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How to Play on Inferno in CS:GO: Best Strategies for CT-side and T-side

by eZstah


Inferno is one of the basic maps in Counter-Strike, being one of the most popular ones since the 1.6 version. Even with the global visual update in CS2 and new grenade opportunities, the concept of strategies and best tactics on Inferno remained the same.

Unlike other competitive maps in CS:GO, Inferno tips are all-around grenades, timings, and fast reactions, as most battle areas are narrow with many corners. It forces both sides to use grenades more often to turn aiming duels in their favor, and weaker teams with polished strategies can outperform rushing aim robots. So, let’s review some basic Inferno starts for both sides and how they can help.

Key Inferno Places You Need to Know

Similarly to other CS:GO maps, Inferno has three main zones where the battles at early timings occur:

  • Banana
  • Middle
  • Apartments

Both teams usually try to take control over one or two of them as it will give a strategic advantage for the rest of the round. At the same time, everything starts from learning all Inferno callouts, which is vital for understanding the further text.


Since callout learning can be tedious, here is a cheat sheet for those who want to dive into the advanced CS:GO Inferno strats without reading a separate article:

The three highlighted areas are the core at the beginning of every round, and taking them safely requires the right utility usage. That is another topic that deserves separate attention and cannot be covered in the strategies text, so you can watch any video with the basic grenades for Inferno.


Undoubtedly, Banana is the key zone on the map influencing CS:GO Inferno tactics for both sides in almost every round. Those who can stably win the battle for this area receive a great advantage as they cut almost half-map vision for the opponents and can send an extra player to other positions.

For instance, if Terrorists have grabbed Banana, they force CTs to keep at least two players on B Site while they can leave a single player there. On the contrary, Banana control by Counter-Terrorists allows them to send the fourth player to the A Bombsite and have enough time to assist this solo player if Ts would decide to retake Banana at later timings.

A pretty typical situation at the early timings is shown on the screen, and this is without HE Grenades and Flashbangs flying here and there, which create a real skirmish in this narrow area. However, it is worth every penny spent on the grenades, and Inferno CT-side strats often assume weaker weapons but complete utility packages for B holders.


Since the overall Middle area is quite wide, pure aiming duels take place more often here, especially in early timings and by AWPers (near Boiler and T Ramp, respectively). However, after one of the sides takes Apartments, this zone becomes pretty dangerous and requires regular utility usage.

Thus, CTs often try to isolate the Middle and keep control from the Patio or Arch Side, and they need to renew their Smoke a few times per round. Of course, Terrorists know the main battle areas and so isolate either side of CT Middle, depending on their tactics and round plan.


Apartments are another vital zone, the fight for which goes in parallel with Middle battles. Especially hot are Boiler (ironically) and Long Hall positions, which help to hear opponents from the other side of the walls and so adjust in-round CS:GO inferno strategies.

While playing the Mid area solo is very risky, Apps are much more suitable for T lurker or CT who wants to send extra help to B Site. Pretty short distances and many corners can make game noobies paranoid here, so Apartments are more suitable for confident and experienced gamers.

Those three positions create a basis for further actions depending on the particular round tactic.

How to Play as a Terrorist Team on the Inferno?

Being a map with narrow paths, CS:GO Inferno slightly favors CTs who simply can hold those positions and make two kills before being traded. Thus, it makes all effective Inferno T-side strats dependent on polished teamplay and inevitable nades usage.

Default T-side Strategy

Every default tactic on all maps and for both sides aims to grab early control over crucial positions, and Inferno is no different. As described above, there are three cornerstone areas where setting up control gives a bigger room for maneuvering: Banana, Middle, and Apartments.

How Should Ts Take Banana?

The fight for Banana starts from T Spawns as those closer to this position have much higher chances to be effective there on early timings. Those having worse spawns should perform supportive actions, which means that everyone should know basic nades because they can perform diverse roles in different rounds.

Player 1. The first spawn should run with Molotov in his hands and always throw it on the Cat position to avoid direct picking by CTs. Then, he should keep Smoke with the pull pin released to quickly extinguish Incendiary Grenades thrown by Counter-Terrorists, which are the basic CT tactics for playing on Inferno. 

