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CS2 Easter Eggs

Counter-Strike is a game boasting nearly 25 years of history and stands tall as the granddaddy of FPS games in the world. No wonder the number of fans, events, and the amount of hype around CS over the years have been enormous. As a result, today, when the game gears up for its next iteration, all of the people and elements that contributed to or inspired the evolution of Counter-Strike are now honored in the new version of the game. Although one can hardly find easter eggs on skins in CS2, there are plenty of them on the overhauled maps, accessible to every player. So, without further ado, we introduce all easter eggs in Counter-Strike 2 that readers can later delve into their games.

The Operation Riptide Trailer Chicken on Overpass

Remember the Operation Riptide trailer? The one where a poor chicken was recklessly shot by a Guerilla Warfare soldier? Well, of all possible easter eggs on CS2 maps, this one truly shines because it’s literally paying respects to that very chicken that had to be sacrificed for marketing purposes. You can spot the image of the bird on the new Overpass, nested on the calendar downstairs in the bank building.

The Operation Riptide Trailer Chicken on Overpass

Cooked Chickens

Unlike CS:GO, where the chickens would just go poof and vanish whenever they stumbled into the fiery aftermath of a Molotov cocktail or an incendiary grenade, in CS2, they “react” differently. When they catch fire in the new game, these cluckers get instantly cooked. Very funny, but to us, it appears the developers were so engrossed in perfecting CS2 that they subconsciously infused the game with their foodie fantasies.

CS:GO Inferno Picture in CS2

CS:GO Inferno Picture in CS2

We continue our list of Counter-Strike 2 easter eggs with a snapshot of the “old” Inferno from CS:GO nested in the new map. You’ll spot it in the T house, right next to the bridge. Back in CS:GO days, Inferno was a banger of a map. However, with the release of CS2, it was overhauled, so the gameplay on the new Inferno took a different turn. As a result, neither the pros nor the average players liked the CS2 Inferno. Was it that the developers anticipated such a reaction and decided to put the picture to pay homage to the Inferno’s glory days?

Counter-Strike: Source Running on a Hidden PC

The next hidden secret on our list of CS2 easter eggs can also be found on Inferno. There’s a nod to Counter-Strike: Source lurking behind this door in Ruins, near bombsite B.

Counter-Strike: Source Running on a Hidden PC

However, you’ll need to run a server with the sv_cheats command enabled and use noclip to slip through these locked doors. Just paste this text to your CS2 console to bind noclip to a key: bind F4 “noclip.” Swap out F4 with the desired button, and you’re all set. Now, whenever you are on a server with sv_cheats set to “True,” simply press F4 (or any other chosen button) to glide past any obstacle with noclip.

Once you’ve maneuvered your way behind these doors in B Ruins using noclip bind, you’ll stumble upon a PC running CS: Source—a cornerstone upon which CS:GO and eventually CS2 were built. It’s one another homepage to the franchise itself, tucked away as one of the easter eggs in CS2.

Counter-Strike: Source


Among all the secret CS2 easter eggs scattered throughout new maps, the next two are quite unique as they represent the existing popular brands. In fact, it’s almost a stretch to call them “secret,” given that the logos featured in CS2 are only slightly different from the real ones. We’re talking about the “CROSINI” logo in the new Inferno CT spawn and the “PERGUSA” coffee ad popping up in multiple places on the Italy map. The first one seems to draw heavy inspiration from the iconic logo of Martini—an Italian multinational known for alcoholic beverages.

MARTINI References

The “PERGUSA” ad adopts the design of the famous Torino coffee brand LAVAZZA.

LAVAZZA References

Among all easter eggs in CS2, this one is probably the most stylish. We guess some of the CS2 developers either hail from Italy or have a deep fondness for this country.

Lucca City Flag

Next up is an easter egg that holds a special place in our easter egg in CS2 list. On multiple trash cans in CS2 Inferno, you’ll stumble upon what initially looks like the Polish flag, causing confusion about how Poland and Inferno, which by all signs should be in Italy, are connected.

Lucca City Flag

However, the answer is quite straightforward. There exists a city named Lucca situated on the Serchio River in Italy’s picturesque Tuscany region. Interestingly, the city bears the same white and red flag as Poland. Knowing this, we can suggest that the vibes of that exact city inspired the redesign of Inferno.

Original and New Inferno Designers Tags

Speaking of map creators—these folks love to leave concealed traces about themselves. Take Inferno—street signs, shop names, and other emblems on this map pay respects to the people who took part in the design process.

For instance, look for Fuchsetto Street and the Fuchsi Hotel, which refer to Simon Fuchs, a 3D artist with over 14 years of experience in the video game industry who currently works for Valve.

Original and New Inferno Designers Tags VIA Fuchsi
Original and New Inferno Designers Tags Fuchsi Hotel

The street name “Magnarelli” refers to Magnar Jenssen—Valve level designer.

Original and New Inferno Designers Tags Magnarelli

The reference to “Briscoe Del Vigneto” street pays tribute to Robert Briscoe—a video game artist and designer who made notable contributions to Half-Life Alyx, Dear Esther, Mirror’s Edge, CS:GO, and now CS2.

The reference to “Briscoe Del Vigneto”

All the signs, art, and graffiti on Inferno with the “Auty” or “Auti” words refer to Christopher Auty, the original creator of the map.

Vino Auty on mid
Vino Auty on A
Tenuta Auti on A

This outstanding person even has easter eggs on stickers in CS2—specifically, stickers on Inferno’s wine bottles. By the way, Auty is famous beyond Inferno. He’s also known for his work on the legendary Aztec and Vertigo.

Auty is famous beyond Inferno

Secret Message on Vertigo Crates

Let’s now delve into Vertigo, let’s see what we’ve got on this map. On both bombsites’ crates, there’s a playful message from the developers. It reads: “My name is Jacob. I work with Magnar. He’s a buttface mean guy, please help. He doesn’t give me bathroom breaks until I finish these props. If this liquid comes into contact with you, panic and call 911.” Quite a funny touch! According to NadeKing, this message is a nod to Jake Rodkin and Magnar Jenssen, who collaborated on multiple Valve games. The crates were initially designed for a specific game but were later added to the general Valve library for use in any Source game.

Secret Message on Vertigo Crates

Vertigo Accidents Counter

The final easter egg on the Vertigo map we’re going to mention has already become a true classic. As you might have guessed, it’s a death counter located in the map’s CT and T spawns. For those new to CS, Vertigo is the map where players can accidentally die by falling from the edge of the building or into the elevator shaft. Every time it happens, the number of “injuries” the job site has suffered increases by 1. Regardless of where or when the fall happens, the number updates on both CT and T spawn signs.

Vertigo Accidents Counter 0
Vertigo Accidents Counter 2

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