CS2 Deagle guide

The Desert Eagle (often referred to as “Deagle”) is an exceptional pistol that packs a surprisingly strong punch for its class. Boasting remarkable damage and armor penetration stats, this firearm can help you a lot in the situations where you must resort to small arms fire.

Are you looking to become a pro with this bad boy? You're in the right place, as we’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to best utilize the Deagle in CS2. So, let’s learn a trick or two!

What are the Best Cases of Using a Deagle in Counter-Strike 2?

Using the Deagle in Counter-Strike 2 requires some strategizing, as you surely don’t want to spend $700 on something you won’t use. There are three common scenarios where this powerful pistol can shine: having a large budget, Eco round, and Force Buy round.

The community considers Desert Eagle a late-game weapon, a final touch to complete an optimal loadout, and for a good reason. While pricey, Deagle offers decent long-range firepower without taking your primary slot, making it a solid choice for most roles. This utility makes the pistol ideal for the rounds where you’re not money-constrained and need to press your advantage.

Using Desert Eagle in Eco and Force Buy rounds is more of a strategic option due to its great damage/cost ration. Opting for this loadout (if you know how to use Deagle in CS2 properly) offers you a chance to disrupt the enemy's economy in Eco rounds with some one-shot kills. Additionally, it is a cost-effective weapon that can change the round's outcome during Force Buy when your team has limited funds.

Deagle in Counter-Strike 2

However, this gun is no magical weapon that can win the round all on its own. Deagle can indeed be an excellent option for some situations, but only if you have the skills to realize its potential.

How to Shoot a Desert Eagle in CS2

Here's a CS2 Deagle tutorial on how to employ this potent sidearm without wasting your hard-earned $700. Typically, there are three techniques available for any weapon in Counter-Strike, and Deagle is no exception:

Single Shots

By firing one bullet at a time, you reset the recoil between shots. A fun tip: Deagle’s recoil reset timing (0.8 seconds) aligns with the beat of "Stayin' Alive," so you can go for sick rhythm-synced shooting to maintain optimal accuracy. It's the most effective method of using Desert Eagle and is essential for long-range engagements, as one hit to the head is all it takes to score you a kill. This tactic is also ideal for situations where you can aim carefully, such as holding an angle or peeking corners.


While not a traditional burst-fire weapon, you can do controlled bursts with Desert Eagle by quickly firing two to three shots in succession. It's the perfect blend of accuracy and deadliness of several consecutive shots when you don’t have much time to aim. You just need to move your crosshair slightly lower and to the right for 2nd and 3rd shots to hit the target.

Controlled bursts are useful in medium-range combat where a single shot might miss or not be enough to kill. However, Desert Eagle's significant recoil makes burst fire inaccurate, so you better practice if you intend to go for it.


Finally, you can spray with Desert Eagle, firing the whole magazine at once. Due to the pistol's high recoil, continuous fire makes its aim unreliable. Therefore, spraying should not be the default tactic of how you use Deagle in CS2. However, it might be your only option in desperate situations, such as being surprised at extremely close range.

To execute this technique correctly, you need to learn Deagle's spray pattern. Here’s how you should move your mouse to compensate for the pistol’s recoil:

Spraying from Deagle

As you can see, even with the recoil compensation, bullets still scatter across a small area. So, instead of aiming for the head, go for the center mass of your target. Chances are that several bullets to the body will be enough to kill them.

Additional Tips for Using Deagle in CS2

Want more advice on how to shoot a Deagle in Counter-Strike? Consider these tips:

Use the quick-switch bind

Despite the pistol’s notable recoil, CS2 console commands can help mitigate it. The quick-switch bind, which switches to a knife and then back to Deagle, can stop recoil quicker then it resets naturally. Bind this command to a preferred button for improved long-range aim:

  1. bind q “use weapon_knife;use weapon_deagle”

Train your pre-aim

Given Deagle’s ability to secure instant kills with headshots, it's essential to position your crosshair at head level while navigating corners. Stay mindful of your crosshair's placement, adjust it in time, and you’ll be ready to greet your opponents as soon as they come into view.

Using a tool to generate binds for CS2 can streamline your controls for maximum efficiency during gameplay.


This pistol is highly popular for its significant power, and is especially deadly if you’re trained in how to use a Desert Eagle in CS2. Despite its challenging handling, mastering Deagle allows you to eliminate opponents with precise headshots from a significant range, improving your chances in a variety of scenarios.

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