Then, depending on the situation, this first player can either throw other grenades or come picking Sand Bags or Porch. In fact, the first person is vital for successful Banana taking, and many depend on his nade accuracy and ability to switch between the targets.

Players 2 and 3. Those two should also take active roles during Banana taking. Depending on the available utility set, they can throw HE Grenades or Flashbangs into the Sand Bags zone to damage or blind CTs. Since Player 1 has the most aggressive but dangerous role, numbers 2 and 3 should be ready to trade him and be active with rifles in the Car and Sand Bags area.

Players 4 and 5. The remaining players have supportive roles and can assist with an early Flash or two. Their main role is to keep control over the Middle to avoid a tight CT circle from CT Middle, Stairs, and the 2nd Mid.

Grabbing Middle & Apps by Terrorists

Since CT Middle and Apartments are two neighboring areas, taking them can be made simultaneously. Of course, cooperation and utility usage are also vital, and that is how it can be made:

Players 1 and 2. Those with the best spawns should push the Middle area, with the first one throwing Flashbang from T Ramp towards CT Mid to stop counter-push or AWPer active play. With a 1-2 seconds delay, the second player can also throw a deeper CT Mid Flashbang that can flash even Patio and Cubby players. After that, they wait for players 3 and 4 and their actions in Apps to neutralize the Boiler position, which is critical for the whole tactic.

Players 3 and 4. Those two are running via 2nd Mid, with the #3 throwing Molotov or HE Grenade (at least) to the Apps via Window to counter CTs that decide to push Stairs via Boiler. Player 4 can quickly take Dark Stairs or simply spam Apps Hall from Bridge to avoid the push from Balcony and then enter Apartments via Back Alley when the first three players neutralize Boiler.

Player 5. This one is a lurker and should hold Banana push and assist players 1 and 2 with Flashes if the latter asks for them. He can play either T-Ramp or closer to Underpass (depending on the danger from CT Mid) and the weapon he owns to counter CTs on Banana effectively.

Split B

Maybe someone opened this article to see the beloved CS:GO Inferno tips like Rush B, Apps, or Middle, but half of those tactics are already described in the previous section. So, let’s review more advanced strategies, with B Spit as one of them.

Of course, Split B on Inferno makes sense when Banana has been grabbed on the early timings, and Ts have some basis for it. Thus, Players 1 and 2 are already at the Car position and should wait for the rest of their teammates to arrive from CT Spawn. When everything is ready for B-Site Execution, they can throw Molotov to Dark or Tri Box (also called Quad) and a few situational Flashes. If they know that Player 3 has dived into Arch undetected, they can hide his move from Well to Garden with the default Smoke #3, and many will depend on the Player 3 trigger discipline.

Players 3 and 4 have a much longer and more dangerous way to B and should pass a few key positions. First, they should force CTs to get back to A Site and leave Boiler, Patio, and Arch Side (Long). Then, they should throw a Smoke between the Arch Side and A Site (Smoke #1) or the one in the middle of the Arch Side (#2) to keep the path to the Arch open without extra danger. Understanding such details and how to play as Terrorists on the Inferno is the key to success.

Ideally, Terrorist numbers 3 and 4 should make a sneaky move from CT Mid to Arch without being checked to become a full surprise for CTs on B Site. To make it realistic, Player 4 or 5 should make some noise in the Boiler/Apps, while Player 3 can throw Smoke #1 and Flash to A Site to imitate this bombsite execution.

When A-Site Counter-Terrorists keep all their attention on Short and Apps, Player 3 (and 4 optionally) can make a sneaky move to Arch and CT Spawn, checking Kitchen position. Then, everything depends on the available information, timings, and sharp shooting, which should be in favor of Ts coming B from two directions. Thus, Player 4 or 5 can even stay in the Boiler position to cut help when CTs understand they have been outsmarted.

Split A

While Split B is more about sneaky moves and outsmarting CTs, Split A’s best team strategies on the Inferno map are all about grenades and coordination. They start by taking control over Apps and CT Mid and then depend on the available utility and Terrorists’ ability to neutralize A Pit.

