Cheap Knife Skins

If you have ever heard about CS2, then you definitely know about in-game skins and how they can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. However, today, we will cover the cheapest knives in Counter-Strike 2, which can save you money but still add style to your gameplay.

Unlike the shooting weapons and their picture-like skins, there are 19 different knife types except basic ones, each having dozens of diverse paintings. Since each knife type has its own animation and look, some models are more expensive than others by default, even if they have similar designs and skin names. Thus, seeking the best low-priced CS2 knives among M9 Bayonets, Bayonets, Butterflies, Karambits, Talons, Skeletons, and Stilettos isn’t the best idea.

However, we’ve done some research and are ready to present the top 12 best cheap Counter-Strike 2 knives in 2024, with the best choice for every knife type. Among them, you will definitely find the best cs2 knife skins you can buy for yourself.

!Please note that prices are current at the $time the article was written and may change over time!

12. Flip | Safari Mesh



Price: $97.91 (BS) - $204.97 (FN)

ST: $108.49 (BS) - $134.28 (MW)

The Safari Mesh skin on the Flip Knife looks pretty good, especially on the Battle-Scarred variations, giving this weapon a distinctive and sharp look. The price fluctuations aren’t huge, with even StatTrak copies being not so expensive, slightly exceeding a hundred bucks, making it one of the best budget CS2 knife options.

11. Nomad | Safari Mesh



Price: $95 (BS) - $194.45 (FN)

ST: $92.01 (BS) - $113.35 (MW)

Another Safari Mesh skin now represents a Nomad Knife, with the same price tag and overall look that is pretty good, even on the Battle-Scarred items. Since this weapon type doesn’t have an outstanding animation, it is one of the cheapest knives in CS2.

10. Classic | Safari Mesh



Price: $87.02 (FT) - $194.45 (FN)

ST: $90.38 (FT) - $101.45 (MW)

Sometimes, classic-designed skins cost significant money in CS, and the Classic Knife with Safari Mesh painting beats many other variations. If you look at its Battle-Scarred copy, it fits the status of the best cheap knife in CS2, especially for classic lovers.

9. Huntsman | Forest DDPAT



Price: $77.90 (BS) - $102.86 (MW)

ST: $112.58 (BS) - $181.81 (MW)

The Forest DDPAT design on the Huntsman knife turns this weapon into a practical and brutal dagger, with plenty of respect among the CS2 community. The uniquely shaped blade and serrations on the other side turn this skin into one of the best cheapest CS2 knives in the game.

8. Ursus | Safari Mesh



Price: $76.79 (BS) - $153.97 (FN)

ST: $89.40 (BS) - $104.20 (MW)

The Ursus Knife is a must-have for those seeking a military-inspired look and one of the cheapest knife CS2 inventory can suggest. The dark green color provides an excellent base for the army camo pattern, adding a touch of aggression and ruggedness to the knife's appearance.

7. Falchion | Scorched



Price: $76.54 (BS) - $171.99 (FN)

ST: $87.15 (BS) - $350.56 (MW)

The Falchion Knife has a bold and sinuous shape that is sure to impress your adversaries. The handle has a dark, bluish hue that perfectly complements the steel blade, creating an elegant and cohesive look. The bold and unusual shape of the knife also adds to its appeal. This makes it a popular choice among players who need a cool cheapest CS2 knife that will stand out.

6. Bowie | Safari Mesh



Price: $72.47 (BS) - $83.20 (MW)

ST: $91.46 (BS) - $141.97 (MW)

Again, we have the Safari Mesh design, which, combined with the overall look of a Bowie Knife, the biggest knife in the game, adds brutality and a feel of real safari hunting. The hunting net pattern as a finishing touch will add a style to your play when you kill your opponents with this one of the cheapest CS2 knife skins.

5. Paracord | Forest DDPAT



Price: $67.87 (BS) - $234.60 (FN)

ST: 76.59 (BS) - $114.13 (MW)

A pretty stylish design of the Paracord Knife works well with all the skins, and even one of the best cheap knife skins in CS2, like Forest DDPAT, looks good. The paracord thread on the handle makes this knife quite brutal and practical in combat conditions, while the starting price below $70 attracts enough attention from game fans.

4. Survival | Scorched



Price: $67.59 (BS) - $159.22 (FN)

ST: $80.99 (BS) - $95.53 (MW)

The unique spade of the Survival Knife looks dangerous for every opponent, just like saying ‘you won’t survive,’ making it one of the top cheapest Counter-Strike 2 knives. The black painting of the Scorched skin makes it even more dangerous and deadly for your enemies.

3. Gut | Urban Masked



Price: $64.94 (BS) - $333 (FN)

ST: $82.85 (BS) - $89.19 (MW)

The Gut Knife is a versatile and reliable weapon in CS2, and many players favor that. This particular skin, Urban Masked, features a stunning pattern with plenty of gray, concrete-like colors on it, referring to the old but famous steel-making technique. The custom-designed blade is adorned with intricate designs that make it stand out from other knife skins in the game.

2. Shadow Daggers | Night



Price: $60.98 (BS) - $210 (FN)

ST: $87 (BS) - $139.28 (MW)

Are you a lover of dual weapons? Then, the Night skin for Shadow Daggers is a perfect choice. The simplicity of its appearance may not be so attractive on the Factory New copies, but the Battle-Scarred ones look pretty brutal to make a killing job even more pleasant. The unique animation of Daggers can be a decisive argument for those seeking the cheapest knife skins in Counter-Strike 2.

1. Navaja | Rust Coat



Price: $59.92 (BS) - $71.69 (WW)

ST: $64.10 (BS) - $95.81 (WW)

The Navaja knife is a unique and formidable tool, boasting a distinctive shape that sets it apart from other blades. The Rust Coat skin makes it look like this rusted blade bears witness to years of use and wear, yet it remains as reliable as ever, always ready to aid in a moment of need. The community also supports the trend and actively opens CS2 cases with the cheapest knife, which are reportedly Prisma and Prisma 2 Cases.


Being the owner of the non-basic knife in Counter-Strike was always a sign of players who loved the game and were ready to spend time on it. That is why the community is always eager to open the best case for the cheapest knife, as even the cheapest one will show their passion for the game. Fortunately, the Steam market offers a variety of the best cheap Counter-Strike 2 knives that can cater to different preferences and budgets, even the ones below $100. You can also check out other best cheap skins in cs2 and choose one of them to your liking.


The Shadow Daggers | Night and Navaja Knife | Rust Coat are both the absolute cheapest knife skins in CS2, but they still stand out when you pierce your enemies in melee combat with them.

What skin to buy depends on your personal preferences and finances. Most cheap CS2 knife skins have a real-life look and design, which, for some, is even better than the priciest versions with bright colors and stickers.

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