Do you often find yourself struggling when playing on Dust 2? Aiming at pro play, and can’t get a hold of this map? Then it’s time to pay some attention to Dust 2 smokes in CS2 to surprise your enemies with more than just your shooting skills.

This guide covers the essential Dust smoke spots that you can use to win entire rounds almost single-handedly. We broke down all the key smoke strategies on Dust 2, also explaining some specifics of nades throwing to make you a better warrior.

Since most maps have plenty of opened Sky Boxes, players can throw Smokes across half of the map that will lend perfectly. We recommend setting this bind via our separate tool, as plenty of grenade spots on the Dust 2 map require it.

Before diving into the details of the best CS2 Dust 2 smoke lineups, let’s quickly review the main Dust 2 callouts for overall better map understanding:

Dust 2 callouts

Most Useful Smoke Spots for Terrorists on the Dust 2 Map

Since the basic idea of Ts is to storm bomb sites, playing as a terrorist requires a lot of creativity and well-thought maneuvers. So, we’ll start the guide with the Dust 2 T side smokes in CS2.

T Spawn to X-Box

Come to the wall at the T-Spawn (so you can see a part of the wall left to the Suicide) and aim as shown in the video below. A simple jumpthrow, and you’ll get a smoke on X-Box for fast Catwalk and Short push or other tactics that involve isolating CT Mid sniper.

Timing: Earliest

When to Use: For fast tactics on the Mid and Catwalk to isolate CT sniper.


T Spawn to Long Corner

One of the best Dust 2 CS2 smokes for the start of a round is the grenade on the Long Corner to block CTs’ vision. Since this smoke can be thrown at the very first seconds of the round, it makes the life of CTs on Long much harder. Your teammates pushing Long Doors will appreciate your knowledge of this smoke spot.

Timing: Earliest possible

When to Use: For a fast Long push to block vision for CTs near the Long Corner.


Long Corner to Cross

After taking Long & Pit positions, Ts usually try to quickly take the A-Site, and a proper Cross Smoke makes the task much easier. Aim over the painted tooth, run, and then click a throw button to land a nade in the middle of the Cross. Since CS2 smokes are bigger and more responsive, there will be no gaps in the left and right corners as it was in CS:GO.

Timing: Any

When to Use: Before A site execution, covering from Short and CT Spawn controlling.


Long Doors to CT Spawn/Cross

An advanced variation of the previous Smoke position that will cover the CT Spawn and Mid better, but won’t provide cover from the enemies on the Short. Coming from the Long Doors, you should find a specific wall to the left, come close to its middle, and throw the nade as shown in the video.

Timing: Any

When to Use: While pushing the A site via the Long or fake such a move.


X-Box to CT Spawn

This one is useful for the Split B tactic, which in general has a far greater chance of success if you know a thing or two about CS2 Dust 2 smokes. In this case, you need to throw a nade from the X-Box corner, aiming at one of the dots on the depicted wall. However, this lineup leaves gaps if CTs know how to boost themselves on the CT-Spawn boxes. Since the physics of smoke in CS2 is different, you’ll need to employ an advanced lineup for the grenade to block enemy vision completely. 

Timing: Any

When to Use: While preparing to cover the Mid-push during B Split.

Easy Lineup:


Advanced Lineup:


Long Doors to CT Spawn

The CT Spawn smoke has a clear use case — the player can throw a smoke near the X-Box to cover their Terrorist teammates organizing a B Split or Mid execution. Throwing it from the Long Doors will likely confuse many CTs as it is a pretty unusual spot for a smoke, which can be useful in clutches.

Timing: Any

When to Use: To fake the Mid or B split execution.


Upper Tunnels to B Doors

One of the simplest CS2 smokes on Dust 2 is placing a grenade to block vision through the B Doors, which is usually done from the Upper Tunnels. Come to its lock, aim in the roof gap, and simply throw the nade.

Timing: Any

When to Use: To block vision from Mid to B Tunnels Exit or to fake B execution.


T Plat to B Doors

When your team decides to make a fast B site execution, using the lineup for the B Doors smoke is usually too slow, while a CT sniper on Middle can make your B Tunnels Exit horrible. The lack of skyboxes in Counter-Strike 2 allows Dust 2 smoke lineups like this, which are performed on the T Plat at early timings to close the Door gap and make the execution much safer.

Timing: Earliest possible or late

When to Use: For B-rush tactics or faking B execution.


Top Mid to B Window

Another great option available because skyboxes are no longer a thing is to deliver a B Window smoke from the safety of Top Mid. This pretty simple lineup requires pressing Shift and taking a few steps before doing a jumpthrow, but its effectiveness should not be understated.

Timing: Any

When to Use: To fake B execute or to help your teammates coming from the B Tunnels Exit.


Most Useful Smoke Spots for Counter-Terrorists on Dust 2 Map

If you’ve assumed that learning Dust 2 CT smokes isn’t as necessary as the T ones, you are wrong. While CTs are less likely to rush a site, there are plenty of situations where a well-placed smoke can win you a round. There are some neat tricks to learn for the CT side as well, especially those that create advantage at the start of a round.

Long Car to Long Doors

If the battle for the Long repeats from round to round, there are a few early-timing Dust 2 smokes that will significantly increase CTs’ chances of grabbing the position. To perform the simplest one, find the back wheel of the Long Car, aim as shown in the video, and left-click throw.

Timing: Earliest possible or any

When to Use: For blocking vision from the Long Doors and Long rush by Ts.


Elevator to Long Doors

If your team has bad spawns for active Long Corner, taking it with flashbangs and incendiary can be dangerous as the T sniper can be first to the spot and make an easy kill. Dropping this smoke will help your team to arrive for the duel without the danger of being controlled from the Doors, with a safe incendiary behind the Blue Box to finish the job.

Timing: Earliest possible

When to Use: To make Long rushes much harder for Terrorists and help your teammates on Long.


A Site to Short Stairs

This is one best CS2 Dust smokes for the A Site players who need to block vision on Short Stairs. Stand in the safe corner behind the Single Box, aim as shown in the video, and simply throw the grenade.

Timing: Any

When to Use: When feeling the Short execution is prepared by Ts.


CT Mid to Tunnels Exit

The B Site retaking usually starts by isolating the Upper Tunnels, which can be done with a smoke in the B Doors. Standing in the corner near the Mid Truck, aim as shown and make a jump throw; the textures will react on your jump and send the grenade into the Tunnels Exit.

Timing: In the middle of the round

When to Use: For blocking tunnel exits or before retaking the B site.


A Ramp to Mid Doors

Being the A-site anchor in CS2 doesn’t mean you can only help the nearby teammates. You can provide assistance to your Mid-playing colleagues by blocking the Mid Doors right from the A Ramp or fake your presence in that area.

Timing: Any

When to Use: When your teammates on the Mid need help or to fake Mid presence.


CT Spawn to Suicide

Sometimes, a T sniper plays too well in the Suicide position, and blocking his vision can resolve the problem. Another purpose of this nade is to prepare for Top Mid push, which can make Terrorists' lives pretty tough without an additional spot to control the aggression.

Timing: Earliest possible

When to Use: For blocking the vision of a T-side sniper in the Suicide before the Top Mid push.


A Site to B Tunnels Exit

While it may seem a bit weird, an A-site player can actually help his B-site colleagues or fake his presence in the late game with one of the best Dust 2 smokes for CS2. The lineup looks pretty difficult, but after a few tries, you will get a hold of it.

Timing: Any

When to Use: To fake B-site presence or help B anchor.


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