Souvenir Packages in CS2

It’s hard to imagine modern CS2 without its expansive secondary market, which has grown to such an extent that some items are considered a form of investment. Just like with every product or service, the prices for skins and other cosmetics follow the supply/demand laws, where exclusiveness always raises the value. CS2 souvenir packages with rare skins and golden stickers are an excellent example of this principle.

That is why many players, and even some business-minded individuals, want to know how to get souvenir packages in Counter-Strike 2. All of those packs are dedicated to a particular Major tournament, which can usually be found in the pack’s name (Hosting city + year). The package also bears the name of one of the tournament-legal maps. For instance, the most recent packs are named the “Copenhagen 2024 [map] Souvenir Package.”

In this guide, we will explain how to get souvenir packages in CS2, whether they are worth your time, and what packs command the highest price on the market.

Get Souvenir Packages via Buying Major Pass

This is the longest route but the most straightforward one, and most players go for it when they want to grab some souvenir cases.

Preparing for the CS2 Major: What Is a Pick’Em Challenge?

Those who want to earn tokens that can be exchanged for souvenir packages should first understand how Pick’em Challenge works. It is a sort of gamble where you try to predict which teams will pass the particular event’s stage. That is how it looks:

  • Launch CS2 and find the tab in the lower-left corner of your home page dedicated to a Major event.

    Launch CS2
  • In the new tab, you’ll find a lot of info about the upcoming Major, including the following:

    1. Main title with the basic info.
    2. A short description of the Pick’em Challenge stages and how many exact picks you should make to get an upgrade for your coin. Every upgrade is worth a souvenir token that can be redeemed or used to take a souvenir package from any matchup.
    3. A picking field containing teams for three Major stages: Opening, Elimination, and Playoffs. To pick a team, simply drag its logo from the left column to the responsive field on the right side.

      In the new tab, you’ll find a lot of info
  • After placing all the teams in the responsive fields, don’t forget to click on the “Save All Picks” button in the lower-right corner.

    Click on the “Save All Picks” button

Since CS fans love the Pick’em as an element of tournament experience, the mini-game is available for free; however, without purchasing a Viewer pass, you won’t be eligible to receive any prizes you might get, including souvenir packages.

Buy a Viewer’s Pass

To actually get souvenir packages for correct guesses in the Pick’em Challenge, you need to buy the Viewer’s Pass. Note that you can do it even after you place all the predictions.

Buy a Viewer’s Pass

By clicking on the “Get Pass Now” button, you will be offered two options:

  1. “Copenhagen 2024 Major Pass,” which is worth around $10.
  2. “Copenhagen 2024 Major Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” — worth nearly $18.

The cheaper option requires you to choose five teams in the correct spots to receive a coin upgrade and get one token for further exchanging on the needed packages. The more expensive option is the same, but you receive a guaranteed 3 tokens that can be used for trading.

3 tokens that can be used for trading

By clicking on the Info button under each Pass option, you can find more details about the offer.

More details about the offer

After you’ve decided which option fits your budget and interest, go to the buying section and confirm the deal with your Steam account.

Go to the buying section

Following the purchase, you’ll receive a basic Bronze Coin, with the list of requirements for each Pick’em stage and their associated rewards. For instance, guessing 5 teams correctly during the Opening and Elimination stages allows you to receive a coin upgrade to Silver and Golden status, respectively. During the Playoffs, the requirements typically become more challenging.

Also, after Valve gets their money from the Pass payment, you receive free graffiti with a team logo of your choice that you can use as long as the Major lasts.

Guess the Results of Diverse Stages to Earn More Souvenir Tokens

Each of the three stages is a possibility to receive coin upgrades and tokens.

Guess the Results of Diverse Stages

In the screenshot above, you can see five correct picks for the Opening stage, which is a prerequisite to receiving the first coin upgrade to Silver status.

Five correct picks for the Opening stage

The following Elimination stage wasn’t as successful, as four correct picks is not enough to get a coin upgrade. Also, you should keep in mind that “extra” correct picks from a previous stage won’t be translated to the following one.

The following Elimination stage wasn’t as successful

The Playoffs stage is the most challenging as it requires making picks for the whole knockouts, getting two or more correct picks for quarters, and making at least one successful prediction about the semis and the grand final.

Exchange Your Tokens for CS2 Souvenir Packages

Finally, we came to the step that explains how to get souvenir cases in CS2. Depending on the pass you choose and the number of the right picks on each stage, you can own from zero to six souvenir tokens. On the main in-game page of the event, you can exchange your tokens for souvenir packages from any map featured at the tournament. You can “cash out”  during the event or postpone it for months—tokens remain valid until the next Major.

To get your case, go to the Major tab in the game, choose the stage, and find the matchup and map you are interested in. Then, click on it, so the pop-up tab appears with the option “Claim Souvenir.”

Exchange Your Tokens

Then press “Continue”. A souvenir case dedicated to the matchup you’ve picked will now appear in your inventory, and will become tradable in a week. You can pick a package for each token you have, and can even purchase a package more than once for later trading.

Press “Continue”

Make In-Game Purchase of Needed Souvenir Cases

Let’s say you don’t want to buy a Viewers’ Pass or have already spent all your tokens; how to get CS2 souvenir packages in this case? The answer is pretty simple— you can just buy the packages you want:

  • Launch the game, find the tab with Major Event in the lower-left corner of the home page, and open it.

    Launch the game
  • Choose the stage of the event you’re interested in, then a matchup, and then a map that corresponds to the package you want to get. After that, click on the green button, which will display the sum to be spent in your local currency (equivalent to $3 per package).

    Choose the stage of the event
  • Approve the payment via a traditional Steam confirmation and get your souvenir boxes.

Buy CS2 Souvenir Packages on Trading Platforms

Another simple method of how to get souvenir drops in CS2 is to visit a trusted CS trading platform and buy cases there.

Buy CS2 Souvenir Packages
Buy CS2 Souvenir Packages on Trading Platforms

If you don’t trust the secondary market, you can always buy packages directly from Steam at a slightly higher price. For instance, a for Nuke package will cost you around $1.75 on a trading website, while a Steam version will cost you $3.

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