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CS2 Inferno Smokes + New Spots You Should Know (CT & T-Side)

Being one of the Overhauled maps in CS2, Inferno has a new appearance with plenty of new textures and looks pretty fresh. Although the map's structure remained the same as in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, grenade lineups for the Inferno map in CS2 changed. Moreover, removing the skyboxes opened plenty of new spots for throwing smokes, while their bigger covering area gave extra possibilities that were doubtful in CS:GO.

We’ve gathered all the new spots that can be used now and tested older lineups to come up with the best CS2 smoke lineups on Inferno that can be used after the game release. Remember that when you use a jumpthrow approach, most of the smoke grenades will fly for about 8 seconds before covering the needed location.

For those who forgot Inferno callouts, which remained the same as in CS:GO, here is a fast reminder:

Most Useful Smoke Spots for Counter-Terrorists on Inferno

The release of the new game version was focused on saving the overall strategy and tactics on all maps, but new textures and opened sky boxes still made the difference. Thus, most of the CS2 smoke spots on Inferno for CTs remained the same, but the aiming changed, and you should learn new lineups to be effective with a utility on this map. Also, some of the new grenades can even change the prime meta.

CT Spawn to T Ramp (New)

Inferno Smoke from CT to Ramp

This smoke grenade from CT’s landspawn is a perfect instance of how opened skyboxes in CS2 can change the best Inferno strategies in CS:GO. Thus, this smoke makes sense at the earliest possible timings, although it cannot block rushing Terrorists. However, if T sniper likes to play the Ramp or the opponents don’t like to enter an early skirmish on the Banana — you will easily cut half of the map control for them. Just ask teammates to be attentive with the Second Mid and Apartments as the only alternative for Terrorists.

CT Truck to Bottom Banana (New)

ct to bottom banana

When we imagine the Counter-Strike Inferno map, the Banana is the first area the majority will think about. For CTs, controlling it gives great room for maneuvering, and this smoke can help in the early fight for the Banana. Those teammates with better spawns should proceed with incendiaries and HE grenades directly to the Car and Porch to use the advantage of the earliest timings. However, a supportive player should learn one of the CS2 Inferno smoke lineups for the Bottom Banana and throw it as early as possible, then support the rest with flashbangs.

B Site to Banana Half Wall


If you aren’t sure about Terrorists’ presence on the Banana and want to check it with your B Site partner’s flash, it’s better to isolate the fighting area with the smoke to the Half Wall. It can be done anytime in the round when you feel the need to distract Ts.

A Pit to Porch (New)

When the Ts are on the Car and Sandbags with control over the whole Banana, the Porch is the last location that can be isolated with a smoke grenade. Of course, most of the CS2 Inferno smoke spots for the Porch from near the B Site don’t need any instructions and can be thrown on the basic feeling. However, this one from the A Pit can significantly help teammates from another part of the map or be used for lurking and outsmarting.

Long to Porch (New)


Since the Long position is often the area for the helping player, knowing one of the new CS2 Inferno smokes for the Porch is crucial. When your teammates hear sounds on the Banana or simply have spent all their smokes, help from another part of the map can be pretty useful.

CT Spawn to Porch (New)


This lineup is also possible because of opened skyboxes and can help B Site players faster than running to the CT Truck or Ruins. With the same game scenario as the previous spot, this one can also be used to isolate Ts on the Banana during the B-Site retake.

CT Spawn to B Start for Retake

Inferno - B Retake Smoke

This setup was rarely used in CS:GO because of the smoke size, while CS2’s improved smokes now allow for covering a wider area in front of the Fountain. It’s hard to call it one of the best CS2 Inferno smokes, but it can be used in half of cases for B Site retakes, as it can help for CTs coming from the Banana as well.

CT Spawn to Top Mid


Usually, CTs need the smoke on the Top Mid closer to the middle of the rounds, especially if they know that there is no presence of Ts on the Banana. However, throwing it on the early timings can be helpful for the Apartments push or stacking either Site on eco-rounds.

A Pit to Top Mid

Counter Strike CS 2 Inferno Smoke Pit to Mid Nades

The typical A Site defense is based on covering the Apps from the Pit and active players on the Short and/or Long, holding the Boiler and Top Mid. Since the Balcony is the easiest position to hold and doesn’t require smoke, the Pit player can quickly assist his partners without leaving his major spot.

Long to Apartments

CS2 Inferno Long to Apartments

This is a vice versa situation for the A Site Counter-Terrorists when the Long Player assists his Pit or Site mate. Also, this one can be used in clutches when you expect/know that one of the Ts is in the Apps and can be isolated without an early duel.

Long to Graveyard for Retake

CS2 Inferno Pit Smoke from A Long

This one can be regarded as one of the new smoke spots on CS2 Inferno because it helps to cut the vision for Ts in the Pit and under the Balcony. With the bigger size of the smoke and the Graveyard covering place absence, CTs can now enter the site much safer, even with the blocking smoke on the Moto.

CT Spawn to Dark (New)

CS2 Inferno CT Back-apps Smoke

The last two CT smoke lineups on Inferno in CS2 are pretty specific as assuming Counter-Terrorists actively play on the Mid, Second Mid, Window, or in the Apartments. The one to the Dark from the CT Spawn in the first seconds is pretty difficult and requires training, but it can be an excellent blocking option for Ts rushing Apps.

