Cheap Knife Skins

If you have ever heard about CS:GO, then you definitely know about in-game skins and how they can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. However, today we will cover the cheapest knives in CS:GO, which can save you money but still add a style to your gameplay. Although the quality of some of them may be lower due to being battle-tested or field-tested, they can still be an excellent option for those looking for inexpensive knife skins at an attractive price.

Here is a list of the 12 cheapest CS:GO knife skins in 2023:

Rating number 

Type of Knife

Name of Skin

Skin Quality



Gut Knife

Safari Mesh





Forest DDPAT




Flip Knife

Blue Steel




Falchion Knife

Blue Steel




Shadow Daggers

Boreal Forest




Navaja Knife

Rust Coat




Ursus Knife

Forest DDPAT




Stiletto Knife

Rust Coat




Bowie Knife

Safari Mesh




Huntsman Knife





Butterfly Knife

Safari Mesh








The best knife skins in CS:GO have become a status symbol for many players.

12. Karambit | Scorched

The Karambit | Scorched is a highly sought-after skin in CS:GO. The Scorched variant of this skin features a rugged, weathered appearance, as if the blade has been exposed to extreme heat or fire. The blade has a distinctive curved shape reminiscent of a tiger's claw and is made from a darkened metal material that adds to its menacing look.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 3
Price: $497

11. Butterfly Knife | Safari Mesh

The Safari Mesh design on this skin gives the knife a textured, almost woven appearance. The mesh pattern is designed to resemble the look of a safari-style hunting net, with a series of closely spaced squares arranged in a repeating pattern.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 5
Price: $666

10. Huntsman Knife | Scorched

The Scorched design on this skin gives the knife a distressed and burnt look, reminiscent of a blade that has seen its fair share of battles. The blade itself is worn-out and rusty, adding to the skin's overall effect.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 6
Price: $113

The rarest knives in CS:GO are sought after by collectors and can fetch high prices.

9. Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh

Again, we have the Safari Mesh design, which, combined with the overall look of a Bowie Knife, the biggest knife in the game, adds brutality and a feel of real safari hunting. The hunting net pattern as a finishing touch will add a style to your play when you kill your opponents with this melee weapon.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 6
Price: $103

8. Stiletto Knife | Rust Coat

The Stiletto Knife skin boasts a brutal yet sleek appearance, perfect for fast and silent in-game maneuvers. The blade is deliberately designed with a worn-out and rough surface, resembling a well-used tool that has withstood the test of time. Its texture adds a unique dimension to the skin, while the handle's dark and almost black color complements the blade's rugged look.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 10
Price: $225

7. Ursus Knife | Forest DDPAT

The Ursus Knife is a must-have for those seeking a military-inspired look. The dark green color provides an excellent base for the army camo pattern, adding a touch of aggression and ruggedness to the knife's appearance.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 6
Price: $139

6. Navaja Knife | Rust Coat

The Navaja knife is a unique and formidable tool, boasting a distinctive shape that sets it apart from other blades. The Rust Coat skin makes it look like this rusted blade bears witness to years of use and wear, yet it remains as reliable as ever, always ready to aid in a moment of need.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 30
Price: $94

5. Shadow Daggers | Boreal Forest

Are you a lover of dual weapons? Then the Boreal Forest pattern for Shadow Daggers is a perfect choice. The simplicity of its almost camouflaged appearance, resembling a dense and impenetrable forest, will please those who are into military-like style.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 18
Price: $83

4. Falchion Knife | Blue Steel

The Falchion Knife has a bold and sinuous shape that is sure to impress your adversaries. The handle has a dark bluish hue that perfectly complements the steel blade, creating an elegant and cohesive look. The bold and unusual shape of the knife also adds to its appeal. This makes it a popular choice among players who need the cheapest CS:GO knife skin that will stand out.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 6
Price: $143

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3. Flip Knife | Blue Steel

One more Blue Steel design, now on the Flip Knife skin, gives the knife a distinctive and sharp look. The blade is only partially coated with a different tone over the steel, and the handle has a dark green hue, and it all looks as harmonious as possible.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 9
Price: $226

2. Bayonet | Forest DDPAT

The Bayonet | Forest DDPAT skin knife will be a formidable addition to any CS:GO player's inventory. The knife has a pointed blade with a military-style forest camouflage pattern that is attractive and functional.

The Bayonet Forest knife's handle is wrapped in textured fabric for a comfortable and secure grip. Even its low-quality worn design perfectly matches with the overall look. Being one of the cheapest CS:GO knives, it's no wonder that this skin is in high demand.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 5
Price: $241

1. Gut Knife | Safari Mesh

The Gut Knife is a versatile and reliable weapon in CS:GO, and many players favor that. This particular skin, Safari Mesh, features a stunning pattern of swirls and curves that resembles the famous steel-making technique. The blade is adorned with intricate designs that make it stand out from other knife skins in the game.

Quantity (number of existing copies): 25
Price: $91


Let's summarize our review of the top cheapest knife skins in CS:GO in 2023. The community is always looking for the cheapest knife in CS:GO that offers both affordability and a unique design. Fortunately, the market offers a variety of cheap CS:GO knives that can cater to different preferences and budgets.

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The Gut Knife | Safari Mesh and the Shadow Daggers | Boreal Forrest are both cheap knife skins in CS:GO that still will add a style to your play, and you will definitely stand out when you pierce your enemies in melee combat with them.

What skin to buy depends on your personal preferences and finances. Most cheap CS:GO knife skins have a real-life look and design, which for some, is even better than the priciest versions with bright colors and stickers.

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