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Why Do Pros Tilt Their Keyboard

If you are not just a CS player but an active game fan, you’ve probably noticed that pro players often tilt their keyboards. And not just any regular way with a slight tilt to the left or right, but sometimes in all kinds of ridiculous ways. So why do FPS players tilt their keyboard?

Most pros have costly keyboards with light effects, while mechanical key switches help to feel every push for more precise usage. What's more, they are designed ergonomically, so their hands shouldn't get tired or anything. So, why do pro gamers tilt their keyboards, and how do they choose an inclination? Does it matter, and can it help you to play better? Let’s go step by step.


The question ‘Why do pros tilt their keyboard?’ has four possible answers:

To Have More Space for Mouse

The reality is that all computer games are different, and the FPS ones, like Counter-Strike, are mostly about mouse movement precision. Having more space for the mouse means setting lower sensitivity, which leads to better muscle memory and sharper aiming accuracy. Thus, turning the typical keyboard by 90 degrees can increase the space for the mouse pad up to 3 times (45/15 = 3).

A typical keyboard is three times longer than wider.

A typical keyboard is three times longer than wider

To Avoid a Hanging Elbow

The question ‘Why do gamers tilt their keyboard?’ also has a pretty unusual answer. The small gaming table is a common thing even for richer people, as the ergonomics of this furniture is often vital. In such conditions, the width and lengths can be critical, especially if one needs to put a PC on the table or keep some extra gadgets on it. All in all, it leads to a hanging elbow, which is not so critical for CS gaming, but playing a couple of hours in a row with maximum concentration will surely cause discomfort.

To Be Ready for Offline Conditions

Gaming computer clubs aren’t the most popular place among recent teenagers, while 20 years ago, they were places where CS 1.6 Majors were played. Those who visited such a place know about the lack of free space on the typical table, where tilting makes a lot of sense. Even now, some tier 3 tournaments of local importance can be played at gaming clubs, and being prepared to turn their wrists benefits in those tougher conditions.

A classic gaming club with limited desk space for a player

A classic gaming club with limited desk space for a player

Old-School Habits

With the new generation of CS pros mostly coming from FACEIT or ESEA leagues, the older ones remember gaming clubs very well. There, they unwantingly developed this iconic pro players keyboard position, and they just cannot play as usual anymore. While old-school players have enough reasons to turn the keyboard, plenty of gamers just follow their favorite pro. Instead of asking ‘Why do pro players play with their keyboard sideways,’ many simply think ‘Why not?’

The tilting angle varies from player to player, usually having deep habitual roots

The tilting angle varies from player to player, usually having deep habitual roots

Do I Need to Learn to Play With a Turned Keyboard?

There is NO NEED to turn your keyboard, as it won’t improve your shooting skills or ability to move. That is only a matter of habit setup and your wrist to cope with a new angle.

Moreover, you can ignore keyboard tilting if you are not planning to travel and participate in offline Esports tournaments with not-so-comfortable conditions. Those who have enough desk space for standard gear and a huge mouse pad and still can locate a favorite drink near the monitor don't have to test and strain their wrists.

However, tilting a keyboard makes sense if you plan to grow and try your forces on the local offline Counter-Strike tournaments. But why do CS players tilt their keyboard if they can use a shortened alternative, which takes up less space on the table?

Left: Keyboard without a numeric keypad. Right: A shortened version that is enough for FPS games.

Left: Keyboard without a numeric keypad.
Right: A shortened version that is enough for FPS games.

It's a good question, and most professionals love bigger keyboards because of more binding options, which often include the usage of a numeric keypad as well. If you're curious about how these professionals perform in matches, you might want to check out our CS2 pro player stats. So, you must find a balance that will fit your personal needs and preferences and decide whether you need to tilt a keypad.


Why do players tilt their keyboard? The straightforward answer is to have more space on the gaming desk, which can be used for a bigger mouse pad or to avoid a hanging elbow. However, the modern CS2 pros often turn their keypads because of the simple old-school habit, which refers to challenging conditions with small desks in the past. It can be a useful change if you are ready to test your wrist or want to have your own style at local offline events. In other cases, it makes little to no sense, as it's not impacting the gaming process.

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