Best MP9 Skins in CS2

CS2 has as many as 53 weapons for the players to tear their opponents to shreds. Submachine guns (or SMGs) have the highest rate of fire among this bunch, and are relatively low-priced, making them ideal for early or eco rounds. Some of them, like the MP9, can even substitute rifles, especially in close combat. If you do everything right, enemies hit with a spray of bullets will have little chances of survival.

However, there’s one more factor besides technical characteristics that a player must consider before choosing which gun to buy: available designs. There are lots of ways you can make sure that the SMG you’re using will stay in the memory of the player you have just eliminated, and today we’re going to take a look at some of them.

We have found and cataloged the best MP9 skins in Counter-Strike 2 based on their popularity, design, and price. So, let’s start the list of the best MP9 skins.

Please note that prices are current as of May 2024, when the article was written, and may change over time.

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12. Bioleak

Bioleak FN


Bioleak BS


Any list of the best MP9 skins in CS2 won’t be complete without this toxic design. Bioleak was first introduced in 2016 by community creator Blossomalex. Fantastic-looking hazardous spills and low cost make the skin popular among players of all ranks and skill levels.

Rarity: Mil-Spec

Price: $0.05 (BS) — $0.20 (FN)

ST: $0.17 (BS) — $0.93 (FN)

 11. Capillary

Capillary FN


Capillary BS


An incredible skin that has made hearts beat since 2018. Being part of the Horizon Case, this weapon became a sort of symbol for love and passion in the CS community. While the design itself is not all that visually striking, you can’t deny one thing – victory comes with blood, and this gun has it in spades!

Rarity: Mil-Spec

Price: $0.09 (BS) — $0.44 (FN)

ST: $0.21 (BS) — $1.38 (FN)

10. Rose Iron

Rose Iron FN


Rose Iron FT


Not all of the best CS2 skins for MP9 hail from relatively recent releases. All the way back in 2013, designer Jason created a mesmerizing MP9 with a red and orange rose motif, which perfectly complements the gun’s black finish. Even after all these years, fans love this look and gladly loot it from the Winter Offensive Weapon Case.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $4.04(FT) — $5.96 (FN)

ST: $10.34(FT) — $12.76 (FN)

9. Goo

Goo FN


Goo BS


Who would've thought that one of the best-looking MP9 skins in CS2 would fracture a community so much? Some say that Goo's pattern reminds them of a butterfly wing, others that it looks like Venom, while yet others have a whole list of more obscure references. As there is no way to say for sure what it is, the question remains open. We can only say that 2017 must have been an amazing year for fans of the abstract style, especially considering how little this skin costs.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $0.28 (BS) — $1.17 (FN)

ST: $0.75 (BS) — $2.82 (FN)

8. Ruby Poison Dart

Ruby Poison Dart FN


Ruby Poison Dart BS


Ruby Poison Dart is a bright gem of The Falchion collection and has quite an abstract design (have you noticed this trend in the best MP9 skins?). Its pattern is inspired by the skin of a poison dart frog, so at least there’s no need to wonder about what the design is supposed to be. Striking colors are a good match for an SMG, and the skin’s texture quality is honestly impressive, fully able to catch an opponent’s eye before showering them in flashes of gunfire.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $0.55 (BS) — $1.53 (FN)

ST: $1.41 (BS) — $4.61 (FN)

7. Hydra

Hydra FN


Hydra BS


The acid green gives Hydra a menacing look, with several snake heads further reinforcing this poisonous theme. The legendary namesake of this gun was told to sprout two heads for each one cut off, and you can aspire to be just as hard to put down in your matches. Despite the skin being released all the way back in 2019 alongside the CS20 Collection, it is still quite popular in the game’s community.

Rarity: Classified

Price: $2.89 (BS) — $14.23 (FN)

ST: $5.51 (BS) — $41.36 (FN)

6. Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box MM


Pandora's Box FT


Hot Rod’s body is almost completely mono-colored, but this is not the issue for the minimalism enjoyers out there. Released in 2013, Hot Rod is one of the oldest weapons on our list and might be the best MP9 skin given the whole generation that wanted to add it to their collections. Besides, it's a great gun to put your stickers on.

Rarity: Mil-Spec

Price: $99.51(MM) — $98.93 (FN)

Souvenir: $103.78(MM) — $95.57 (FN)

5. Dark Age

Dark Age FN


Dark Age FT


Introduced in 2014 and released alongside the "Operation Breakout" update, this skin is a weird combination of ancient and modern. If you want to feel like a knight in shining armor, this is probably your best bet. Feel free to become a fatal character straight from Shakespeare’s poem and slaughter enemies while defending your honor!

Rarity: Mil-Spec

Price: $98.75(FT) — $100.67 (FN)

Souvenir: $8.84(FT) — $12.08 (FN)

4. Food Chain

Food Chain FN


Food Chain BS


The four last spots on our list have seen some real competition, but this apex predator is here to claim its rightful place among the top MP9 skins in CS2. Just look at that crazy mix of color, madness, and teeth. But remember, if you buy this skin, you’re now legally obliged to consume every opponent that you’ll meet. Just don't burp too loud, okay?

Rarity: Classified

Price: $0.95 (BS) — $7.78 (FN)

ST: $2.14 (BS) — $20.90 (FN)

3. Starlight Protector

Starlight Protector FN


Starlight Protector BS


This gun looks so whimsical that its ammunition must be rainbow beams. However, as your opponents are bound to find out, it still fires bullets, and is quite good at that. And this skin is actually magical — the worse its wear, the better it looks! Increased flow just adds more golden undertones to the composition, especially noticeable in Battle-Scarred condition.

Rarity: Covert

Price:  $1.82 (BS) — $15.04 (FN)

ST:  $5.67 (BS) — $51.16 (FN)

2. Wild Lily

Wild Lily FN


Wild Lily BS


Released in 2019, this skin's vibrant highlights and delicate purple palette create a floral masterpiece that has become a standard for what a pretty weapon should look like. Every inch of the gun is adorned with intricate designs, while the color scheme gives it some neon noir vibes. If your opponents survive a volley from this SMG, they will probably still be blown away by its beauty.

Rarity: Classified

Price:  $1,791.27 (BS) - $2,055.79 (FN)

1. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji FN


Mount Fuji BS


Claiming the top spot among the best CS2 MP9 skins, this gun stands out from the mostly dark tones of other MP9s on our list with a brighter color scheme. The traditional Japanese art style inspires a feeling of calmness and relaxation, which we all probably need from time to time. At the same time, the SMG catches the eye with a contrasting image of a volcano, subtly implying that despite its serene motifs it’s still a deadly weapon.

Rarity: Restricted

Price: $2.03 (BS) — $8.30 (FN)

ST: $2.52 (BS) — $20.15 (FN)

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