The basic set of grenades for A-Site execution includes Smoke #1 to isolate Library and Arch Side, Molotov to Pit, and timely Flashes from CT Mid over the roof to the site. The number of players in Apps Long and Short depends on the particular situation and rifles. Thus, Apps and Balcony landing favors weaker weapons like SMGs or Pistols, while AKs in hand allow equal aiming duels from Short against Pit, Graveyard, and Site.

A Site is so hard to execute that many teams don’t know how to play on the Inferno map without an upgraded Split tactic, including Arch Side arrival. It makes sense when Ts found that one or even a couple of CTs are in the Library and Arch, so Smokes #2 and #3 allow safely to add one more shooting direction. The latter is pretty helpful to focus and fight on the players in Pit, Site (Ninja), and Under Balcony.

How to Play as a Counter-Terrorist Team on Inferno

Of course, understanding how to play as Counter-Terrorists on the Inferno is much simpler when you know basic areas to take and default T-Side tactics. However, let’s review a couple of them in more detail.

Default CT-side Strategy: 2+3

Since the path to B-Site is pretty narrow and can be isolated by a single grenade, keeping there more than two CTs makes sense only when Ts Rush B every round.

So, the default CT team strategies on the Inferno map are two players on B and three on the A Site. Depending on the weapon, Counter-Terrorists can choose diverse positions on holding both sites, with SMGs or Shotguns favoring closer positions for effective shooting.

B Site players often combine closed and open positions, with the latter player defining opponents, while the first one takes unexpected fights or throws counter-utility. The basic checking positions are:

  • CT Corner (near Boost)
  • Coffins
  • Dark
  • Tri Box (Quad)

All those positions allow having favorable fighting duels if Ts don’t use grenades. The rest of the positions near and inside the B plant are for the second player, who can play opening, supportive, or holding roles.

A Site is a much more complicated mission for CTs, who should cover more positions, including a possible sneaking Ts to B Site through Arch. Depending on the weapon and idea for the round, Counter-Terrorists can take aggressive Short positions and even Apartments. A more conservative approach usually means CTs will play in the Pit (hold Short and Balcony), near Default (same directions), and near the Library to control Arch Side.

Bolder circles show more often positions; slimmer circles show alternative spots.

Aggressive Banana Control

One of the tips for playing on the Inferno map is to secure control over Banana and leave there only one player, preferably a sniper. An attentive AWPer can hide near the car and check Terrorists coming from the T Ramp, giving an entry kill, info, and waiting for teammates’ rotation.

With such tactics, it’s vital to have one CT on Arch or near the Cubby, who can quickly rotate to B Site and assist his teammate with nades and spamming fire (if Ts smoked CT Corner). An important element here is for the Banana holder to throw some utility: Smoke, Incendiary, or even Flash, which can delay Ts push and allow second and even third CT to rotate in time.

Eco-Round Tactics

There is nothing special about Eco-round tactics by Terrorists on Inferno in CS:GO, who should simply choose the direction and push it, creating an advantage in the number of players. For CTs, however, Eco rounds can be an opportunity to apply tricky tips for the Inferno map and stack one of the areas.

Interestingly, it can be both Sites (there are plenty of corners on each), CT Mid area (Close, below and top of the roof on the Patio), and even Apps push. If Ts don’t use utility before coming to those positions — CTs can easily make a few kills.

With all the CS:GO maps requiring teamplay for a better win rate, Inferno team strategies are probably the most needed because of map specifics. Narrow paths make shooting easier for CTs, while even simple grenades become a deadly weapon in their hands as well. All this requires Terrorists to be way more attentive, know plenty of utility spots, and cooperate within the chosen tactic and strategy to be effective on Inferno. We hope our guide gave you a basic understanding and ideas for training and realizing.


How do I develop a personal strategy for my team on the Inferno map?

You should know basic playing specifics on Inferno (described in detail in the article), learn and polish a few tactics with your teammates, and be ready to review your mistakes for their exclusion in the future.

What are the main tips on Inferno for both teams?

Playing Inferno means learning how to take Banana for both sides as this area on the map gives a serious advantage for the team winning it.

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