Best CS:GO Inferno Smoke Spots for a CT-side and a T-side

by eZstah


Inferno is one of the most beloved maps since Counter-Strike 1.6, and nothing has changed in the Global Offensive version. It is widely considered as the CT-oriented map as narrow paths seriously favor the holding side, forcing Ts to apply everything they have in their arsenal to win rounds. Of course, Inferno Smokes in CS:GO have a pivotal role for both sides to achieve their goals.

If we talk about matchmaking and a moderate level of play, knowing CS:GO Inferno Smokes can easily upgrade your level skill and quickly bring you new ranks. Of course, cooperation with teammates and sharp aim remains other cornerstone aspects, but clever use of basic Smokes will make rank ladder stages pleasant to climb.

What Do You Need to Know to Effectively Throw Smokes on Inferno?


Undoubtedly, the first element to learn is Inferno callouts in CS:GO, which is vital for understanding what positions Smoke grenades will cover. In fact, knowing major map spaces is critical even without nades throwing, so don’t be lazy and check them once again, at least on the image below:

Inferno Key Zones

The Banana area exists on different maps, but this position name came exactly from Inferno, which highlights the path between B Site and T Ramp. Although that is a skirmish zone on early timings, it’s also a place for B-Site execution by Ts, including key Inferno Smoke places. 

Other vital zones on Inferno are Middle and Apartments, which give a wide room for maneuvering for players related to the A Site. If CTs control this area — bombsite A execution is almost impossible. For Terrorists, grabbing this zone is also crucial, as it allows them to block the vision for CTs and prepare advanced execution tactics.

If Ts didn’t get control over those areas, it’s impossible to take the best Inferno Smoke spots, throw the needed nades, and enter the respective site safely. Therefore, everything starts from grabbing those zones, but that is a matter of a separate article with Inferno tactics and strategies.

Jump Throw Bind

With CS:GO being sensitive to server tick rates, throwing a grenade while jumping can be unstable, which means different landing places with the same lineups. Luckily, Jumpthrow bind is easy to set up and use, and you can read about it and other useful CS:GO binds in our separate material. With closed skyboxes on the map, Jumpthrow is the must-have option for some of the best CS:GO Inferno Smokes.

5 Best Smoke Spots for a CT-Side on Inferno

With plenty of narrow areas on Inferno, throwing CT Smokes isn’t a problem for an ordinary player. There is no need to explain how to cover the Banana, A Apps, or Porch if you stay somewhere near the regarded spots with the Smoke grenade. That’s why we will focus on the best Inferno Smoke spots in CS:GO that can be thrown from safe positions or can assist partners in different areas. 

The screenshots for each position will provide you with all that you need to know about your positioning (1st screenshot), where to aim (2nd screen), and what the result should be (3rd-4th screen).

A Pit to Middle

The players holding Apps from the Pit can assist their partner on the Cubby or Short, who are waiting for opponents from the Middle. Stand in the far Pit corner, put crosshair as shown, and make a Jumpthrow — the nade will land perfectly (not too deep).

A Pit to Moto

If you lost a partner on the Arch Side (Long) and expect A-Site execution, covering the Moto from Pit is one of the basic steps that should be made. Find a safe corner, aim at the lamp, and Jumpthrow. This grenade will also be helpful for Terrorists who grabbed the Bombsite, planted the bomb, and await CTs from the Library or Arch.

Balcony to Short

It is a pretty advanced nade that can make a difference and be regarded as one of the best Inferno Smokes. This grenade covers vision for Ts coming Short and opens a progressive vision for a CT player in the Pit, who gets a one-way and can aim accurately instead of blind Smoke spamming. Just find the third post of the railing on the Balcony, put the crosshair at the bottom of the left window of the tall building, and simply Throw.

B-Site 1st Box to Banana

Another great Smoke grenade that is often used in combination with the Incendiary allows clearing a Car position on the Banana from the safe spot. Jump on the 1st Box on B Site (Barrels), choose the position with the sight lowered down, and aim as shown in the picture. Then, a simple Throw, a fast switch to the flame grenade, a small adjustment to the lower left corner of the window (orange cross), and another left-click mouse button. Terrorists will be forced to fall back to deeper Banana spots or push Porch unprepared.

Truck (CT) to Porch

While the ordinary Porch Smoke isn’t a problem for most CS:GO players, here is an advanced option. It can be helpful for B-Site retakes and can be thrown from the safe spot, even with the obscured vision on the CT Corner, simply following the presented guide and using Jumpthrow.

