The introduction of the Loadout in CS2 created a real dilemma for some Counter-Strike players, as they now have to choose a limited number of weapons before the game starts. Some guns are pretty obvious to choose: AK-47, one or both M4s, AWP, Desert Eagle, etc. But what are the worst weapons in Counter-Strike 2 that shouldn’t occur in the Loadout?

To answer this question, we should understand a few basic things.

  1. First, even the worst CS2 weapons can kill opponents and can be used, depending on your personal preferences;
  2. Second, some in-game firearms are pretty specific and suitable for particular usage conditions (like sniper rifles for holding long distances);
  3. Third, don’t forget about the financial aspects. If the gun offers only slightly better firepower but costs twice as much, welcome to our list.

So, the following list will include the worst weapons in CS2, starting with the ones that are doubtful for the best CS2 Loadouts, with the first places to avoid by default.

10. UMP-45


Of course, UMP-45 is far from being a meta-choice as it was once in CS:GO when it was regarded as the alternative to FAMAS due to significant damage. However, Valve nerfed it, drawing a clear line between SMGs and rifles.

Even the best damage among SMGs (35) and second-best price ($1,200) makes it a rare choice for Counter-Strike 2 players. The primary reason is its lowest fire rate and biggest Recoil among SMGs, which makes it ineffective at any range. UMP-45 is far from being the worst gun in CS2, but MAC-10 and MP9 are winning the race for cheap SMG to buy.

9. SCAR-20


SCAR-20 is the perfect weapon for limited scenario usage, but the price is pretty steep ($5,000). Despite this auto-sniper rifle’s much higher RPM than AWP or SSG 08, it’s not fast enough to feel confident against AKs or rushing opponents. This makes it effective only for holding tunnels or some narrow exits, where spamming via smoke can be effective.

At the same time, the common behavior of snipers in Counter-Strike is to shoot and hide, while SCAR-20 requires a different approach. Also, it’s not a one-shot (to the body) gun compared to AWP, and it isn’t as cheap as the Scout ($1,700), while it causes almost the same amount of damage per hit.

8. Sawed-Off


Although we added Sawed-Off as the mid-tier gun to the Terrorist loadout, its usage in practice is rather doubtful. Like all shotguns, Sawed-Off is effective enough only at close distances, but its low Firerate (70.6) won’t give you many chances to kill an attentive CT player. Of course, XM1014 is almost twice as expensive ($2,000 compared to $1,100), but the Firetrate of 171.4 makes a significant difference.

Moreover, Sawed-off has the worst accuracy among the whole pool of Shotguns, ranking it among the pretty bad weapons in CS2. Maybe it can be effective when CTs are actively pushing, and you need to fight at close distances, while rifles don’t work.

7. MAG-7


MAG-7 is the counterpart for the Sawed-Off but on the CT-side, having pretty much the same key characteristics, but is $200 more expensive. Although this shotgun didn’t enter our list of the best close-range CS2 weapons, MAG-7 is dangerous enough to hold short distances.

Yes, it won’t be effective against the rushes because of the slim RPM, but hunting for lurkers or solo openers can be pretty successful. Still, the price of $1,300 looks way more unapproved compared to MP9, which can be effective on any range, allowing wider counter-attacking opportunities because of better mobility.

6. MP5-SD


Some may ask why MP5-SD was included in the worst CS2 weapon list, as its characteristics mirror a pretty popular MP7. However, the latter has slightly better Damage (29 compared to 27) and much better Running Inaccuracy (30.5 vs 40.6), which makes the difference. At the same time, MP5-SD isn’t as fast as MP9 or MAC-10 and is more expensive (by $250 and $450, respectively).

All these made MP5-SD a pretty average SMG with some sort of mediocre characteristics, with the suppressor as the main feature that allows excluding tracers. Nonetheless, Counter-Strike 2 was always a game of weapons with 1 or 2 strong sides for particular purposes, while the regarded gun doesn’t give any game-changing advantage.

