SV_Cheats Commands in CS2

In the gaming world, cheat codes have been around for just about as long as video games themselves. There are many kinds of video game cheat codes, from the wacky to the helpful to the just plain fun. Some of the greatest and most memorable CS sv_cheats commands from CS:GO were officially included in the new game.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on CS2 sv_cheats. These are built-in cheat options that come with Counter-Strike 2, so using them is not considered cheating or illegal by the game’s rules and regulations. However, restrictions do indeed exist, and you cannot use them in any multiplayer game mode.



Cheat commands for CS2 can only be used on servers that have them enabled. You must be an administrator on the server in question, and therefore, cheats cannot be activated in any official mode. If you are indeed an administrator, to enable advanced commands, open the developer console and type:

sv_cheats 1

To deactivate CS2 SV cheats commands, simply change a 1 value to 0.

sv_cheats 0

With CS2 SV cheats commands turned on, you have seemingly limitless options for customizing your games. Here, you can find the descriptions of some of the most important SV cheats commands in Counter-Strike 2 and how you might use them to become a better player.


First, let's see what cheats you can apply for characters.


buddha 1

This command will make you and all other characters connected to a server immune to any type of damage once the HP falls to 1. It’s literally a god mode.

See player locations through walls

See player locations through walls
echo "1" | blink sv_cheats 1;sc_only_render_opaque true;cl_ent_bbox *

With this option activated, you will be able to see the frame of models through walls. The walls, however, will remain as they are.

See through smokes

See through smokes
echo "1" | blink sv_cheats 1;sc_only_render_opaque true;cl_ent_bbox *

This command also allows you to see through smokes. All those years of smoke placement by your opponents will be useless.

See through smokes
ent_fire smokegrenade_projectile kill; stopsound

There’s one more command created specifically for removing smokes in CS2.

Removing smokes in CS2

Move through walls

Move through walls

This command allows you to fly and move through any object on the map.

Third-person view

Third-person view

See your character from the back in the third-person view. If you want to return to the first-person view, enter the firstperson command. Combining thirdperson and noclip commands in CS2 is worth trying for a brand-new experience.

Kill your character

Kill your character

This command is the opposite of god, i.e., it instantly kills you. It is helpful if you are tired of your opponents being unable to kill you round after round.


Say you want to train shooting with different weapons but are tired of the recoils, limited ammo, or reload. Well, there are a few commands that will solve all your problems.

Infinite ammo

Infinite ammo
sv_infinite_ammo 1

With this command, the ammo in all weapons will become infinite, but reloading will remain.

Show impacts

Show impacts
sv_showimpacts 1

This command allows you to see the shot impacts. To know the time of the shot in seconds, enter: sv_showimpacts_time 5


There are some other commands that will be useful, whether for training or fun with friends.

Cheat for money

impulse 101

This command gives you the maximum amount of money — no more eco-rounds for your training.

Buy anywhere

mp_buy_anywhere 1

Buy weapons and consumables on any part of the map.

Increase the time to buy

mp_buytime 20

This SV cheats command allows you to set a custom buy time at the beginning of the match.

Number of rounds

mp_maxrounds 30

Set the number of rounds in the match (0 turns off the limit).

Maximum match time


Enter this command to increase or decrease the maximum match time (0 turns the limit off).

Remove all bots


If you are playing with bots, this command will instantly remove all bots. It is good for grenade practices or map exploring.

Add bot


These commands add bots for the CT and T sides, respectively, if you want to shoot at something offline.

Bots cannot shoot

bot_dont_shoot 0

After entering this command, bots stop shooting at you. If you want to leave some weapons for them, enter bot_knives_only, and the bots will have knives.


While all this is fun and games, it's important not to become accustomed to using sv_cheats 1 commands, as this can happen surprisingly quickly. For example, let's say you really enjoy using a certain weapon or accessing a specific place somewhere within a particular map. CS2 SV cheats make it ridiculously easy to access anything you want. It is essential to remember that there's no legal cheating in the world of CS. Just make sure you don't get used to the ease of play provided by sv_cheats commands.


It was a list of CS2 cheats commands that may help you become a better CS2 player by removing your virtual shackles in a controlled practice server. Or maybe you’re nostalgic for the old days of cheat codes. Who knows? Either way, the cheats listed here only scratch the surface of the many ways you can customize your CS2 gaming experience within these CS2 sv_cheat servers. You may change your framerate, use a speed hack, and do many other things.

CS2 console cheats commands are put into the game by Valve, meaning they are legal and can not get you banned. Even using this CS2 sv_cheats list in a regular game without cheats enabled won't get you banned, as they simply will not work on a server that does not have them allowed.

SV cheats commands in CS2 are a great way to practice. You will be much more comfortable testing guns and honing your skills in other mechanics of the game. If you play on a server with enabled cheats, you can also have a lot of fun without the usual restrictions.

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