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Like other competitive online games, Counter-Strike 2 features a players’ ranking system. Depending on your performance, you’ll be placed in one of several groups so you can enjoy matches with players of roughly your skill level. Silver I rank is your starting position in this system. This is the initial point that you have to overcome on your way to Global Elite.

Silver 1 Characteristics

Ranking system exists to make competitive matchmaking possible. The players can expect their teammates and enemies to have similar levels of experience, facing increased challenges as their own process grows.

As a rule, players with Silver 1 rank are complete beginners (some of them have never played online shooters before). They don’t know how the round economy works, their aiming skills are low, and they usually don’t have a clue about map layout. In short, you can expect these newbies to die in the first seconds of the match due to the lack of experience.

Is Silver 1 Good in CS2?

However, we’re not suggesting that Silver 1 in Counter-Strike 2 is an inherently bad  rank and should be treated as a mark of shame. It provides new players with a chance to get acquainted with the game, necessary skills, and the basics of teamwork. After all, CS:GO and CS2 Silver 1 was a starting point for most of the amazing pro players we admire today.



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Silver 1


How to Get Silver 1?

First, you’ll need to reach Level 2 and finish 10 placement matches in classic Competitive mode. The algorithm will then assess your skills, and if you’re a newbie, it’s Silver 1 for you. Thus, you’ll get your first CS2 Rank, and can start your journey to greater heights.

How to Get Silver 1?

Also, take into account that unlike CS:GO, CS2 features a map-based ranking system. This means that your rank will vary depending on the map you play (for instance, you theoretically can have Eagle Master on Mirage and Silver 1 on Ancient).

Obviously, your experience in the game directly influences the time it’ll take for you to finish the first 10 matches on a certain map. However, considering the dynamic of Counter-Strike 2, it’ll barely take more than a week in any case. As a rule, the players with Silver 1 CS2 rank have less than 100 hours spent in the game.

Next Rank is Silver 2: Tips to Achieve

Most players move on from Silver 1 in CS2 relatively quickly after learning Counter-Strike basics. There is a chance that you’ll get the desired rank immediately after completing the first 10 placement matches. If not, it’s necessary to show good personal results and win at least 3 games in a row to level up from Silver 1 to Silver 2.

If you want to boost your rank, it’ll be a good idea to opt for some practical tips. For example, considering the current ranking system, you may choose a couple of maps you like the most and learn everything about them, including:

  1. The most efficient tactics and strategies;
  2. Wall bangs and useful spots for grenades;
  3. The most popular callouts.

You won’t need to think about the economics all that much while playing as Silver 1, so better to focus on the things that will make you win gunfights. For example, always buy Kevlar, as it’s a great way to reduce the increase your life expectancy once bullets will start flying.

When choosing your loadout, it’s better to focus on reliable and easy to use guns. If you play as a terrorist, opt for AK-47, Galil, Glock-18, or SG-553. Meanwhile, newbie counter-terrorists should opt for M4A1-S, AUG, and USP-S.


Getting a Silver 1 rank in CS2 isn’t a great achievement on its own, but it’s an essential step in playing professionally in competitive matches. Each level of the ranking system will teach you something new, and, of course, you can’t start this journey without a foundation of basic knowledge and skills. At the same time, don't focus exclusively on getting a new rank! Remember that Counter-Strike 2 is at its best when you’re having fun with friends than constantly grind the ranking points.

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