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Counter-Strike 2 is an amazing game that tests your strategic thinking and adaptability at every step, with the developers constantly striving to make its challenges even more varied. For instance, all weapons in the game have different features, and it’s important to choose the right gun for each specific situation you may find yourself in.

Shotguns are perfect for the elimination of enemies in enclosed spaces, such as corridors, tiny rooms, etc, but are completely useless in a long-range firefight. On the other end of the spectrum are the guns that reward scoring headshots while being half a map away from your opponents. In this article, we’re going to focus on this latter type of weaponry: sniper rifles, their assault counterparts, and even some surprisingly long-range pistols. Read on to learn how to handle your opponents at any distance!

Best CS2 Long-Range Weapons for Counter-Terrorists

Counter-terrorists have access to 15 different guns at the beginning of each round. However, only 8 of them are of any use if you’re looking for the best CS2 weapons for long-range pressure. Of course, a good idea is to opt for an assault or sniper rifle, but there are also several pistols for when you’re on a budget.


AWP on Long-Range

This legendary rifle is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing best long-range weapons in CS2. The gun boasts 250% penetration power and the highest damage stat in the game (150 points). Its scope and 89-meter accurate range (when crouching) make it perfect for eliminating enemies from far away.

At the same time, it’s important to mind its slow rate of fire (which is only 41.24 rounds per minute). AWP is ideal for killing enemy snipers or surprising unsuspecting opponents, but you’ll have to know what you’re doing to make the gun truly shine.


SCAR-20 on Long-Range

If you struggle to hit moving targets with AWP, but your pockets are full of money, it might be a good idea to opt for a SCAR-20 instead. Many players hate this weapon because of its impressive stats and efficiency. Similarly to AWP, this rifle has 250% penetration power, while its damage is lower at 80 points. Nonetheless, it is just enough to kill an armored T with a couple of bullets.

SCAR-20 offers an 84-meter accurate range when a player crouches. Plus, the gun’s stable 240-round-per-minute fire rate makes it the best CS2 long-range weapon for dealing with multiple opponents, which is one of the main weaknesses of AWP. You can also use SCAR-20 to provide your team members with precise fire support from a distance.

SSG 08

SSG 08 on Long-Range

Both AWP and SCAR-20 require your team to have a pretty decent economy, which won’t always be the case. Luckily, you can purchase SSG 08 for only $1,700 and still be sufficiently deadly. For this investment, you’ll get a relatively powerful gun for long-range purpose, with a 250% penetration rate and 88 points of damage. However, its accurate range is only 50 meters (once again, when crouching). It means you will struggle to compete with enemy snipers armed with AWP or SCAR-20.

On the other hand, the SSG 08 fire rate is surprisingly high for its class at 48 RPM. Because of this stat, the rifle is quite good in dynamic gunfights. Dedicating some time to practice with this weapon will pay dividends when you need to kill your opponents on a budget during the first rounds of a competition.


AUG on Long-Range

Although sniper rifles are the best CS2 long-range weapons, you still shouldn’t discard assault weapons right away. For instance, AUG is a unique rifle that you can use almost in most in-game situations, including (but not limited to) long-distance gunfights.

With the rifle’s scope, you can make accurate shots at targets up to 44 meters away. Furthermore, its 200% penetration power and 600-RPM fire rate significantly boost your chances of scoring a kill.

M4A1-S (with silencer)

M4A1-S on Long-Range

Characteristics of M4A1-S depending on whether or not you opt for a silencer, giving you some tactical flexibility. However, if you want to get better long-range precision, you should definitely go for this addition. If you do, the accurate range will increase from 32 to 33 meters when a player crouches. More importantly, it’ll also reduce the inaccuracy caused by firing from 12 to 7 points.

This gun deals 38 points of damage while firing 600 rounds per minute. M4A1-S is a great option for players who want a weapon that can operate at long range while still allowing some mobility. However, this assault rifle isn’t the best choice for camping due to its low ammo capacity.


