Best CS2 Music Kits

In Counter-Strike 2, split-second decisions can make or break victory, and every element of the game contributes to this adrenaline-pumping experience. Beyond the tactical maneuvers and gameplay proficiency, there is one more subtle element that matters a lot to how you play. It’s music. In CS2 it’s not just background noise; it's a vital component that sets the tone, fuels motivation, and enhances immersion.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the best music kits in CS2 that allow players to customize the in-game music and add a personal touch to their gaming.

How Do Music Kits Work in CS2?

Music kits are items that players can purchase on trading platforms or acquire through in-game drops. Valve introduced this feature in a 2014 update pack to offer more customization capabilities to the players.

These kits are meant to replace the default music in the game with custom tracks by various artists Valve had contracted. Each kit is not only an exclusive collection of great compositions, but also a unique expression of style and ambiance tailored to resonate with various preferences. From pulse-pounding electronic beats to orchestral grandeur, the variety of music kits caters to every taste and mood.

As you obtain a music kit, it will appear in your inventory, where you can equip it like any other CS2 item. Once you do, the default music settings will switch to custom tunes from the kit to create the desired atmosphere.

Notably, best CS music kits don’t follow a common playlist format where tracks go one by one or are played randomly. Typically, you can choose your preferred music for different situations and events in the game. This means that during such phases as the round countdown, bomb warning and planting, team selection, death cam, and win or loss, you will hear the custom song instead of the standard soundtrack. More than that, you can share your music kit with other players. And even if you don’t, a personalized MVP jingle will let anyone know when you are selected as the best player of a round.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best music kits in Counter-Strike 2 we were able to find.

1. “EZ4ENCE” by The Vekkars

The catchy title of this track list is not just a cool name. The misspelled phrase “Easy for Ence” is a rallying cry for fans of ENCE, a Finnish esports team. First released in March 2019 during the team’s run to the IEM Katowice Major Final, this song went viral in Finland and has inspired one of the CS2 best music kits.

Positive and inspiring are the words that best match this pack. Right from the get-go, you can feel the high-energy and competitive vibes. The Vekkars infused the track with elements of Finnish folk music, giving it a unique flavor that sets it apart from the generic electronic tunes you often hear in game soundtracks. So, whether you are an Ence’s fan or seek a song that will have you set for the moment of glory, you’ll hit the spot with EZ4ECE.

2. “u mad!” by bbno$

Created by Canadian rapper bbno$ and introduced in the game in 2021, “u mad!” is one of those best Counter-Strike 2 music kits that hit differently. Once you hear the first few notes kick in, you know you're in for a wild ride. It's the kind of track that gets stuck in your head in the best possible way. It will egg you on with infectious beats and driving rhythm, making you feel like a total badass. Yet, it isn't here to mess around; it's here to get you pumped up and ready to dominate the battlefield and show your enemies who’s the boss.


This track popped up in the game in 2015 and is still counted among the top CS2 sound kits by the community, owing its popularity to the famous alternative rock band AWOLNATION.  “I Am” used to be a featured song for the 2015 World of Red Bull Campaign. The kit itself is a well-crafted mix of tunes from the single “I am” and a hit “Sail”.

This composition creates just the atmosphere you’ll expect from alternative rock: flowy, somewhat soothing, and powerful at the same time. If you prefer focused action and well-planned tactics over aggressive strategies, this music will instill some confidence in your actions when you’ll need it the most and can become a perfect soundtrack to your triumph.

4. Diamonds by Mord Fustang

DJ Mord Fustang is a talented music producer known for his unique blend of electronic subgenres and intricate sound design. So, it’s no wonder his hit “Diamonds” has become one of the most popular CS2 music kits. The pack brings in a cheerful mood and pushes you to treat the game as a relaxing dance. Every sound feels crisp and polished, from the punchy drums to the shimmering synths. It's the kind of music that sounds great, no matter if you listen to it on a high-end gaming headset or blast it through your speakers. Immersive and joyful, it will drag you into the heat of action and make every match successful.

5. “The Good Youth” by Blitz Kids

Rooted in “The Good Youth” album by the British punk band Blitz, this kit has hit the Counter-Strike scene in 2016. A powerhouse of modern rock, the track evokes the memories of teenage years, with crazy night drives and cool parties with your high-school friends. While there is something nostalgic about it, its pulsating beats, driving guitars, and pounding drums bring in pure energy and create an atmosphere that's both exhilarating and motivating. The best feature of this track is that it can both amp up the intensity of action-packed moments and provide a fantastic, steady rhythm to keep you focused during more passive parts of a match. It’s our personal CS2 music kit recommendation if you want to feel young, free, and bold.

6. “CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT.” by Scarlxrd

Are you ready for some intense gameplay? Then, you can’t go wrong with this contender for the title of the best CS2 music kit. Scarlxrd, known for his fusion of rap, metal, and trap, will add his signature aggressive style to your matches. Starting the game with adrenaline-pumping beats and scratchy vocals is an excellent way to set the tone for the fierce competition ahead. Nothing will stop you, and the raw music energy will fuel your determination till the very end.

7. “Desert Fire” by Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory is a renowned composer of soundtracks for video games and films who can perfectly complement on-screen action. “Desert Fire” is one of his most outstanding works. Built around tango vibes, this composition is dynamic, exciting, and beautiful at the same time. Just like tango, it gets you hooked and swirls you in a thrilling and dangerous dance throughout the map. One of the first custom compositions added to the game back in 2014, “Desert Fire” is deservedly one of the best CS2 music kit collections that will keep you on the edge of your seats as you navigate the virtual battleground.

What Are StatTrak Music Kits?

StatTrak is normally used on skins to count the number of adversaries you’ve eliminated with a specific skin. For music kits, an integrated tracking mechanism works a bit differently. It records the number of MVP awards earned while using the specific kit, which is one of the ways to show off in the game. Since StatTrak kits are rarer than regular ones, they are more expensive—you can expect an increase of about half the price of regular kits. Out of 75 music kits available in CS2, 63 kits have a StatTrak version.

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