Why CS:GO is So Popular

Although the Counter-Strike franchise was launched in 1999, it developed into a leading shooter supporting a multi-million audience each month. The newest version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, was released in 2012 and is still the top-listed esports game. But why is CS:GO so famous? Let’s find out!

6 Reasons for the Popularity of the CS:GO

After researching the CS:GO popularity causes, we made a list of six main reasons. This will provide a clear explanation of why CS:GO is famous and what makes the game a leading brand in the industry.

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1. Enormous Community

According to the data provided by, there were 35.5 million average monthly players in February 2023. This means that you can hop into a match immediately, as there is always a queue of people waiting for some action. 

Additionally, the community frequently adds something new to the game. People develop custom skins, maps, and even mods. This also led to the creation of new game modes like parkour or adventure maps. Having such a wide variety of in-game activities will definitely keep you online for a long time.

2. Action-Packed Gameplay

Following Statista’s research from 2022, shooters are the most popular video game genre. This partially explains why CS:GO is so popular. The game is all about killing or being killed. You have many weapons and strategies to choose from. Whether you are a lurking sniper or a rushing entry fragger, there’s a style for all.

Action-Packed Gameplay

Another note is that the gameplay isn’t too complicated. It’s rather straightforward and intuitive, making it accessible to nearly everyone, which also keeps the community growing.

3. Trading & Earning

Valve added over 37 skin collections to the game, including thousands of unique designs for all kinds of weapons and tools. These skins may be traded and used to earn money. 

For example, in our previous article, we mentioned some of the most expensive skins, like the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore for $436,000 or the Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box for $40,000. Some people even make their living while having fun playing in a team.

4. Frequent Updates

Although Counter-Stike’s release year is 2012, the developers update the game almost weekly to improve stability and eliminate bugs. Some major updates, like the Operations, are added every half a year while providing enough content to keep people engaged. The Operations have multiple tasks and unique items, making it worth the time. 

5. Cybersports


Another reason why Counter-Strike is so popular is its leading position in the esports cs:go teams industry. It had a cumulative prize pool of over $16.17 million in 2022. Many tournaments also had almost 3 million viewers in 2021, showing that people are extremely interested in the game. 

It’s also a great betting field. The audience is willing to place thousands of dollars on their favorite teams, with a chance of earning much more if their guesses are right. This adds to the large community and possible earnings points. 

6. Free-to-Play Model

Did you know that Counter-Strike has cost about $15 for six years since its release? Valve decided to encourage more gamers to get into the game by making it free in 2018, which helped the company access a larger community. However, they did introduce paid Operation passes for $15 each as an alternative.

Will CS:GO Popularity Rise or Fall?

While there are different opinions, it is generally believed that Counter-Strike will become even more well-known in the future. Steamcharts shows a 15.39% and 10.87% gain in January and February 2023. If you look at all the data from this resource, you’ll see that the numbers are only growing each month. That’s why we think the game will only grow.

However, there are some risks to consider:

  1. Cheating — the free-to-play model allows people to register multiple accounts at no additional costs. Therefore, even if they get VAC-banned (permanently banned on account), they’ll just create a new account and keep on using cheats.
  2. New FPS games — some people get tired from monotonous activities, so releases like PUBG or Escape From Tarkov can steal a fair share of the audience. However, as practice shows, these people still return to CS:GO after a while.

Valve probably understands these reasons and has already prepared a long-term strategy to cope with them. All we have to do is enjoy the game and wait for future updates.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a leading free-to-play shooter with a multi-million audience attracted by the action-packed gameplay, enormous community, and possibilities to earn and compete. It is most likely that the game’s popularity will only grow with each new update.


Yes, the game has 35.5 million average monthly players as of February 2023. This means you won’t have to wait in the lobby for a long time to join a match. It will start almost immediately. Also, the community still works on custom mods and additions.

The game has a lot of attention due to its immortal genre. People love action-packed shooters, and CS:GO covers this element at its best. There also are frequent updates, new Operations, regular esports events, and a large community to enjoy the game with.

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