How to Get Free CS:GO Skins in 2023: 4 Ways

Get Free CS:GO Skins

If you're reading this text, you probably already know what skins in CS:GO are, why you need them, and why they are important. Skins have long been more than just a bunch of pixels. It's a way to emphasize your personality, to show off in the community, and for some, to make good money on resale. The only problem is that buying skins for most people can punch a serious hole in their budget, especially if we're talking about rare pieces in Factory New condition. 

So what's a simple player to do? Are there ways to get CS:GO skins for free? Of course there are, and in this article, we will talk about at least 4 of them. If you think you can get skins only by spending real money, you are completely wrong because many players are relying solely on free options, and the flow of new skins in their inventory is constantly growing. Read on to find out how to get CS:GO skins for free, give your weapon a unique look, and even profitably resell them without having invested a dollar. 

If you're an avid CS:GO player and want to expand your inventory with cases, here are three ways to get cases in cs go.

Play the game


Let's first deal with the most obvious but also the most time-consuming way in our guide for how to get free CS:GO skins. Just by playing the game, you have a chance to get a drop. The drop system works so that you can get a drop with free loot four times a week. This can be either a skin or a case. One of the drops is guaranteed to be a skin for a level-up. In turn, the cases can also contain skins, however, the content is very randomized, and chances to get a free skin in CS:GO that will be valuable are the same as getting something really useless. In addition, opening cases requires keys, which must be purchased, and this does not fit with the concept of “free skins”.

Understanding the CS GO case opening odds can help players make informed decisions about their in-game investments.

Nevertheless, with keys, a desire to play, and a lot of free time, you can farm up to 12 free skins this way. It is worth noting that you can get the drop only by playing on Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) protected servers. In addition, the content of the cases depends on the actual drop pool, which varies depending on whether you are a Prime or Non-Prime player.

If you're looking to bring together like-minded players and create a strong team, learning how to make a clan in CS:GO is an essential first step.



Another extremely convenient and fun way not just to get free skins but to have a great time is participating in tournaments. Quite often, there are amateur tournaments on CS:GO, where the prizes are skins. Of course, to participate in tournaments you need a team, and you yourself have to be a skilled player, as you get a skin only if you win. If the latter depends on you personally and your experience in the game, the selection of the team is quite a solvable task, even if your friends don’t want to accompany you.

For those on a budget, there are plenty of best cheap CS GO skins that still look fantastic in-game.

For example, you can go to This site allows players to participate in tournaments in a number of eSports disciplines, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All you need to do is to log in with your Steam account and you can participate. There you can also find a team with the help of the Team Finder system. And yes, no one guarantees you'll get skilled teammates, so if you really want to win, it's better to find the guys that you are more or less confident with. On the other hand, there are different leagues, and you can participate in a tournament with 1 vs 1 matches. 

The main thing here is to pay attention to the type of tournament. Some require a fee, so if you want to win a free skin, only play tournaments with free entry. 



Probably the best way to get free CS:GO skins is the so-called giveaways. If you wonder how to get skins in CS:GO without paying, this method is exactly what you’re looking for. Basically, you just have to go to a certain website and perform various actions, such as clicking on ads, writing a comment, watching a video, participating in a survey, downloading a mobile game, etc. In fact, you simply complete various marketing activities for the customer in areas that either cannot at all or are highly undesirable to be performed with the help of bots. On the other hand, what's wrong with some guy getting a couple of views from you to boost his YouTube channel or a young development team tweaking their download stats in Play Market? Especially if you get a reward for it. Who knows, you might even genuinely like their product. 

There are a lot of such sites on the Internet, but we recommend that you be very careful and cautious when choosing a resource. While hooked on the scam resource, you can, at best, get nothing and, at worst, lose your Steam account, as it is required for authorization. Speaking about proven resources where a lot of players have been working for a long time, we can highlight vLoot and Idle Empire. On these websites, you can really earn a lot of free skins by spending a minimum amount of time.



We left this way to earn free skins in CS:GO for the end because it doesn't really fall under the definition of “free”. As you may know, Operations appear in the game from time to time, and to take part in them, you need to buy an Operations pass. The pass itself usually costs about $15. After that, you can complete weekly missions, for which you will receive stars. Using these stars, you can buy skins, which can be quite rare. “But it's not free!” you may say. Well, yes and no. You do need a small initial investment, however, the skins received this way can be sold quickly and profitably. This way, you will not only recoup your investment but even earn. This is definitely a faster and more profitable way than the weekly drops.  


So, now you know at least 4 ways of how to get free skins in CS:GO. It is worth noting that there is no magic here, and you should understand that you will not get Dragon Lore or Asiimov, but these ways are a great start. You can get your first skins for free, then sell them profitably to buy other skins. Thus, playing on the rise in value, you can become the owner of quite rare items in excellent condition.

However, we should warn you to be extremely careful when dealing with third-party websites. Always double-check the authenticity of the platform before you enter your credentials there. Account theft in CS:GO is quite a common type of scam, and attackers often take advantage of inattentive players. If you'll use the methods and links described in this article or just play the game, the safety of your account is alright. Enjoy the game, choose your best way to get CS:GO skins for free, and simply have fun.


Yes, if you just play the game, sooner or later you will get a free skin case. This method is one of the easiest because skins obtained this way can be very rare and in Factory New condition, which will greatly increase their value. In addition, there are other ways to get skins directly in the game without resorting to third-party resources, such as participation in Operations. 

To date, there are several ways to get free CS:GO skins. The easiest is to get them by actually playing the game. Alternatively, you can turn to sites that offer free skins for completing small tasks. In addition, free skins can be obtained by winning tournaments.

Usually, skins that are given away for free are worth a small amount, but even that can be the start of a good business. If you are good at trading, you can try buying cheaper and selling when the skin’s price rises. Also, just by playing the game, you can sometimes get some pretty rare skins that will be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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