Cheap M4A1-S Skins

A low cost doesn’t always equate to poor quality, and our collection of the best cheap M4A1-S skins in CS2 is a proof of that. They can transform your trusty rifle into an outlet to express your style or current mood. We’re here to prove that you can personalize weapons without destroying your credit score, so let’s get to it.

“Cheap M4A1-S skins” is, in fact, a highly varied category, so we hope you’ll find something that speaks to you.


VariCamo FN


VariCamo BS


Our list of the best cheap CS2 M4A1-S skins starts with this delightful piece of woodland camouflage. This skin is a good pick for those who want something more grounded and realistic without looking too basic. The game’s market has changed significantly since 2013, but as it turns out, VariCamo still fills a niche other camo guns struggle to fill.

Rarity: Mil-Spec Grade

Price: $0.21 (BS) — $0.88 (FN)

Souvenir: $20.61 (BS) — $41.33 (FN)


Emphorosaur-S FN


Emphorosaur-S BS


The Velociraptor was one of the most ferocious dinosaurs to have ever existed — swift, intelligent, and ruthless. This weapon’s creator, Sparkwire, claims that it was inspired by that prehistoric hunter. Bonus points for the classic Jurassic Park reference!

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $0.34 (BS) — $2.39  (FN)

ST: $1.24 (BS) — $7.64 (FN)


Briefing FN


Briefing BS


One of the best cheap M4A1-S skins in its category, Briefing was released in 2017 as part of the Operation Hydra Case. This sleek design features intricate blueprints and a mix of striking reds and grays, displaying a kind of topography map. If you want a weapon with an interesting visual twist, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Rarity: Mil-Spec Grade

Price: $1.97 (BS) — $10.02 (FN)

ST: $6.31 (BS) — $30.34 (FN)

Blood Tiger

Blood Tiger FT


Blood Tiger BS


This fierce 2013 design features a tiger stripe pattern that could be considered camo if not for the striking red elements. Being one of the really cheap M4A1-S skins in CS2, it's a perfect fit for players who want to feel like they are on the hunt. As a side note, the gun has a notably low level of visible wear even in BS condition.

Rarity: Mil-Spec Grade

Price: $5.04 (FT) — $5.54 (FN)

ST: $8.80 (FT) — $11.40 (FN)

Bright Water

Bright Water FT


Bright Water MW


Oh, the all-so-coveted Bright Water. The gun is available in Minimal Wear and Field-Tested conditions only, making it a bit more expensive than most entries on our list. Despite technically being camo, this skin was made to be seen and admired, and the design does its job rather well in this regard.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $22.78 (FT) — $24.78 (MW)

ST: $41.55 (FT) — $49.12 (MW)


Basilisk FN


Basilisk BS


In 2014, community creator Gaunt made a weapon  inspired by the  Dark Ages Basilisk legend. Known as the four-eyed, two-limbed King of Serpents, the gun’s mystical namesake possessed a petrifying gaze and poisonous breath that killed anyone unlucky enough to meet the beast. Whether CS2’s Basilisk can live up to that reputation is entirely up to you.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $4.39 (BS) — $10.25 (FN)

ST: $14.41 (BS) — $31.66 (FN)

Night Terror

Night Terror FN


Night Terror BS


This creepy yet captivating item deserves a place in any list of the budget M4A1-S skins in CS2. This skin tells a dark story with its distressed black and red colors, adorned with eerie, hand-drawn images and unsettling graffiti. A foreboding face etched into the receiver stares back at you, while chaotic scribbles and arrows hint at some sort of hidden (and probably terrifying) meaning behind this design. It is also one of the very few skins in the game that arguably looks better in BS than in FN.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $1.35 (BS) — $1.07 (FN)

ST: $4.19 (BS) — $3.99 (FN)


Nitro FN


Nitro BS


Another minimalistic design from Valve and a reminder of the good old days of the early CS:GO. Combinations of black and tangerine orange might not look too fancy, but we believe that the nostalgic value of the gun outweighs its visual simplicity. With the Nitro in hand, every shot is a burst of excitement, and every victory is a flame of triumph. All this for under 5 bucks.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $0.21 (BS) — $4.49 (FN)

Souvenir: $315.05 (FT) — $24,999.99 (FN)


Mud-Spec FN


Mud-Spec BS


“Cheap and reliable” is not how we would describe a real-world M4A1-S, but this particular piece has seemingly survived absolute hell and still fires like it’s new. Mud is a very weird thing to put onto a skin, but Mud-Spec actually manages to make it look visually interesting. So, if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty to get the job done, this one might be a right fit for you.

Rarity: Industrial

Price: $0.66 (BS) — $0.90 (FN)

ST: $2.91 (BS) — $5.74 (FN)

Fizzy POP

Fizzy POP FN


Fizzy POP BS


It might be one of the cheapest M4A1-S skins, but it’s also one of the most striking. Since its release in the 2021 Operation Riptide update, this weapon has newer really left the secondary markets. Considering you can buy one for under a dollar, Fizzy POP is a completely justifiable investment for that one time you’ll want to feel like you’re playing an arcade game.

Rarity: Mil-Spec Grade

Price: $0.83 (BS) — $1.94 (FN)

Black Lotus

Black Lotus FN


Black Lotus BS


A mesmerizing weapon made by Moonfighter was released in the Kilowatt Case in 2024. Beautiful Lotus in blue and purple tones add a mysterious vibe to the weapon, and if you were looking for the best budget M4A1-S skins, this one is a must-have. It’s hard to believe that such an intricate design is actually this cheap!

Rarity: Classified

Price: $13.00 (BS) — $27.63 (FN)

ST: $26.54 (BS) — $67.38 (FN)


Decimator FN


Decimator BS


Inspired by 80s pop-culture, this weapon is made to destroy your enemies in style. While not the cheapest option on our list, it's still quite affordable, especially in lower conditions that don’t really affect the skin all that much. We suggest you use this one while listening to relaxing electronic music for chill vibes and a glimpse into that iconic era.

Rarity: Classified

Price: $8.81 (BS) — $43.73 (FN)

ST: $19.22 (BS) — $71.25 (FN)

Leaded Glass

Leaded Glass FN


Leaded Glass BS


This is one of the weapons that makes us wonder about the game’s price formation. Judging by how this gun looks, it wouldn’t be out of place in a whole different sort of list (trust us, we’ve written quite a few), and yet it’s dirt cheap. Anyway,  Leaded Glass is definitely one of the (if not “the”) best cheap M4A1-S skins in Counter-Strike 2. Released in 2017 as part of the Spectrum 2 Case, the skin looks like shards of stained-glass spread all across the rifle, giving it a dynamic, modern look. Once you’ll see its colors and shades play in the sun, you will fall in love with this piece of art, just like we did.

Rarity: Classified

Price: $3.39 (BS) — $9.88 (FN)

ST: $8.12 (BS) — $25.82 (FN)

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