CS:GO Bot Commands: Bot Behavior, Difficulty, Arming, and More

by JlaYm

CS:GO Bots

While the majority of CS:GO players prefer official matchmaking and competitive modes against real opponents, private matches with bots are still used by many. Artificial opponents are perfect for aim training, help to learn shooting angles, and are inevitable for game newcomers.

However, there are dozens of commands to manage bots, and knowing them all is needless. So, this guide is broken by sectors and presents only the most often used ones or CS:GO bot commands worth trying. And don’t forget to type sv_cheats 1 at the beginning to reduce all limits for some interesting actions via the console.

One more thing before we start is that all CS:GO bot commands can be activated via the console, which can be turned on in a few simple steps:

Run Game → Find Setting → Choose ‘Game’ Tab → ‘Enable Developers Console (~)’ → Yes.

CS:GO ‘Game’ Tab

That’s it! Now by pushing the tilde “~” key, the console opens, and you can type/paste bolded + italic commands, then push ‘Enter’ or ‘Submit’ via mouse left click. 

Without further ado, let's see what else you can do.

Bot Difficulty Commands

Despite the fact that you can adjust difficulty manually before launching the map, here is the list of CS:GO bot commands that will help to change it.

Set the bot difficulty

bot_difficulty [value]

Allows to specify the difficulty of all bots present on the map to the particular value, which ranges from 0 to 3:

  • 0 — easy
  • 1 — normal
  • 2 — hard
  • 3 — expert

So, to set the difficulty rating to high, type bot_difficulty 3; to make bots as easy as possible — type bot_difficulty 0.

CS:GO console - bot_difficulty command

Make bots harder each wave


This CS:GO bot command is much more interesting and is rarely used. It helps to automatically increase the level of artificial opponents with every wave/round.

Make bots easier after each victory


Those who are tired of shooting against artificial intelligence can use this command and receive a perk after a victory in the round.

Set difficulty for the last standing bot

player_botdifflast_s [value]

If you want to train your clutch situation skills, you can use this console command and automatically receive a needed level of the last standing bot. Here the value should be replaced by the difficulty level typed by words, not by numbers (easy, normal, hard, or expert).

Add/Kick Bot Commands

After the difficulty is set to the needed level in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we can start adding artificial players.

Add bots on the map


This command allows adding bots on the map, consecutively throwing them into one team and another. That is one of the simplest bot commands in CS:GO and easy to remember.

Set a limit of bots

bot_quota [value]

For different purposes, you may need to change the number of bots on the map. You can do it quickly by setting the limit via this command.

Add bots to a particular team

bot_join_team [side]

By typing t or ct instead of the side, you can add bots to the needed side. Don’t forget to type mp_autoteambalance 0 to turn off the limit difference between the sides (so you can play solely against many).

Add a particular bot

bot_add [side] [difficulty] [name]

If you plan to add a bot to a particular side with the needed difficulty, you can use this command. Feel free to type even the name of the bot — but it works only for basic names like Victor, Fred, Greg, etc.

Put bots in a particular place


If you want to learn a map deeper and find some tricky angles, new nades, or wallbangs, this is one of the best bot commands in CS:GO to use. It places the bot in front of you, and then you can start your experiments.

Note: there should already be bots on the map, as the bot_place command cannot add it to the server. Also, type bot_stop 1 so the newly placed bot will stand where he was put.

CS:GO dust 2: B Plant

Test your nades or pick angles after players are in their typical positions

Add a bot automatically after a real player joins the server

bot_join_after_player 1

This command is relevant for manual Deathmatch or Casual mode servers, where the arrival of a human player will be balanced by adding a bot to the opposing team.

Disallow real players to join a particular side to balance with bots

mp_humanteam [team]

Typing mp_humanteam t will disallow human players to join terrorists (if there are already too many real players there) for better balance.

Kick particular bots

bot_kick [criteria]

The simple bot_kick command will remove all artificial fighters from the server. However, by adding the name/side/difficulty criteria, you can make more precise adjustments.

Kill a bot with particular conditions

bot_kill [criteria]

Similar to the previous variant, bot_kill will turn all of them on the map into dead bodies for one round. If adding the name/side/difficulty criteria, the kill conditions will be more focused for AI shooters.

Bot Behavior Commands

Force bots to ignore you


This is the invisibility cloak in CS:GO, as bots won’t shoot you.

Force bots to ignore human players

bot_ignore_players 1

This is one of the useful bot commands in CS:GO if you want to play with friends against bots and require notarget behavior for every human player.

Disallow bots to shoot

bot_dont_shoot 1

As simple as it sounds, so bots won’t shoot; to allow shooting again, change 1 to 0.

Force bots to stop

bot_stop 1

This command stops bots from doing everything (running, jumping, shooting), which can be useful if you want to practice particular angle picking or wallbangs. It is often used in combination with the bot_place command.

Force bots to repeat your actions


All bots on the map, including opponents, will repeat all your moves (crouching, running, jumping), which can be a fun feature to relax.

