Best Five-Seven Skins in CS2

Extensive arsenal is one of the main selling points of the Counter-Strike games. Although every player dreams of getting an AWP or AK-74 as soon as possible, you should never underestimate the power of pistols.

Five-SeveN is one of the best weapons of its class due to its combination of high accuracy, good fire rate, and large magazine size. Unsurprisingly, there are lots of skins for this bad boy available today.

So, let’s review the best Counter-Strike 2 Five-SeveN skins on the market.

Please note that the prices are current as of June 2024, and may change over time.

10. Urban Hazard

Urban Hazard FN


Urban Hazard FT


Any list should start with a bang, and our collection of the best Five-SeveN skins in CSis no exemption. This jaw-dropping weapon model was designed by Valve for The Vanguard Collection in 2014. Currently, you can get it on the community market or by opening Operation Vanguard weapon cases.

The gun’s design is a mix of urban camouflage (ideal choice for the members of the CT team) and striking red spots. The interesting fact is that both the usual and StatTrak versions of Urban Hazard are unavailable in Battle-Scarred and Well-Worn quality. The skin’s low price and interesting design make it an extremely popular choice, so if you’re not afraid of looking a bit unoriginal, we recommend you give it a try.

Rarity: 79.92%.

Price: $0.92 (FN) — $0.60 (FT)

StatTrak: $2.75 (FN) — $1.17 (FT)

9. Boost Protocol

Boost Protocol FN


Boost Protocol WW


If you are a cyberpunk fan, this stunning Operation Riptide skin is just what you need! Thanks to the community designer dre, you can now make your look even more sci-fi that it already was. However, Boost Protocol has some appeal outside of niche genre interests, as it’s also used by some of the game’s biggest names like fnx and s1mple. Another positive of this skin is that if you also want to get this model, you won’t have to break a bank (or even spend all the spare change you can find in your pockets).

From the visual perspective, the skin is a mix of exciting details. For example, you may notice a tiny robot icon beneath the rear sight, a pair of eyes on the gun receiver, and the text  saying “Boost” near the muzzle. Plus, CS2 players seem to adore the combination of black, white, and orange colors. Boost Protocol is one of the best Five-SeveN skins overall, so it’s an obvious choice if you’re just looking for something new.

Rarity: 15.98%.

Price: $2.50 (FN) — $1.08 (WW)

StatTrak: $6.84 (FN) — $2.41 (WW)

8. Copper Galaxy

Copper Galaxy FN


Copper Galaxy FT


The next noteworthy model from our list of top Five-SeveN skins in CS2 was designed by Valve for the Arms Deal 3 collection in 2014.

This pistol is an ideal option for anyone who prefers a refined minimalistic style. Its copper receiver makes the gun look classy, like a weapon straight out of some spy thriller. Furthermore, you may find a Copper Galaxy in the collections of pro players like mixwell and gob b.

Rarity: 15.98%.

Price: $4.97 (FN) — $4.81 (FT)

StatTrak: $16.79 (FN) — $15.99 (FT)

7. Silver Quartz

Silver Quartz FN


Silver Quartz WW


Are you looking for the best Five-SeveN skin in Counter-Strike 2 that isn’t cost all the money in the world? Silver Quartz is your ideal option (well, at least its basic version is).

The skin was designed by Valve for the Safehouse Collection in 2013. Although it may seem like the gun has been painted with an ordinary metallic color, if you look closely, you will notice an intricate web-like pattern on the receiver. Funnily enough, considering the growing price of the skin, purchasing the Souvenir version may be a profitable investment.

Rarity: 79.92%.

Price: $0.42 (FN) — $0.19 (WW)

Souvenir: $140.49 (FN) — $40.00 (WW)

6. Crimson Blossom

Crimson Blossom FN


Crimson Blossom BS


Are you a fan of items with a crimson finish? Then, it’ll be a good idea to add this wonderful skin to your collection. Crimson Blossom is part of the St. Marc Collection, released in 2019.

This beauty will look amazingly with Crimson Web knives or Crimson Tsunami Galil AR. Who knows, maybe the red hues of this weapon will inspire you to make some bloody headshots during the rounds. The constantly growing price of this skin is the main deterrent to its popularity, but it still holds the spot among the favorites of the CS community.

Rarity: 79.92%.

Price: $101.20 (FN) — $106.85 (BS)

5. Monkey Business

Monkey Business FN


Monkey Business BS


In 2015, the community designer LoveCroissant brought this funny skin to life for the release of the Chroma 2 Collection. Just taking a peek at its cool banana print is enough to understand why this is one of the best CS2 Five-SeveN skins. Furthermore, you can buy it at a relatively low price on the community market.

Rarity: 3.2%.

Price: $9.25 (FN) — $1.17 (BS)

StatTrak: $24.68 (MW) — $2.56 (BS)

4. Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale FN


Fairy Tale BS


Do you want to radiate friendship and cuteness vibes while slaughtering your opponents? This pistol makes it easy to do. The sheer absurdity of placing fancy princesses and pink unicorns on a gun is the main reason why Fairy Tale is on our Five-SeveN skins rating in CS2.

The skin was created by Rafok in 2020 as a part of the Operation Broken Fang Collection.

Rarity: 3.2%.

Price: $40.91 (FN) — $12.34 (BS)

StatTrak: $93.43 (FN) — $19.69 (BS)

3. Case Hardened

Case Hardened FN


Case Hardened BS


This is one of the best Five-SeveN skins in CS2 due to the unique flavor of its receiver and low rarity. The gun gets its name from a case-hardened finish that you can get by heating the metal at extremely high temperatures. Like all of its cousins, this classified  pistol has a pattern index that determines the price of each individual skin.

The model was designed by Valve and released in 2013 as a part of the Arms Deal 2 Collection.

Rarity: 15.98%.

Price: $15.90 (FN) — $7.71 (BS)

StatTrak: $77.77 (FN) — $14.46 (BS)

2. Hybrid

Hybrid FN


Hybrid BS


The amazing design of this skin undoubtedly makes it one of the best-looking Five-SeveN skins in CS2. It was created by the community designer Pet3D and released in the Kilowatt Collection in 2024. Currently, you can find it only in the Kilowatt cases  (or, of course, on the Steam community market).

The skin’s silver base coat highlights its neon purple stripes, and loses none of its luster even in the BS condition. Its relatively low starting price and high rarity also contribute to its popularity.

Rarity: 15.98%.

Price: $1.90 (FN) — $0.60 (BS)

StatTrak: $5.28 (FN) — $1.42 (BS)

1. Angry Mob

Angry Mob FN


Angry Mob BS


Finally, we get to the best Five-SeveN skin in CS2. It’s designed with colorful graffiti and thus may be a great choice for gamers who often play on the Overpass map. The skin is popular due to its reasonable price, restricted number of copies available in the game (only 353 units), and unique style.

Angry Mob was designed by SHPR and was added to the game with the Prisma Collection in 2019.

Rarity: 0.64%.

Price: $8.68 (FN) — $1.61 (BS)

StatTrak: $32.99 (FN) — $5.81 (BS)

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