Accessibility Policy

Our Accessibility Policy (Policy) covers a wide range of recommendations for making web content more accessible. Following these Policy will make content more accessible to a wider range of people. These Policy address accessibility of web content on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Following these guidelines will also often make web content more usable to users in general

Maintaining accessibility standards

In order to maintain accessibility standards and to improve them further the following steps will be taken:

  1. We will identify user needs. Website feedback will always be available on the website. A feedback link needs to be kept on the accessibility page.
  2. Accessibility and usability audits should be carried out on a regular basis by an expert from external companies.
  3. Automated checks should be carried out to ensure the validity of code, and website functionality and availability.
  4. Visitors will be able to make a request for reasonable adjustments if they have difficulty accessing our website content or services.

Our four key areas of focus:

  1. Quality Assurance

    We  use manual and automated accessibility testing in conjunction with ongoing assessment by in-house and third-party accessibility specialists. Our goal is to continue to identify areas for usability improvement and further improve the accessibility of our site.

  2. User Experience and Engineering Training

    We provide our product teams with online and in-person training, periodic refreshers, and informational sessions. In addition, our team of accessibility experts is always available for support and guidance.

  3. Documentation

    We have a wealth of reference information available to our product teams, including best practices, discipline-based support guides, and FAQs.


If you have any questions about our Accessibility Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us via contacts presented on Impressum page.