Best Smoke Spots for a T-Side on the Inferno

While CTs have an advantage on Inferno by default, Terrorists automatically should use all the additional options, including grenades. Of course, everyone should know all CS:GO Smoke spots for Inferno, especially on the weaker side. Since the early-timing fights rarely involve Smokes (to extinguish Incendiary or Molotov), we will focus on the later timings and the covering grenades that help to execute either side.

T Apps Entrance to CT Middle

One of the basic Smokes that can be used on the early timings has a pretty easy lineup but creates immense coverage for the Middle, so one can command a safe B rush. Stand near the left railing of the T Apps Entrance, aim at the right antenna element, and simply Throw.

Banana to CT Corner (Two Options)

After controlling Banana, Ts receive a wide range of Smoke-throwing options, including multiple variants for the CT Corner. One of the simplest options is shown in the screenshots above (especially when your partner throws Coffins Smoke from the Woods), requiring easy positioning, aiming, and left-click Throwing.

If your teammates prefer to run and shoot instead of throwing nades, you can be the guy who can isolate the CT Corner and Coffins (following one) from the same spot. Come to the Woods corner on Banana (it feels like stepping on a single-step ladder), aim as shown (the virtual line is painted in orange), and simply Throw.

Banana to Coffins

Of course, the Woods on Banana is one of the best Smoke places for the Inferno map in the Global Offensive game version, especially for the Coffins Smoke. Although it requires aligning the sight on two points simultaneously (orange lines should help), a simple Throw helps the grenade land pretty stably.

Banana to Truck

When your team assumes or knows there are no CTs in the default Corner, it’s better to use a deep nade to cover a larger execution area. Combined with a B-Site Entrance Smoke (shown below) or a few flashes, one of Ts can slip through to the Construction and help finish the job on the B Bombsite. Just take a familiar position, find the cross of two roofs, and Jumpthrow.

Banana to B-Site Entrance

Although this Smoke is rarely used in the official matchmaking, its tactical flexibility is among the widest. Thus, it can help to slip through to the Construction (Church) in combination with the previous Smoke, isolate vision for snipers on Coffins or in the Dark, and even help to plant the Bomb in clutches. Just stand in the shown corner, aim at the middle of the antenna holder, and left-click Throw.

Underpass to Boiler & Short

With a diverse final goal (B-Site split, pushing Arch side, etc.), the Smoke to isolate Boiler and Short is one of the easiest Inferno Smoke spots and is valuable enough. Jump to the Underpass, stand in the shown corner, aim at the top roof landmark, and Throw.

Middle to Cubby

If the CT sniper at Cubby plays like ‘s1mple’ or ‘ZywOo,’ sometimes it’s better to isolate him instead of fighting and dying. To make it stable, stand near the wall and a shown shadow point, aim at the lamp, and Throw.

Middle to Moto

Undoubtedly, CT Mid is one of the best Smoke areas on the Inferno map, as it opens a wide range of grenades that can be thrown from here. Covering the vision from Arch Side (Long) and Library is vital for the A-Site execution, and simple Throw smoke, as depicted above, is the must-learn for everyone.

CT Mid to Arch Side

After taking CT Mid, Pro players often use this cheeky Smoke for Arch Side, using the shown position and Jumpthrow. Now, your team will have an easier way for Split-B tactics, force an A-Site defender to go to the Library, or make B-Site players nervous because of potential CT Spawn invasion.

2nd Mid to Pit

Tired of fighting an A-Pit opponent, want to fake, or simply help teammates in Apps? Isolate this position from the Second Mid: stand in the shown corner, aim above the roof, and use a basic left-click Throw.

Apps Hall to A Truck

The last Smoke in this guide will be a cheeky one, simply Thrown from the Apps Hall. Find the door handle, stand close to it, and aim at the ledge on the arch. Depending on how close your sight is to the edge or wall, the Smoke will land deeper or higher on the Cartload, opening potential one-way opportunities or better coverage for the rush.

Being a pretty specific battlefield, ​​CS:GO Smoke spots on the Inferno are vital for everyone who wants to play better on the map. Traditionally, we recommend diving into the practicing map and trying all of them to deliver coverage stably.


Is this the whole list of Smoke spots on the Inferno?

The whole list of Smoke spots on Inferno can take dozens of positions for a single area to cover, while we’ve presented the easiest lineups and most needed grenades in this guide.

How do I determine good Smoke spaces on the Inferno?

For Terrorists, the two most common areas for throwing Smokes on Inferno are Banana and Middle, while CTs often use Smokes depending on the situation in the particular round.

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