5. G3SG1


The closer we are to CS2’s worst firearms list, the worse the weapon’s skins are. However, aside from lyrics and appearance being serious factors, there are much fewer usage scenarios for G3SG1 compared with the CTs’ SCAR-20, which have identical characteristics. Auto sniper rifles can be good as the holding option, but their offensive abilities are much weaker.

It’s easy to imagine how a good sniper tries to jiggle-pick a holding CT with the SSG 08 or tries to fast-scope with AWP, but how can it be done with G2SG1? It’s too heavy for jiggle-picking and not as deadly as AWP, but it costs $5,000, which can be spent in many more useful ways.

4. Nova


Many saw such a popular weapon on TV or in real life, but the Counter-Strike version of the pump-action shotgun called Nova is almost the opposite. It is slightly cheaper than MAG-7 and Sawed-Off ($1,050 vs. $1,300 vs. $1,100, respectively) but delivers less damage and has a horrible Armor Penetration (50%, only Glock-18 has less).

The Firerate is also pretty poor — 68 points against MAG-7 and Sawed-Off’s 70.6 — easily making Nova the worst CS2 shotgun. However, some can find it a pretty interesting investment as a single kill ($900 reward, as for all shotguns) returns almost the whole sum.

3. PP-Bizon


PP-Bizon has the visual potential to be the best gun in the game if Valve decides to replace its under-barrel magazine with the grenade launcher, which looks pretty similar. But at the moment, PP-Bizon is the least effective SMG in the game, although it has one of the biggest magazines with 64 bullets inside.

Even the pretty good RPM (750) and small recoil cannot help it because of the minor damage and poor armor penetration. The closest competitor among SMGs, MAC-10, also has its drawback related to pretty low power, but its price is $1,050 (compared to $1,400 for Bizon), while the Running Inaccuracy is much better (27.9 vs 42.6). Even if you decided to spam a smoke against opponents on the eco-round — add $300 and just buy the Negev.

2. R8 Revolver

R8 Revolver

The Factory New skin R8 Revolver | Fade (shown above) costs around $12, and that is one of the most expensive skins for this pistol. This fact speaks on the community’s behalf of how Counter-Strike players rate Revolvers, although someone loves to have fun and pick it.

Returning to the particular characteristics, the R8 Revolver has the best damage among pistols (86 points, compared to Deagle’s 53) and great Standing Accuracy. However, the main problem is that Revolver’s animation is close to the real one, which means that it takes 0.4 seconds for you to pull the trigger and the bullet to fly. That is almost an eternity in the game, as many CS weapons can send 5+ bullets during this period; nothing to say about the time for the second shot. Add a pretty high Running Inaccuracy, long reload time, and only 16 bullets to shoot, and it’s easily one of the worst guns in CS2.

1. M249


Undeniably, M249 is the worst CS2 gun, primarily because of its absolutely crazy price of $5,200, while its direct counterpart, Negev, costs only $1,700. At the same time, there are not so many reasons to value the M249 as the better machine gun: only Armor Penetration (80% vs 71%) and about 30% better accuracy compared to the Negev.

Now, let’s go to the M249’s disadvantages compared to the Negev:

  1. Lover damage (32 vs. 35);
  2. Lover RPM (750 vs. 800);
  3. Smaller Magazine size (100 vs. 150);
  4. Less Reserve Ammo (200 vs. 300);
  5. Worse Mobility or how fast can you run with the weapon (195 points vs. 150);
  6. Higher Recoil (25 vs. 20).

To some extent, we see how Valve confused the price of the Machineguns, as Negev should cost much more than M249. Even if we simply compare which gun is easier to control during spraying in the game, Negev is still a much more valuable weapon. Interestingly, this machine gun was even involved in a massive scandal when NAVI bought the M249 for a public bet to become winnable. Money has always been an issue!


It’s easy to find some of the listed weapons aren’t as bad — there is always room for personal preferences and discussions. However, we’ve compiled this list as a combination of diverse factors, including the gun price and popularity, not only shooting characteristics.

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