Make bots crouch only


With a doubtful practical usage compared to other CS:GO console commands for bots, bot_crouch will force them to crouch (just sit if combined with bot_stop 1).

Some spots are covered by crouching players, so test those angles too

Force bots to ignore radio commands

bot_allow_rogues 1

Ignoring radio commands can be useful if you are playing against a friend, but you both have a team of bots, so they will be doing scenario actions and ignore your prevailing commands.

Set the frequency of bots communication

bot_chatter [value]

If you feel the frequency of bot communication goes contrary to your mood, you can change the value to radio, normal, minimal, or even turn it off.

Turn-off bots AI


If you are not happy that Artificial Intelligence helps bots to learn from your moves and shooting, turn it off, and enjoy idle animations by non-human players.

Commands for Arming the Bots

One of the most popular commands for bots in CS:GO are related to arming AI players, where you can choose diverse weapons, grenades, and even ammunition.

Set default weapon for bots

bot_loadout [weapon]

This command can help to set the basic weapon for bots, which they will receive at the beginning of every round. Instead of a weapon, type the needed weapon name from one of the tables below (left column):


Console Command [weapon]

CS:GO Pistol type


Desert Eagle


R8 Revolver














Dual Berettas




Console Command [weapon]

CS:GO SMG type















Console Command [weapon]

CS:GO Rifle type




Galil AR











Sniper Rifles

Console Command [weapon]

CS:GO Sniper Rifle type


SSG 08 (Scout)








Console Command [weapon]

CS:GO Shotgun type









Machine Guns

Console Command [weapon]

CS:GO Machine Gun type





Force bots to buy random weapons

bot_randombuy 1

If set to [1], bots will buy randomly and forget about the scenario. Setting the value to [0] will activate their standard buying behavior.

Cause bots to force-rebuy in every round


Yes, the bots’ buying scenario assumes saving money for the next round better buy. This command will turn them into typical matchmaking players — buying for all the money they have with every respawn.

Allow bots to use knives only

bot_knives_only 1

Probably, this is one of the most often used CS:GO commands for bots, as it forces artificial players to use only knives. It can be very useful in training CS:GO noscopes on competitive maps or just for fun.

CS:GO Dust 2 - Middle

Be ready for aggressive bots, as the knife can still kill in Counter-Strike

Allow bots only one type of weapon

bot_[weapon type]_only 1

Similarly to the previous command, these will force bots to use only certain types of weapons — pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc.

Allow/forbid bots to buy grenades

bot_allow_grenades 0

If you played with bots in competitive mode, you surely want to know how to disallow them from using grenades — their timings and accuracy can cause more problems than benefits. Setting the value to [1] will return things to basics.

Allow/forbid bots to buy only some types of weapons

bot_allow_[weapon type] 0

This command can be pretty useful in combination with bot_[weapon type]_only 1, as it will force them to buy only some type of weapon and ignore all others. You know what to do with the last value if you want to turn things upside down.

Return all weapon commands to default


When you have tested plenty of options from our list of bot commands in CS:GO, you may be tired of scrolling the console and returning all of them to default settings one by one. You can use bot_all_weapon instead to return basic weapon settings for bots.

Set a probability of bots buying grenades

sv_bot_buy_grenade_chance [value]

Since bots aren’t best at using grenades, you can set a probability of buying grenades by them, with the value ranging from 0 to 100.

Set a particular probability of bots buying a grande

sv_bot_buy_[grenade type]_weight [value]

That is an upgraded version of the previous command and allows setting the probability of buying a particular grenade. Value still ranges from 0 to 100, while grenade type can found in the left column of the following table:

Console Command [grenade type]









HE Grenade




Incgrenade (CT molotov)

Equip bots with particular armor for free

mp_free_armo [value]

Want to face fully equipped bots and save their money for a better weapon? Set the value to 2 to give them Kevlar and Helmet. Typing 1 will make them equipped with Kevlars only, and so be sensitive for headshots.

Can Bot Commands Conflict?

The console usage means that the last typed/pasted command will override the previous ones if they focus on the same topic. At the same time, different types of CS:GO bot commands can exist in parallel and complement each other.

For instance, you can use bot_stop 1 command alongside bot_crouch 1, then add an AI player via bot_place. They don’t contradict or conflict with each other.

If you type bot_knives only 1 but then activate bot_snipers only 1, artificial shooters will use the weapon entered last in the console. If you feel something went wrong with their look or behavior, it’s better to reload the map to clean all commands. At the same time, weapon issues and conflicts can be resolved via bot_all_weapons.


How do I spawn a bot in CS:GO?

The simple bot_add command will add them to the server, spawning them to the Ts and CTs side equally. If you want to spawn an AI player on a particular spot on the map, use the bot_place command.

How do I make CS:GO bots harder?

To make all CS:GO bots harder at once, use the bot_difficulty 3 command, which will set the hardest ones (experts). Downgrading the number to 0, you’ll receive a difficulty downgrade respectively.

Where can I use bot commands?

All bot commands can be used on the private servers and modes with bots, with many of them available only after activation of the sv_cheats 1 command.

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