Best AWP Spots on Dust 2 for CT-side & T-side

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The popularity of Dust 2 among the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community isn’t accidental — the map has a simple structure, is one of the most balanced, and provides many open areas for aiming duels. The latter element emphasizes the importance of good snipers in either team, offering plenty of effective AWP spots on the Dust 2 map.

Of course, everything should start with learning all Dust 2 callouts to understand the situation better. Moreover, it’s better to dive into the practice and try the best AWP spots on Dust 2 to feel better firing angles and which locations should be covered by teammates. Still, here is a short reminder with basic positions marked from the bird’s-eye:

Now, let’s go to a detailed review of the best places for AWPers on the Dust 2 map so you’ll be ready for opponents and can outsmart them.

Best Places for CT Snipers on Dust 2

With plenty of long distances on the map, AWP spots for the CT side on Dust 2 can be roughly divided into four main areas:

  • CT Middle;
  • A-Site;
  • Catwalk;
  • B-Site.

CT Mid Area

About half of all CT sniper battles occur in the Middle, as an experienced AWPer can control almost all the map with adequate support from his teammates. Thus, standing in the Middle and making only a few steps in the necessary direction, a Counter-Terrorists sniper can check: 

  • Suicide;
  • Top Mid (Palm, Right Side);
  • Middle Doors;
  • Catwalk;
  • Long (Cross, Car);
  • B Tunnels Exit.

Moreover, the lion’s share of Smokes used by Terrorists are needed to pass the spots a CT sniper controls safely. What relates to the Dust 2 AWP spots for Counter-Terrorists and some tips for them, let’s review particular screenshots:

As you can see, it’s better to use a double scope as the distance from CT Mid to Palm is pretty huge, and using a single scope makes sense only if a sniper is sure of his aim. When picking the Suicide from the CT Mid, they should be ready for two basic positions: the left and right side, which are both tough headshot angles.

Also, every CT sniper should understand that picking the Top Mid with a double-scope can be dangerous when the round timer is below 1:40. Terrorists can simply push a Lower Tunnel and be invisible for a sniper holding an upper angle, so use a single-scoped weapon or ask a teammate to cover the Doors.

Also, playing at later timings, it’s better to be close to one of the walls for hiding, as most Flashbangs will lead to a white screen, and a hunter easily becomes prey.

A Site by CT AWPer

Continuing a discussion about the best AWP spots on the Dust 2 map, the A site goes next after the positions in the Middle. Here are also plenty of places for holding preferable angles, while a good sniper can hold three positions:

  • Long;
  • Catwalk;
  • Middle (optionally).

Playing on the Car Long spot can be dangerous, so you should choose only one holding angle and ask teammates to cover the remaining two. Also, remember that the Car on the Long only decreases the damage but does not protect from it, so be sure to make a kill from at least the second attempt.

While holding a Catwalk position from the Goose is an ordinary element for a sniper, countering the Long is a bit more complicated. Thus, Terrorists can take diverse positions, including Long Start, Pit, and Pit Plat, with all of them having various picking angles (left or right, lower or upper). Depending on the info from teammates or personal understanding, a CT sniper should also use diverse positions for those battles:

  • hold Start from the Barrels or Single Box;
  • pick Plat from the Goose or standing on the Double Box;
  • fight Pit from the Site but with a clear understanding that the headshot is needed.

NOTE: Even with a sniper on the A Site, CTs should control either Long or Catwalk, as a single split will make it harder to save the bombsite by sitting deeply in it.

CT Sniper on Catwalk

Usually, the list of Dust 2 spots for AWPers excludes the Catwalk, but this position can be pretty promising, especially on early timings (boost from the CT Spawn to the Catwalk via boxes).

A good sniper with the needed info and particular angle can pick the following positions and surprise Ts who are:

  • coming from Suicide
  • on Palm
  • on Top Mid Right Side
  • in the Lower Tunnels

One of the main drawbacks of this position is the lack of space after the sniper is detected, which makes proper utility super dangerous even for skillful snipers. However, playing on the Catwalk with a scoped rifle can be an advantageous surprise option a few times per map.

B Site Spots for a CT Sniper

Being a pretty closed area, there are still plenty of places for snipers in the Dust 2 B Site. The most common ones are the Back Plat and the Big Box (Barrels), which are pretty advantageous for CTs holding the Upper Tunnels and the Exit from there.

Both those points are even better prepared for SCAR-20 owners than AWPers. Thus, a B-rush tactic parallels a few Flashes and running, which can be a problem even for an experienced sniper.

Still, a scope-rifle warrior can use a few other spots for holding or supporting the B Site: B Window or Middle area. Both of them are often isolated via Smokes and Molotovs, but on later timings or during T eco-rounds, a decent sniper should help a B-Site Counter-Terrorist.

