How to Win at CS:GO 1 on 1 Clutch – Useful Tips

Round clutch in CS:GO is very important for win in the match. There are some tips which can help you to win in  such situation.



You have to perceive every clutch moment as a game in which players make mistakes. Your goal is to be the first one to catch your opponent in a mistake and punish him.

Best clutch 1 on 1

So, it is important to minimize opening your positions during a peek, and holding your aim where an opponent will presumably appear.

This way we consistently gain information and minimize the risk of being caught off guard.


Win in clutch CS:GO

One of the keys to the victory in one-on-one play is constant movement with stops only for shooting. Ideally, you should use shelters that conceal your position from your opponent.

Learning how to shoot better in CS:GO can drastically enhance your performance and lead to more victories.
Tips for Clutch 1 on 1 CS:GO

Depending on the map, always try to take the most beneficial position, exposing a minimum amount of your player model while firing. An ideal option would be to only expose your player model’s head while firing.


Many players play very predictably. Often, you can learn their movement in a couple of rounds. Some of them check and recheck the same corner with regular intervals of time. Others, after unsuccessful peeking on one side of cover, would definitely peek on the other side as well.

Tutorial CS:GO Clutch

Predicting the behavior of such players will help you to pre-fire at the positions they will emerge from. If you end up in the same situation you were instantly killed in before while peeking, then the first thing you should do is rethink your movement. Most likely, you play very predictably. You should try to move as unpredictably as possible.

With a CS:GO crosshair maker, you can customize your crosshair to perfectly match your aiming style.

Low HP

When you have full HP (health points) and you feel that you control the situation, you can allow yourself to play aggressively. For example, abruptly exiting cover with a long strafe or even a jump. I certainly don’t recommend either of these options, but in some situations, such a move can catch your opponent off guard, which can eventually benefit you in the next couple of rounds. But, in situations in which you have low HP, you should not do this under any circumstances.  Your goal is to make it hard for your opponent to kill you. So, in that case, the ideal position would be the one from which only your head will be seen while peeking and firing.

Shooting in Clutch CS:GO

Choice of weapons

Of course, everything depends on your preferences, but I will still mention a couple of facts.  It is better to choose the AK-47 in games with the option of wearing a helmet.  It is pretty obvious why: because it takes only one shot for an AK-47 to kill you with a headshot with a helmet on, and it takes two shots for an M4A1.

Playing on top CS:GO 1v1 maps can be an effective way to improve your aim and duel skills
Weapon choice facts

But in a games in which there is no option of a helmet or armor, it is better to choose the M4. Why? Because it is a known fact that without a helmet on, players using both the AK-47 and the M4A1 can kill you with only one shot. However, the M4 has a faster rate of fire, a higher movement speed, and it has a lower recoil, which, in general, gives you a pretty good advantage.

We have another article dedicated to specific firing.

Control of emotions

This is one of the hardest things in CS:GO. Excitement, disappointment, intention, discouragement, despondency, confusion, rage, PANIC. These are only half of the emotions that can bring about an intense playing situation. We don’t need all that. Always try to leave them aside. Only a clear mind will bring you maximum effectiveness.

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