The 12 Best CS:GO Gloves That Look Amazing + Prices

by eZstah

Best CS:GO Gloves

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t just about shooting and winning matches. It also includes collecting skins to differentiate visuals, stand out, and even earn money while enjoying the game. Glove skins are exceedingly rare items with an approximately 1/400 chance to get them, so they are quite a significant asset in the game. 

We gathered the best glove skins based on their popularity, visual style, and price. Let’s check out the best glove skins in CS:GO as of 2023!

Rating number

Name (skin)

Skin price


Sport Gloves: Vice




Specialist Gloves: Fade




Sport Gloves: Pandora's Box




Specialist Gloves: Crimson Kimono




Driver Gloves: Crimson Weave




Hand Wraps: Cobalt Skulls




Sport Gloves: Amphibious




Sport Gloves: Hedge Maze




Driver Gloves: Snow Leopard




Moto Gloves: Spearmint




Broken Fang Gloves: Jade




Driver Gloves: King Snake



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12. Driver Gloves: King Snake

The first item on our list of the coolest glove skins is “Driver Gloves: King Snake”. This pair features a silver-white color pattern as it is made of leather and snakeskin. 

  • $278 – $13,905.

11. Broken Fang Gloves: Jade

If you’re looking for some fingerless good glove skins, then the Jade pair is what you need. It is ornamented with bright metal studs and the Operation Broken Fang logo, ensuring your enemies remember the look for a long time.

  • $103 – $1,590.

10. Moto Gloves: Spearmint

If you love fresh and soft green patterns, then the Moto Gloves | Spearmint will be among the best CS:GO glove skins for you. This pair features a combination of gray and spearmint color pallets, making them nice and stylish. 

  • $337 – $14,989.

9. Driver Gloves: Snow Leopard

The Driver Gloves | Snow Leopard is the meaning of elegance. They feature a black and white pattern using leopard skin, which is both expensive in the game and in life. 

  • $424 – $7,000.

8. Sport Gloves: Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze pair is considered to be the best-looking gloves in CS:GO among all green patterns. This skin also features a maze texture, adding extra style and uniqueness.

  • $688 – $29,091.

7. Sport Gloves: Amphibious

The Amphibious pair is well-known for its water-blue color and nice design. It features an abstract pattern that represents the combination of air and water, referencing its name.

  • $577 – $7,458.

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6. Hand Wraps: Cobalt Skulls

All hand wraps are loved by most players for their unique design. The Cobalt Skulls skin is even better as it features a navy blue pattern with black skulls. You can only dominate matches while wearing these!

  • $322 – $3,233.

5. Driver Gloves: Crimson Weave

You might have expected to see the Crimson Web skin here, but we have something better – the Crimson Weave. These maroon gloves with a diamond pattern are easily among the best gloves in CS:GO due to their extraordinary style.

  • $186 – $3,530.

4. Specialist Gloves: Crimson Kimono

While this pair is quite similar to the previous one, it is also listed among the top glove skins in CS:GO. It combines red and black colors, featuring a prominent web-like texture.

  • $822 – $9,313.

3. Sport Gloves: Pandora's Box

The Sports Gloves | Pandora’s Box are easily the best CS:GO gloves in terms of price, style, and rarity. They include a bright black and purple color scheme with a subtle pattern on the palms. You will be stunned to find out that they cost more than any other pair.

  • $1,386 – $71,309.

2. Specialist Gloves: Fade

The “Fade” collection is quite iconic in the CS:GO community in knives, gloves, and firearms. They combine blue, red, and yellow colors to give a decent beating and make your game memorable.

  • $160 – $5,775.

1. Sport Gloves: Vice

We believe that the Sports Gloves | Vice skin deserves a first place for having a vibey color pattern that combines pink, black, and blue. These gloves are the second most expensive pair, after the Pandora’s Box model.

  • $858 – $22,389.


This list includes a collection of the best glove skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive based on their visual design, popularity, and price. You have a small chance of getting one of these by just playing the game, although buying them directly from a player on the Steam marketplace would be much faster. Just keep playing and you’ll get them!

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What CS:GO gloves are the most popular?

The most popular skins are the Sports Gloves | Vice, Sports Gloves | Pandora’s Box, and Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono. They are well-known for their style and distinctive patterns.

What are the most expensive gloves in CS:GO?

The Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box is the most expensive glove skin. Its price reaches $71,309 for a Factory New model.

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