How to Play Prop Hunt in CS:GO: 3 Ways

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Did you play hide and seek as a kid? Then you’ll definitely enjoy the prop hunt in CS:GO. It’s a hilarious way to practice your attentiveness and distract yourself from the usual matchmaking. There are “props,” map objects the Prop team players become to hide from rivals, and seekers from the Hunter team, who must find and kill those props. However, with this explanation, we're only scratching the surface of this mode. How to play prop hunt in CS:GO? Here is your detailed guide! 

How to Play a CS:GO Prop Hunt Multiplayer Game: Basic Rules

Here are five things you should know about this mode to grab the basics:

1. Shapeshifting

The Props team has around 30–60 seconds head start to select a deceiving object and find a perfect hiding spot. Available models are highlighted in blue so you can quickly identify which bush or broom you’d like to become.

2. Hunting spree 

Seeking players are frozen and blinded all this time. After the Props blend in with the map's environment, hunters start searching for them. The goal is to eliminate all props before the timer runs out.

3. Bonus system

When you hit a Prop, you get bonus points. But if you shoot an empty object, your HP is reduced by 5 each time (Hunters have 100 HP in total).

4. Taunting

Hiders can change their ‘skin,’ move to stay alive, and make ridiculous sounds to mock hunters or give a hint about their locations. Those sounds can be anything from a tiger’s roar to a funny phrase.

However, you should remember that these are the rules for “standard” Prop Hunt games and can significantly differ depending on the host. To check how to play on a particular map, type /rules in the game chat.

Key controls




Pick up an object without transforming into it


Pick up/drop an object, transform into it


Freeze a prop instantly




Slow rotation

A to D

Rotate a prop

3 Ways to Play a Prop Hunt in CS:GO

1. Search for prop hunt servers

One of the options to enjoy this fun game mode is to find a prop hunt server in CS:GO.

For the top prop hunt servers in CS:GO, you can:

  1. Search in-game hosting platforms by clicking on Play in the Main Menu and choosing the Community Server Browser option (Type "prop hunt" or "ph" in the search bar to narrow the results).

  2. Check server listing sites like SteamBrowser or Gametracker.
  3. Visit CS:GO gaming communities and forums where players share their insights.

How do you play the prop hunt mode in CS:GO once you’ve found an existing server? Just click Join, and you will automatically enter the game on the side of Props or Hunters. However, if you want to play prop hunt with your pals, you should configure your own custom map. Only then can you invite your friends and enjoy your hide and seek.  

2. Download a map with an included prop hunt mode

Another way is to find a personalized prop hunt-enabled map created by the CS:GO community.

How do you find the coolest prop hunt map? 

  1. Check maps in the CS:GO Steam Workshop.
  2. Type in "prop hunt" or "ph" and browse the results to select the most interesting one.

  3. Click on the chosen map to open its Steam page and hit the Subscribe button there.

  4. Now, the map is downloaded, and you can create your own custom game.
NAVI playing prop hunt
B00Mbl4 is a Trash Can?! - NaVi Prop Hunt on Inferno

How to set up a prop hunt in CS:GO:

  • Launch the game and choose Workshop maps.
  • Choose the map you want to play.
  • Check the settings to specify who will be joining your game. Enable the No Bots option and turn on the Open Party if you want your friends to join the map themselves.
  • Invite your teammates to join (if you disabled the Open Party) and launch the round.

Now, you can play hide and seek with your team!

3. Get CS:GO Prop Hunt Mod plugins

You can install customizable sandbox plugins to manage your Prop Hunt games.

How to do a prop hunt in CS:GO with a plugin

  1. Download and install the prop hunt mod plugin from a trusted source.
  2. Extract all files to your CS:GO server’s directory. The correct paths are “addons/sourcemod/…” and “sound/prophunt/…”.
  3. Launch the server and configure all game parameters and model lists. Include custom whistle sounds. All the commands are usually listed on the website you downloaded the plugin from.
  4. Invite your friends to join your server and start the first matches.
CS:GO Prop Hunt

3 Best Prop Hunt Maps in CS:GO

1. Old Dust2

The good old classic that never actually gets old. The wreckage of de_dust2 is perfect for fun hide and seek interactions. There is also some challenge for Props, as most people know this map as the back of their hand.

2. Inferno

One of the most popular maps ever that implemented the prop hunt concept to the best possible level. Unique objects and colorful environments stimulate memorable gameplay experiences. The map also has a lot of verticality, providing the Props with more hiding places.

3.  Mirage

A well-known map with a natural look and feel and inspiring locations. Lots of hiding places in tight corridors, open areas, and outdoor environments make this map almost perfect for props. Add a huge number of objects to mimic, and you might say the Hunters have no chance at all. However, as most of them will be quite familiar with the map layout, it will be a fair game.

Ready or not, here I come!

We hope our CS:GO prop hunt tutorial will help you participate in hilarious matches and have fun with your team. Knowing how to set hide and seek in objects-powered maps is handy when your team is tired of playing too seriously all the time. Moreover, you can leverage the prop hunt mode to train your attentiveness to details.


How do I play a prop hunt in CS:GO?

You can either find a prop hunt supporting server and join the mayhem or download and install a custom map designed specifically for this version of hide-and-seek mode. Also, you can install sandbox plugins and set up your own prop hunt server. It’s the best way to play with friends or teammates.

How do you find prop hunt servers in CS:GO?

We recommend searching the in-game server browser first. However, you might also like servers suggested by players from CS:GO communities, forums, or platforms like Steam, Discord, and Reddit. There are even server tracking sites you can check for more sophisticated recommendations. If none suits you, you can create your own custom hosting!

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