What to Buy in Pistol Rounds: What is Better & What is Worse?

CS:GOis a game where victory can not be accidental. Every match is like a big war that consists of numerous very important small fights, but undoubtedly, the pistol rounds are the most important.

Pistol round CS:GO

If you win a pistol round, it will give you a huge financial advantage in the next two rounds. By winning in the pistol round, three rounds are in your pocket. And, if we look at the statistics of wins for both sides, we will find out that all maps in CS:GO are almost “Counter-Terrorists” sided.

Pistol rounds statistics of win

According to the above-mentioned, we can conclude that, on the part of the terrorists, playing the pistol round is the most important round in the game; and in the case of triumph, we have a huge chance to win and take two more easy rounds from the weak side. If we take two wins in the pistol rounds, we earn 6 rounds. This is a huge advantage, but most players don’t understand it and treat the pistol rounds flippantly.

This attitude is primarily displayed while shopping, when there is no place for logic.

Worst choice

  • To buy nothing is the first and the worst decision you can make in a pistol round.
To buy nothing in a pistol round

While saving 800 bucks may influence your budget, with no serious results in the event of failure, the absence of shopping greatly increases your chance of losing.

  • Second, buy only P250.
What to buy?

Yes, it is very tempting because it costs only 300 bucks. But the money in the pistol round should be spent at most. That’s why it is better to buy Five-Seven or Tec9 with grеnades or P250 with either shells or defuses.

  • The third worst variant is to purchase a Desert Eagle.
Desert Eagle in a pistol round

You can feel the power of this gun, not in the pistol rounds, but in the force rounds. For 700 bucks, you can kill an enemy with one shot through the helmet, at any distance, which is a big deal. There are no helmets in the pistol rounds though, and we know that even a standard pistol will kill with one shot to the head. The only exception is the Glock that kills with one shot but only at close distances. Moreover, the standard pistols have more bullets in the mag, less spray, quicker aiming, and they are free.

Glock in a pistol round

Best choice

First, armor greatly reduces the damage, especially when playing for CS, considering that the enemies have a lot of Glocks, which are known to have the lowest damage and penetration.

Chose right equipment

If USP-S or p2000 require 7 hits to kill, then Glock needs 10 hits. Perhaps, you will say this is not relevant because everyone tries to shoot at the head. However, it is not as it looks. In every match at a high game level, there is always someone who shoots at the body. On the silver and global levels as well. Don’t believe me? Just download any of your last games and monitor the pistol rounds, you will see it for yourself.

Match statistic

The second reason to purchase armor is the absence of the "aim-punch" effect. It means that if the bullet hits you, your aim won’t jump, which is a big advantage in itself. The classic example can be observed when playing for CS against the Glocks.

Aim-punch effect

Generally, there is a feeling that people who play with Glocks look like they are charmed, the logic and conscience are off and the only thing they can do is run continuously and spam at the enemy’s body. This is kind of absurd, though it works out if the enemy plays without armor. That’s why, being captured by the chained "aim-punch" effect, to kill somebody turns out to be an impossible target.

Knowing the best weapons in CS:GO can help you strategize better and win more rounds in your matches.

Choice of your teammates

Choice of your teammates

If you play solo, and especially if you play for CS, just wait and look at what teammates are buying. If everybody purchases armor, you should definitely buy some shells. Even one good used flash grenade can seriously change the flow of the game; the same is relevant to the smoke grenades but, undoubtedly, the priority is a defuse shell. Every day, a great number of rounds and matches are lost for the silly reason that nobody bought a defuse shell.

Always buy a defuse shell


Even while you are reading this guide, somewhere in matchmaking, some guy put ScreaM on avatar, bought Eagle in the first round and ran alone to keep banana on Inferno map.

Avatar uploading CS:GO

The question is who will be demoted today and then will be talking about the bad team players? Correct, not YOU. Because after reading this guide, you will make correct decisions and will do some great shopping, just like a grandma at Walmart. ;)

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