Of course, all the aforementioned CS:GO Dust 2 AWP spots aren’t the only positions to play with a sniper rifle, but they are the basics. Many depend on the particular situation in the round and Terrorist tactics, which can require some unexpected angles or positions to use.

Best Places for Terrorist Snipers on Dust 2

By default, being a scoped rifler on the Terrorist side is way harder as the CT sniper can hold favorable angles, and so winning the majority of duels. However, knowing the essential CT spots allows Ts to use Smokes and Flashes, forcing a CT sniper to move and re-pick, which turns the situation vice versa. Still, there are some decent positions for a T sniper at Dust II, and let’s review the major ones.


Of course, the Suicide is one of the basic AWP spots for the T side on Dust 2 in the beloved game. That is the position where Ts arrive faster, also allowing seeing how many Counter-Terrorists went to the B-Site or try to outplay a CT Mid sniper.

Even being double-scoped and arriving first, a T sniper should be ready for the tough duel, which turns out to be a headshot battle if a CT AWPer plays close to the Mid Door. Interestingly, a Terrorist AWPer can be useful even if he cannot kill an enemy but doesn’t die himself. Thus, he can give info about CT movements at the round beginning — how many CTs went B, rushed Lower Tunnels, or use sniper rifles (sometimes it can be more than one player).

Usually, about 10 seconds after the round begins, the T-side sniper relocates depending on the tactics or info from teammates. One of the closest and most useful positions to use becomes the Top Mid.

Top Mid (Palm & Right Side)

With an overall huge distance that can be seen via scoped rifles, the Top Mid becomes one of the most often used Dust 2 spots for snipers. A Terrorist with the scoping gun can take a few spots to take:

  • Palm to check/fight CT Mid (Lower Tunnels in rare cases);
  • Top Mid Right Side [RS] to hold Catwalk, Mid Doors, or CT push via Long.

If the job is done or a T sniper simply wants to go the Catwalk and then the Short to assist teammates coming to the Long, it’s better to go with a teammate or have exact info. Thus, after passing Catwalk Stairs, one has to be cautious of numerous positions on the A Site, including the Goose, Plant, diverse A Ramp spots, and even Long Car.

All of them are favorable for a CT sniper, so additional maneuvers should be made (Flashbangs, pre-fire, shoulder-picking, and distractions by teammates).

Long Doors, Pit, and Pit Plat

Having one of the first spawns for a Long picking is one of the main options a T-side sniper should use. He arrives first to the Long Doors vs. Long Start duel, and it’s much harder to blind him than a CT-sniper by default grenades, so the winning percentage here is pretty high.

However, such a sniper must be ready to receive a few damaging nades to his position from the Long Start, including HE Grenades or Incendiary. So, be prepared for fast returning or going forward after a shot. Choosing the latter with the support of teammates makes much sense in order to take a favorable Pit position. By throwing a single Flashbang over the Long Start corner, a sniper can safely jump there or take even a Pit Plat — one of the best Dust 2 AWP spots for Terrorists.

After taking the A Site, a scoped rifler can take one of the positions CTs usually take.

Upper Tunnels and B Taking

While B-Site has plenty of positions that can be called the best snipers’ spots on Dust 2, Ts can respond with the same weapon. Thus, Terrorists arrive at Upper Tunnels a bit faster, and a good AWPer can control a CT who takes the B-Site Barrels; nothing to say about the Back Plat. Yes, all this can be ruined by a single Flashbang, but Ts can also use the same grenade to distract a Counter-Terrorist sniper and turn the duel in their own favor.

Coming closer to the Exit, a T sniper can also check the B-Window or CT Mid players and ask for some distracting maneuvers if he knows that the opponent is a sniper. After taking the B-Site, a sniper can even hold a Tunnels’ Stairs push and stay in the Upper Tunnels if C4 was planted in the open area.

With plenty of CS:GO maps suitable for top-class AWP plays, Dust 2 remains the easiest one to start your scoping journey in the game. With plenty of open space and long distances, you can become the person needed in every team that wants to be effective on Dust II. Of course, this guide only opens the curtains of how to dominate with AWP on this map, but basics are always the cornerstone of stable growth.


What are the best AWP spots for CT in Dust 2?

CTs’ AWPer should first think about playing a CT Mid area as he can help all the other spots on the map and be a reliable soldier on either Site if rifles cannot cope with Ts.

What are the best AWP spots for T in Dust 2?

Most T-side snipers choose Suicide, Palm, and Long Pit as the major positions that favor AWP duels, but optional Upper Tunnels picks to B-Site can also be used effectively.

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