Hi everyone,it is eZstah! In this guide, we will not be telling you how to avoid a ban after cheat usage, God forbid! In this guide we will be sharing some information with you about how not to catch a false-positive VAC ban – a ban for inconscient cheat program usage. As usual, for your improved readability, we divided the material of this guide into well–defined gradual suggestions:

Advice # 1 – NEVER share your account with anyone

How to avoid vacban in CS:GO

Never, and under any circumstances, share your account for playing with anyone. In this case, we are talking about not only the ordinary account handover, but about the so-called Family Library Sharing feature, through which it is possible to give access to the game library of your Steam account.

Everything is very simple - if the person who received an access from you spoils the cheats, you will get a vac ban csgo, as you are the owner. It does not matter how close you are or what kind of relationships you have. I have observed, many times, sad situations connected with account sharing - not only in Steam, but in general.

There is a certain category of people, it is not too big, but it exists – this category contains people, who seem for you to be the perfect friends, but not because of their reliability, only because of the fact that your relationships were developing in the favorable conditions and there were not situations, in which they could do harm to you.

Advice # 2 – Control the iron

Never log into your mail or Steam account in the computer clubs

Never, under any circumstances, log into your mail or Steam account from a computer that you are not sure is secure. This includes the computers in the computer clubs or even at your friends’ houses. Many people cannot even control their own computers, so it is impossible to know what is installed on someone’s else device.

The computer may contain some spyware, which records log-in and passwords, or it may contain cheats, for which you will obtain VAC. I suppose that a large number of people reading this article have friends or acquaintances who obtained a csgo vac ban and you found out about it only after their vac ban cs go for cheat usage. Nobody can guarantee that a friend, on whose computer you were using your account, did not commit any harmful actions towards you.

Advice # 3 – Never press, if you are not sure

Never press links or confirm requests, if you are not sure

Always be aware of using proper websites. Observe carefully which links people send you in Steam, FB, VK, Skype and other services. Never confirm any requests from flaky people. Most people probably know about the special category of game players who, for fun, spoil games of occasional teams in the matches. They are running in front of you, they are staying away from the keyboard, they do everything to lose a game and to make their opponents crazy.

Some of them even make records of it and create channels with such content. But this guide is not about this matter. There are people whose actions do much more damage. In fact, they are engaged in the same things, as the people who ruin games for fun and steam vac ban, but their methods are far from the notions of «goodness» and «evil».

To verify the legitimacy of a player, consider using a steam id checker for quick and accurate results.

They create and distribute harmful programs which aim at creating a cheat imitation and, as a result, vac bans. Your computer can get it through some links or through connection to the unknown TeamSpeak proxy server. It may even happen through Game Client, during the process of connection to the server. The most frequent reason is an offer to play one VS one.

Advice # 4 – Forget about Steam utilities and client modifications

Officially forbidden Steam utilities and client modifications

If you're wondering, can I play CS:GO if I'm VAC banned, the answer is no, as the ban usually restricts access to the game's multiplayer modes

In all likelihood, this clause will not be accepted by many people but, nevertheless, any programs that modify dll, exe files, memory and client in total - are officially forbidden. Though, I am rather cynical about the favorite response of cheaters over the last years - “I am not a cheater, everything is because of Skin Changer or SweetFX.”

Nevertheless, after the usage of such programs, you can obtain a VAC. This also includes the program for gaining achievements, increasing game time and other utilities for Steam even if you search vac ban remove. There are so many situations where a player has already used a trainer or cheats for the single player game and then, without restarting their PC, started playing and obtained a ban. Never download software that promises you many attractive advantages, even if you are being insistently assured of its security and you will never know what is a vac ban.

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