The weapon argument is a big one around the web, with different people (and professional players) preferring different weapons. Because of the sheer amount of information there’s bound to be misconceptions out there, especially about weapons.

For that reason, we’re going to explore 10 myths that exist about various CS:GO armaments, from weapons to the knife and to the bomb. These myths could be ones perpetuated on the Internet or just assumptions made by players as they experience CS:GO.

Myth#1: Quick-switching makes reloading faster

Quick-switching weapons CS:GO

Though it doesn’t make much real-world sense, there was actually a time when you could switch weapons at the end of a reload animation and then switch back to the primary weapon so your reload would be a tiny bit faster.

This myth exists because it was actually true in Counter Strike version 1.6, but since that time it has been patched out by Valve. At this moment quick switching does not actually give you any measurable advantage.

Myth#2:Crouching makes firing more accurate

In many video games, toggling a crouch makes your firing more accurate. The issue is complicated in CS:GO. The truth is, the difference made on accuracy is actually rather negligible in CS:GO. You may see certain professional CS:GO players crouching while firing, but this is not because it makes them more accurate. In fact, crouching simply lowers the crosshair, which is helpful because firing lower generally means firing at the center of an opponent, and spraying drastically decreases accuracy. Spraying at a player’s center rather than at his or her head simply makes it more likely that you will hit your opponent.

Understanding which are the most accurate guns in CS:GO can significantly improve your gameplay, ensuring you're using the right weapon for the right situation.

This topic is very controversial in the world of CS:GO, it turns out. You may find different results with regular play, so do what works best for you.

Myth#3:The M4A1-S causes more damage than the M4A4

Higher ammunition capacity and a higher rate of fire

There certainly are differences between the silenced M4A1-S and the ordinary M4A4. The silencer is a huge advantage to the M4A1-S, and the recoil is actually lower. Despite this myth, the damage caused by each gun is the same. The other factors need to be taken into consideration, however. The non-silenced M4A4 has a higher ammunition capacity and a higher rate of fire, though the rate advantage isn’t all that substantial. This all depends on your play style, so pick the one that works best for you.

Myth#4:You drop everything when you die

The drop rules in CS:GO

The drop rules in CS:GO can be confusing, but here they are. Players do not drop everything they are carrying. When you die carrying a primary weapon, you won’t drop your secondary weapon. If you aren’t carrying a primary weapon, you only drop your secondary weapon. Bombs and defuse kits drop every time, and if you are carrying grenades, you only drop one from the first slot.

Myth#5:Looking toward the bomb makes you take less damage

Looking toward the bomb

This is a big myth that has been perpetuated throughout CS:GO’s lifespan as a video game. The logic, I guess, is that your back is more vulnerable. While this used to be the case, in current CS:GO play, facing toward the bomb does no more or less damage than facing away from it.

Myth#6:Weapon pickups are audible to other players

Weapon pickups CS:GO

The sound of picking up a weapon in CS:GO is very distinct to the person in control, so much so that some people assume that other players around them can hear them picking up weapons. Many players on YouTube and around the Internet have tested this myth, however, and it is not the case. The same goes for grenade pins. Though the player in control can hear himself or herself pulling the pin out of a grenade, other players nearby cannot hear anything. However, for whatever reason, you can hear when your opponents switch firing modes and scope in on their weapons.

Myth#7:You run faster with a scout equipped than you do with a knife

Running with a knife

It’s hard to tell where this myth came from, but it is simply provably false. In-game metrics demonstrate that the running speed is the same.

Myth#8:Shooting a grenade in midair causes it to detonate

Shooting a grenade in midair

Again, you would think this is true, but while it is certainly possible to shoot a grenade in midair (and some players are skilled enough to actually do it), the shot, no matter how accurate or impressive, won’t detonate the grenade in midair.

Myth#9:Molotov cocktails function the same as HE grenades after you die

Molotov cocktails function

In CS:GO, holding the left or right mouse button while you die holding an HE grenade will make it detonate even after you die. Now, real-life would dictate that this is not necessarily true in the case of a Molotov cocktail, as their detonation methods are completely different. Well, it holds true for CS:GO as well. Molotovs will not detonate if you hold the left or right mouse button while dying.

Myth#10:Jumping through a Molotov cocktail causes you to take less damage

Jumping through a Molotov cocktail

Staying on the topic of Molotov cocktails, some people believe that jumping as you run toward a Molotov cocktail will cause you to take less damage. This is simply untrue. Depending on the situation and the environment in which the Molotov has been detonated, jumping could afford you some sort of advantage, but generally, running through a Molotov’s residual fire causes you to take the same amount of damage as jumping right before running through it.

So, there you have it, 10 myths about CS:GO, busted. Many myths more out there have been perpetuated over the years, so make sure to be careful when believing what you read or hear around the Internet. Research these potential myths online or test them out yourself. Knowing the facts will help you to become a PRO like KennyS or olofmeister;)

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