. There is another balcony near the Pit.


It is located between the Living Room and T Apartments and connects these two points. Through it, you can see the CT Apartments, which can be very convenient when you are a sniper, but for the enemy AWPer, it is also a convenient point.

A Short 

This is a shortcut to A bombsite from Mid. However, to get there, the Terrorist will have to go through CT Apartments.

A Long

Another way to get to A Site from Mid for the attacking team. Going through it will bring you right up to the CT Spawn.

T Apartments 

A great place for cover and close combat near the terrorist base. It also looks like a lovely Italian apartment.

Back Alley 

A passage that allows you to get from T Apartments through Stairs to CT Apartments.


A quick way to get from Mid to Second Mid if your teammates urgently need help or you are in trouble. You need to duck down to get through this tunnel.


A great position in the center of Mid that can provide cover while you walk down the passageway. This callout is popular because it allows you to ambush unsuspecting Counter-Terrorists.

Second Mid Stairs 

A staircase under the window of the CT Apartments where you can sit and wait for someone to jump out.

CT Apartments

It’s also known as just the Apartments. This building is located right next to the A Site. Accordingly, terrorists often go there, as it is the closest way to planting a bomb. 

Top Mid 

The part of the Mid that is located closer to the A Site and farther away from the Terrorist spawn. It is usually defended by Counter-Terrorists. 


Yet another one of the famous Inferno map callouts for ambushes from Counter-Terrorists. The Pit is very convenient for catching Terrorists who rush to A Site from CT Apartments.


This is the entrance to Top Mid. Through Boiler, you can go from Apartments to A Site if alternative ways are cut off.


A large window in the Apartments through which you can see the Second Mid. You can break it and jump out, but make sure Second Mid is clear of enemies before doing so.


Simply a staircase that leads from Back Alley to the CT Apartments. There is an extremely high chance of encountering an enemy in this section, so be prepared. 

Close Apartments 

A corridor that leads to the Balcony and from it to the Pit. Dangerous, but a workable way to get to A.


A balcony with a great view of the Pit. However, enemy players also have a great sight of the Balcony from the Pit, so going there can be a fatal mistake.


This is the only one of the callouts of Inferno that is named after a real player. In fact, it's just a far corner of the Pit. The place was named after pro player Dosia, who killed two opponents here with a single grenade. 


A wall in the Pit from which you can perfectly see the enemy on the Balcony.


A favorite place for ambushes on A Site. From it, you can see the whole site and players planting or disarming a bomb.

Truck (A) 

A truck from which it is convenient to get to the Balcony of CT Apartments from the street side.


A great point from which you can shoot enemies who are too eager to get to A Site.

Long Corner 

Sneaky corner on A Long, where players often ambush their opponents. Be sure to bring Molotov before going here. 


If you suddenly want to read and relax, this room is a bad choice. The Library is right next to A Site, so it's often a place of confrontations.


A cozy kitchen for Counter-Terrorists to take a coffee break while moving to A Site from CT Spawn.

A Site

One of the bomb planting points for Terrorists. There are plenty of places, such as boxes, to hide and wait in secret.

Close Left 

A secluded corner on the A side of A Short.

Back Site (A) 

A great place to hide on the A site and wait for an unsuspecting opponent.


A short corridor connecting CT Spawn and B Site. 

CT Spawn

This is where the CT side appears. On this map, it is closer to A and B than the Terrorists’ spawn.


A narrow, long corridor connecting A and B Sites.


A perfect example of the Italian approach to landscaping. It is located near the CT Spawn.


A well near CT Spawn. It can be a convenient reference point when communicating with the team.

Truck (B)  

Another truck that is located near the CT Spawn area.


This corner is located between the CT Spawn and B Site. Thus, the CT side can ambush here with a high probability of making free kills. If you are going to run through CT, use a smoke grenade or flashbang. 


A tree located near Construction. This point is very popular for B Site traps.


A small area that leads to the B Site. Through it, you will get to the Garden or CT spawn.

Sand Bags on Construction 

Another shelter useful in a hot battle.


A green area between B Site and Construction. It is a dangerous point where there are often active battles.


A landmark located at the entrance to B Site.


An excellent defensive position on B that allows players to guard the site easily.


A fountain around which the B Site is located.


A niche where you can hide on the B Site.


Another place where you can hide on the B Site.


Here you can do the old trick of jumping on top of each other. It's a tricky operation, but you'll get a great view of Banana.

Sand Bags (B)

These bags can be a good hiding place, so throw a grenade or Molotov there to clear the way. 


Another landmark, now with the car, located on Banana.


A great hiding place for Terrorists that is located near the entrance to Banana.


So, this was a list of callouts on Inferno. Knowing Inferno callouts will greatly help you coordinate with your team and monitor your opponents. If you know them, it will help you to quickly take a position or warn your teammate about danger. After all, knowing CS:GO Inferno callouts is a sure sign of a pro player, and if you are going to play professionally, understanding such things is a must. Play tactically, learn the names of the locations, and you will become an unstoppable force, able to cope with even the most difficult opponent.


Which side is easier to play on Inferno?

On Inferno, as on many other maps, it is easier to play on the defending side. Sites A and B are full of ambush locations, so it can be extremely difficult for Terrorists to get in and survive.

What are the best hiding spots on Inferno?

There are a lot of good hiding spots among all Inferno callouts for AWPers. For example, you can hide in the niches near B, as well as in the Pit.

What are the best spots on the Inferno map for AWPers?

The best spots for snipers are on the corners of narrow streets like Mid and Banana. They are great for peeking out while waiting for the enemy.

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