Best Skeleton Skins in CS2

There are a few things as treasured by the game’s community as knife skins. Knives in CS2 are more than simple weapons, being a status symbol like no other. But not all daggers are created equal. Picture a sleek and fierce blade, with a form like a dance of bone-like elegance—of course, we’re talking about the cool Skeleton knife skins in CS2. It’s not merely utility that sets these skins apart; it’s the poetry inherent in their design. Skeleton knives are available in various styles, but we’ve decided to showcase those that stand out from the crowd.

So, today we are presenting the 10 best CS2 Skeleton knife skins according to the community. Besides being just awesome knife skins, those designs can also prove your discerning taste and make your opponents shiver—that is, if you’re good enough! We’ve tried to cover a wide range of prices, float values, and vibes so you can choose the one that appeals to you personally.

Please note that prices listed here are current as of April 2024, and may change over time.


Stained FN


Stained BS


The top CS2 Skeleton knife skin to open our list is this interesting specimen. Available to players since November 2019, Stained is an excellent example of a skin that loses none of its appeal with increased wear. This design, often used by the pro player friberg, is a great choice if you value realism but still want your gear to have some captivating visual twists.

Price: $299.00 (BS) – $577.54 (FN)

ST: $324.69 (BS) – $718.34 (FN)



Sometimes, simplicity can have a quality all of its own, creating a refined and efficient look. This knife’s unique design does just that, managing to look pretty despite having literally no details at all. To further prove the point, there’s only one variant of the design available in the game, meaning it also has no wear. Yes, the price is quite high, but it can be worth it if you’re a fan of time-proven classics.

Price: $747.00 (Normal)

ST: $654.46

Blue Steel

Blue Steel FN


Blue Steel BS


Blue Steel Knife’s blade is adorned with the hues of the deep waters, reminiscent of a stormy sea and dark clouds. This knife is pricey, but considering it is a weapon of covert rarity and is quite popular in the community, it is a top CS2 Skeleton knife skin in its price range. Another advantage of Blue Steel is that it does not degrade all that much even in Battle Scarred condition, granting the knife even greater value on the market.

Price: $448.17 (BS) – $648.78 (FN)

ST: $441.31 (BS) – $1,329.19 (FN)

Boreal Forest

Boreal Forest FN


Boreal Forest BS


With a realistic finish style, this knife will fit neatly with other camo-style skins to make you look like an actual T or CT. Once again—have you noticed a theme—this knife looks well in any condition, meaning its price doesn’t change all that much. For nature lovers or military pattern connoisseurs out there, the starting price of this skin is a decent deal, especially if you take into account the typical pricing range of the best Skeleton knives in Counter-Strike 2.

Price: $205.57 (BS) – $418.63 (FN)

ST: $215.54 (BS) – $256.78 (FN)

Crimson Web

Crimson Web FN


Crimson Web BS


This crimson knife boasts a hydrographic pattern with a semi-gloss finish, depicting what looks like a spider’s delicate web. Breaking the trend we’ve just established, this design loses a lot of its appeal with wear. Still, it is an amazing addition to our list of the best Skeleton knife skins in CS2. This skin is expensive, but why not risk it? One day, this knife might command a significantly higher price.

Price: $491.15 (BS) – $2,867.01 (FN)

ST: $511.22 (BS) – $865.03 (FN)

Urban Masked

Urban Masked FN


Urban Masked BS


Best CS2 Skeleton knives are not always the ones fully covered with a colorful design. Some of the most striking items in CS are in fact quite subtle, just as this monochrome piece. Interestingly enough, wear turns this skin into a mess of white, gray, and black, which looks beautiful in its own way.

Price: $223.50 (BS) – $469.77 (FN)

ST: $238.75 (BS) – $329.00 (FN)


Slaughter FN


Slaughter BS


This is one of the knife skins in CS2 that looks especially well on well-lit maps like Dust 2. A second entry in our list that is based around eye-catching red, the aptly named Slaughter looks far more menacing on the battlefield than the image above can convey. It’s one thing to view its crimson blade here, but seeing it in the hand of a fast-approaching enemy is another experience entirely. If you’re ready to cash out $800 for one of the best-looking Skeleton knives in CS2, your own opponents will feel that way, too.

Price: $718.00 (FT) – $820.00 (FN)

ST: $815.13 (FT) – $833.48 (FN)

Case Hardened

Case Hardened FN


Case Hardened BS


The intricate and rare Case Hardened skins are actually based on an existing steel-strengthening technique that produces such fantastic color mixtures. The main appeal of this skin family is that no two Case Hardened designs are exactly alike, with some rare version commanding extreme prices on the market. Owned by the esteemed CS2 players  boltz, arya, and jame, this unique design is a strong contender for the title of the best Skeleton knife in CS2.

Price: $360.00 (BS) – $910.00 (FN)

ST: $386.87 (BS) – $1,119.31 (FN)

Forest DDPAT





Another forest camouflage skin in our list of the best Skeleton knife skins in CS2, Forest DDPAT once again offers completely different visual experiences depending on its wear. This item is made for tough military fans who understand the importance of proper camo. Like any other military item, this knife’s appearance belies its deadliness, as by the time an unlucky opponent notices the blade, they are probably already dead.

Price: $208.32 (BS) – $435.23 (FN)

ST: $214.16 (BS) – $260.65 (MW)

Night Stripe

Night Stripe FN


Night Stripe BS


Last but not least, in our list of awesome Skeleton knife skins in CS2, Night Stripe is pretty enough to be a good conversation piece, even if you don’t plan to purchase one. Its shades of bluish-black look polished on the Factory New blade, but gradually give way to rough black-and-brown spots at increased levels of wear. The list of Night Stripe’s users includes several pros like pkl, and might include you as well if you have $300 to spare.

Price: $264.95 (BS) – $704.52 (FN)

ST: $280.00 (BS) – $386.92 (MW)

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