CS2 Console Commands



Control how to look around in-game:0 = uses the mouse to look around1 = uses the keyboard to look around


Choose the level of acceleration0 = turns it off1 = maximum acceleration: the camera will move faster the quicker the mouse will be moved2 = custom mouse acceleration: Requires X and Y-axis, m_pitch and m_yaw commands to be set.


Controls the speed, how fast the mouse have to be used to activate acceleration. The default value is 1.05.


Sets a maximum speed for the acceleration activation.


Sets the value for the mouse acceleration command. The default value is 0.04.


Setup the mouse forward factor with a value between 0.0001 and 1.000.


Sets the mouse acceleration value to 2x movement speed. The default value is 0.


Sets the mouse acceleration value to 4x movement speed. The default value is 0.


Controls the mouse Windows preferences:0 = turns Windows mouse acceleration off1 = turns it on, with the value of "m_mouseaccel1"2 = turns it on, with the value of "m_mouseaccel2"


Controls the sensitivity of the X-axis (moving up and down). The default value is 0.022.


Sets Raw Input of your mouse to 0 or 1. When it is activated, input is taken directly from the mouse and not from the operating system.


Setup the mouse side factor. The default value is 0.8.


Controls the sensitivity of the Y-axis (moving to the left and right). The default value is 0.022.


The CS:GO mouse command "sensitivity" sets the mouse sensitivity to a specific command. Example: "sensitivity 1.25"

Commands List

// Add commands from the list

Why are Console Commands Needed in CS2?

Console commands for CS2 allow players to activate changes or settings in the game instantly. All you need to do is to open the console (click ‘~’), type the one you need, and press the ‘Enter’ key. The whole process takes as long as you need to read this sentence.

Despite the presence of 3,057 CS2 commands available via the console, the most important settings are available in the main menu of the game. All basic aspects needed for comfortable playing — Video, Audio, Game, Keyboard/Mouse, Controller — all can be adjusted without touching a keyboard. But you still can use your console to copy-paste someone's entire settings list rather than adjusting various options one by one.

There is also a huge list of commands, like adding bots and their control, activating infinite armor, or grenade trajectories, that are vital for training. Or, you can use them for fun with friends when you are tired of competitive mode and just want something wild. 

Including all CS2 console commands into a basic display menu would be a huge waste of space and not at all user-friendly, so developers left these options for configuration but "hid" them into the console. Advanced players usually know about a hundred from the whole CS2 commands list, but they only scratch the surface. To easily find the needed one, we’ve added all and grouped them, so you can quickly find the required by choosing the category.

What Commands Cannot be Used in Competitive Modes?

With the variety of Counter-Strike 2 console commands, the majority of them are used like pre-game settings. In other words, they are set at once and rarely need changes, especially during the match.

However, a huge cluster can be used only during training sessions. Their activation starts by typing ‘sv_cheats 1’ in the console, opening the road for things forbidden in the competitive modes. An easy character’s flying across the map, god mode, infinite weapon, closest spawn to test timings, grenade trajectories, and many more can help while training.

Another cluster of commands that are not for competitive modes usage is related to adjusting a local server with the game. Thus, you cannot change the freeze-time, round time, team sizes, or money amount when playing official Matchmaking.

Still, all CS2 commands mirrored in the game default menu (screen above) are available anytime. Thus, you can easily change crosshair details, viewmodel, radar orientation, voice and HUD settings, bind new messages, and many more.


To activate the console in CS2, follow this procedure: Launch Game → Settings → Game → Enable Developer Console → Yes. Then, press the “~” button to activate it.

Basically, you need to type the opposite command. For some, it means adding the opposite value, which is usually ‘1’ for activation and ‘0’ for deactivation (e.g., sv_cheats 1 enables 'cheat' commands, and sv_cheats 0 disables them). For others, you need to find an opposite command (e.g., bot_add/bot_kick)

The most often used commands are related to adjusting game volume rates, mouse sensitivity, and binds, which can be changed up to several times per single map.

Console commands have almost no impact on the skill itself but can definitely make the gaming process smoother and more pleasant, so you can easily kill more enemies.