FAMAS on Long-Range

This cheap option for cash-strapped players can still save your life when T’s come to storm your position. Although its standard accurate range is 19 meters when crouching, you can increase it to 39 meters by switching to the burst firing mode. This feature makes the gun one of the best Counter-Strike 2 weapons for a long distance if you’re really short on money.

Similarly to other assault rifles, FAMAS has 200% penetration power. Additionally, it delivers 30 points of damage at an impressive fire rate of 800 RPM. This rifle is useful not just for long-range shooting, but also for eliminating opponents hiding behind obstacles.

USP-S (with silencer)

USP-S on Long-Range

Players often underestimate the power and accuracy of USP-S equipped with a silencer. Although this cheap pistol can’t be considered the best weapon for a long range in CS2, it’s still worth your attention as a secondary option. The gun has only 100% penetration power, but it deals 35 points of damage and has a 352-RPM fire rate.

But the selling point of the pistol is the maximum accurate range of 29 meters, as well as relatively low recoil (23 points) and inaccuracy from firing (52 points). Of course, it’s not a gun you want to use when competing against enemy snipers, but it is still extremely useful during the first rounds of a match.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle on Long-Range

Closing this list, the well-known Desert Eagle is probably the best CS2 weapon for shooting at a long distance as far as pistols go. It has 200% penetration power, 53 points of damage, and a 266-RPM fire rate. Desert Eagle has the longest maximum range among the pistols in the game (36 meters), making this gun a perfect second weapon for any sniper.

Best CS2 Long-Range Weapons for T-Side

Terrorists also have access to a wide variety of top long-range weapons in CS2. In this part of the guide, we’ll discuss the best guns you can use to cover your T buddies.


AWP on Long-Range

Just like CTs, the terrorists have access to the best long-range weapon in Counter-Strike 2 — AWP. We don’t want to bore you with repeating the same points twice, so check the CT entry for the gun if you need some stats and numbers!


G3SG1 on Long-Range

This exclusive terrorist weapon is almost identical to SCAR-20, which means you can use it for shooting at a long distance. The only notable difference is that G3SG1 has a slightly lower recoil amount (30 points) and tagging power (50%). Nonetheless, these features won’t significantly affect your gaming experience when going for long-range gameplay.

SSG 08

SSG 08 on Long-Range

SSG 08 is not limited just to CSs, and you can use this gun for the same level of cost-efficiency when playing terrorists.

SG 553

SG 553 on Long-Range

Although SG 553 is considered to be the counterpart of AUG, there are some differences you should take into account. First of all, it’s cheaper at $300. The gun’s damage is 30 points with a fire rate of 545 RPM and a 45-meter accurate range. SG 554 will come in handy both when you have to enter a confined room and during long-distance gunfights, making the rifle uniquely flexible.


AK-47 on Long-Range

It’s impossible to compile a list of the best weapons for a long distance in CS2 without mentioning the certified terrorist classic. It’s a perfect combination of high damage (30 points) and great fire rate (600 RPM). The gun can not only eliminate an enemy at a distance of 28 meters but also effortlessly penetrate obstacles such as wooden doors and boxes. As a cherry on top, this assault rifle is pretty cheap, too. For only $2,700, you’ll get a weapon suitable for any type of combat.


GALIL AR on Long-Range

This is the cheapest assault rifle option for terrorists. Although it will lose in a direct fight with stronger long-range guns in CS2, Galil is still a rewarding weapon. It has relatively high damage (30 points), however it can’t kill armored snipers in one shot due to low armor penetration (77.5%). The best way to use this weapon at long ranges is to opt for burst-fire or tap fire. Galil has a 666-RPM fire rate and can efficiently eliminate enemies at the maximum range of 21 meters.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle on Long-Range

The T-team can always rely on Desert Eagle. If you’ve missed the information about this powerful pistol, check out its description in the part devoted to top CS2 weapons for long-range shooting for the CT side.


Knowing the right weapon for each specific situation can often decide the results of a round. It's important to explore the capabilities of various guns and expand your shooting skills, especially if you want to become a pro player. In any case, choosing the best long-range weapon for shooting in CS2 for various circumstances is a skill that can and should be learned to make your playstyle more refined.

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