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Most Expensive CS2 Gloves

CS2 offers many cosmetics, including skins, stickers, and more, but gloves occupy a special place among them. It's unsurprising, considering that some of these skins can cost as much as a car. The price of each glove pair is determined by their design, their availability on the market, and multiple other factors. So, mind that our list of the most expensive gloves in CS2 includes rates that are accurate at the time of writing and can fluctuate over time. Also, if you’re interested in just what sort of players go for expensive items like gloves or knives, check out the article on the CS2 inventory calculator, where we’ve gathered this info and even more.

So, what are the most expensive gloves in CS2? Let’s find out!

10. Amphibious

Amphibious BS


Amphibious FN


How do you feel about the pattern that resembles blue ocean waves? Almost any list of the most expensive CS2 gloves skins will include this one for its widespread popularity. It was officially designed by Valve and released alongside the Welcome to the Clutch update in 2018. Since then, this skin of Sport gloves has secured a top position in the charts due to its value and stylish appearance. This skin is rightfully included in our list of the best gloves in cs2, which may also be of interest to collectors.

Who has the skin: coldzera, NAF, mynio

Price: $388.73 (BS) – $4,932.35 (FN)

9. Arid

Arid BS


Arid FN


This skin first appeared in the game as a part of the Brothers In Arms update in 2016 and has never been out of demand since then. The skin goes for a camouflage look, easily blending in on some of the most played CS2 maps, and yet still manages to catch the attention of other players in combat. Any CS2 fan dreams of adding a pair of Arid gloves to their inventory due to its exquisite blend of sandy and dark brown colors.

Who has the skin: NQZ, rain, hatz

Price: $238.22 (BS) – $6,225.27 (FN)

8. Slingshot

Slingshot BS


Slingshot FN


Among the most expensive gloves in Counter-Strike 2 is this brutal model from the 2020 Operation Broken Fang. Just like the majority of CS2 gloves, it was designed by Valve, and oh boy, they’ve hit the bullseye with this one. The skin looks quite attractive even in the worst condition (Battle-Scarred). The stylish combination of burgundy with cream strongly suggests that the player isn't afraid to get their hands dirty with enemies' blood. Moreover, the gloves pair really well with most close combat weapon skins. No doubt, with equipment like this, you’ll be the king of the map!

Who has the skin: kennyS, GeT_RiGhT, freakzoid

Price: $252.40 (BS) – $7,156.29 (FN)

7. Emerald Web

Emerald Web BS


Emerald Web FN


The bright combination of green and black makes this pair one of the most stylish in the game. After their debut in the Brothers In Arms update, these Specialist Gloves almost immediately gained popularity among Counter-Strike players. Since their release in 2016, they have become one of the most coveted items for professionals and regular gamers alike. Combine these gloves with any awesome AWP skin, and each of your headshots will look like a swift bite of a snake! Now this is something to strive for.

Emerald web is the last relatively affordable (if you can call $9000 affordable) entry in our top-10, stopping just short of the symbolic $10,000 threshold. Now, let's discuss the priciest glove skins in CS2 in all their glory.

Who has the skin: device, FalleN, TaZ

Price: $314 (BS) – $9,222.53 (FN)

6. Spearmint

Spearmint BS


Spearmint FN


Despite their somewhat outdated appearance and venerable age, you’ll still need to spend a fortune to get these high-priced gloves in CS2. The skin made its debut as part of the Brothers In Arms update in 2016, available in Glove and Operation Hydra cases. Designed for riding a bike, the gloves come equipped with shell protectors handy for giving your opponents a sock on the jaw. With the lower quality and faded colors, this skin for Moto Gloves truly starts to look like a weapon hardened in battle.

Who has the skin: yam, DANK1NG, nicoodoz

Price: $291.97 (BS) – $13,500 (FN)

5. Superconductor

Superconductor BS


Superconductor FN


Yet another pair of gloves from 2016’s Brothers In Arms update. These are among the most expensive gloves in CS, but in this case, the price might be justified. Just take a look at their style and color combinations! Valve designers must have been working on these for quite some time. The striking combination of gray, white, and blue catches the eye and underscores the owner's taste. Who wouldn’t want to add a pair of these gloves to their collection?

Who has the skin: Snax, NiKo, device

Price: $779 (BS) – $13,833.93 (FN)

4. Crimson Kimono

Crimson Kimono BS


Crimson Kimono FN


Released with the Brothers In Arms update in 2016, Crimson Kimono literally shot to fame. It's all thanks to its aggressive style and the successful combination of burgundy and black. Indeed, the model looks recognizable, modern, and vibrant regardless of wear. It will be a perfect match for other Japanese-style skins such as Oni Taiji or Crimson Tsunami. The model also hints at the not-so-friendly character of its owner. However, if you look at it, this skin tops the charts of the most expensive CS2 gloves. Note that even the Battle Scarred version of the skin will cost you around thousand bucks.

Who has the skin: coldzera, KRIMZ, device

Price: $910.80 (BS) – $13,999 (FN)

3. Vice

Vice BS


Vice FN


This pair of gloves is something we’d surely buy even in a real-life shop! It can boast a combo of colors: pink, turquoise, and black, with a slight hint of silver threads. This is one of the key reasons these gloves nearly clinched the top spot in our most expensive CS gloves ranking. The release of the skin coincided with the Welcome to the Clutch update in 2018, and for over six years, this model has been captivating the hearts and minds of players worldwide. Considering its awesome design, one can almost ignore the amount of money this purchase requires. Vice is one of the most expensive cs2 skins in the game today.

Who has the skin: James, dupreeh, fer

Price: $523.69 (BS) – $16,288.61 (FN)

2. Hedge Maze

Hedge Maze BS


Hedge Maze FN


Released as a part of the Brothers In Arms update in 2016, these gloves became the epitome of the most expensive gloves in Counter-Strike 2. It's all due to their bright, toxic green color and unusual pattern. With such an attractive design, it’s no wonder that this awesome skin has managed to get 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 4,000 Counter-Strike 2 players. This skin is definitely not one of the cheapest cs2 gloves, as their price can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Who has the skin: coldzera, s1mple, allu

Price: $1,139.90 (BS) – $22,687.65 (FN)

1. Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box BS


Pandora’s Box FN


These are the most expensive gloves in CS2, full stop. Pandora’s Box debuted in 2016’s Brothers In Arms update and hasn't lost its leading position in accessory value despite being almost a decade old. In 2024, this expensive skin in its Factory New wear may be exchanged for a vehicle (if you’re a driver, take notes). The rarity of this skin is truly jaw-dropping — its drop chance from the Glove and Operation Hydra cases is only 0.26%. Considering the limited number of available models, the price will only continue to increase, so, maybe, just maybe, it's worth getting them right now.

Who has the skin: mou, karrigan, boltz

Price: $1,823.78 (BS) – $53,798.64 (FN)

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