CT Spawn to Mid Stairs (New)

CS2 Inferno: 2nd Mid Smoke from CT Spawn

When CTs set a dominance over the Mid and Ramp, it’s time to surprise Ts with another obstacle near the Second Mid Stairs. Combined with the early Ramp smoke, this one can give plenty of opportunities for those who love to rush the center part of the map deep enough (up to the Underpass or Ramp itself).

Stay ahead of the curve by checking out upcoming CS2 matches to see these Inferno strategies in action among the world's best teams.

Most Useful Smoke Spots for Terrorists on Inferno

T-side smokes of the Counter-Strike 2 Inferno map are a must since the regarded battlefield is CT-oriented because narrow areas are better to hold than rush. Of course, smokes don’t stop spamming bullets, but the limited vision for Counter-Terrorists should be enough for smart Ts.

T Ramp to Top Mid (New)

There are plenty of varieties of this smoke from the T Ramp, but this one allows to cover not only the Mid vision for CTs. Because of the new smoke capacity, it can be used for A Site fast rounds if thrown at early timings, as it also cuts the vision from the Short to Cubby and vice versa.

Banana to CT Corner (New)

CS2 - Ct Boost Smoke

This one lands on the Boost and also cuts the vision for the enemy playing there, thanks to increased smoke size.

Second Mid to CT Corner (New)

CS2 CT Cross Smoke (Alt Mid)

A perfect lurking option for yourself that can become one of the best smokes on new CS2 Inferno thanks to removed skyboxes. Of course, it can be used not only for lurking but also for supporting your teammates from the 2nd Mid if they prepare B Site execution and lack grenades.

Banana to Deep CT

Deep CT Smoke From Banana

Not so often used even on the Professional level, but the Deep CT smoke can be much more effective if you know that no Counter-Terrorists playing on the CT Corner or Boost. This one can also be combined with the B Start Smoke (described below) to take control of the Ruins (Church).

Banana to Coffins

Inferno Coffin Smoke from Banana CS2

With dozens of options and available Coffins lineups for Inferno in CS2, this one looks pretty easy to remember and ready to use at all levels.

Banana to B Site Start


The smoke on the B Site Start isn’t the most popular option when playing Inferno, but its value is underestimated. Thus, it can be used for B Site execution, pushing the Ruins, and even lurking on later timings.

T Ramp to Short & Boiler

From T Ramp to Short - CS2

This one can be thrown from one of the ​most popular CS2 smoke spots on Inferno and can help for fast B split tactics that include the Arch push. It can also be used on early timings for isolating a CT sniper who plays near the Boiler position.

Second Mid to Long Corner/Cubby

CS2 Inferno Second Middle to Long Smoke

Since the Cubby is one of the most purposeful positions for CTs (holding the Mid and Boiler, hearing sounds on the Banana), isolating it makes a lot of sense. This safe lineup is suitable for the A Site executions at both early and later timings.

T Ramp to Long Corner/Cubby (New)

Smoking the Long Corner (Cubby) position can have multiple purposes, starting from A split via the Apps and Short and ending with faking to force CTs to leave the B Site and arrive at the A bombsite. Timings also depend on the purpose and can be both early or pretty late, good enough even for fakes and lurking.

Banana to Long Corner/Cubby (New)

Fake smoke A & B - CS2

This one is pretty easy to remember and ideally fits the idea of faking A bombsite execution being on the Banana. Of course, that is one of the Inferno smokes in CS2 that became possible because of removed skyboxes, so we expect its usage pretty often.

Second Mid to Arch


Although the Arch smoke basically stands for a safer A Site execution, it can also be used to confuse Counter-Terrorists playing on the Moto or CT Spawn. Being thrown from the 2nd Mid and specific jump-throw lineup, it can also create an illusion of the Ts’ presence on the Top Mid.

Second Mid to Long

CS2 - Inferno Long Smoke from Second Mid

Compared to the previous grenade, this one can become one of the best CS2 Inferno smokes as it has both practical and faking purposes. Since it isolates both the Moto and Library positions, it will force CTs playing on the B or A site to change positions, while Ts can make a sneaky move to the Arch or push the Apps.

Mid to Moto


It’s hard to imagine A Site execution without the Moto smoke, and this lineup seems to be the easiest to deploy, throwing from the Top Mid spot with easy crosshair placement.

A Pit to Moto


That is one of the must-know grenades and most useful CS2 smokes for Inferno, as it’s used on both sides and covers the opponents coming from the Long (+ Library and Arch).

Second Mid to A Pit

inferno smoke pit from second mid (CS2)

Despite the fact that new smokes are much bigger, A Pit isolating smoke isn’t new for Inferno A Site executions. It can be useful on both early timings for the Apps and Short rush or during later executions to block vision for an enemy playing in the Pit.

Apartments to A Truck


Another obligatory lineup to learn when playing Apps and trying to come alive from the landing position that can be neutralized from several spots at once. It looks pretty similar to the CS:GO in terms of bouncing mechanics but with the new spot and crosshair placement position to learn.


The renewed Inferno attracted massive attention from the side of the players, who can feel the most changes in CS2 compared to CS:GO. As almost all the grenade lineups changed, you must learn new CS2 Inferno smokes to receive maximum joy from playing this map on the competitive level.

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